Aberdare National Park Animals

Aberdare National Park Animals

Aberdare National Park Animals

Aberdare National Park Animals: Aberdare national park is one of Kenya’s most visited national park that sounds as a home to all Big five, other wildlife species as well as the Aberdare mountain ranges that rewards it to be among the top visited safari destination on Kenya tourism. The park lies East of the East African Rift valley between Nyandarua and Nyeri county close to Nyeri city. It was established in 1950 as a protective national park for bio diversity of wildlife life species. This national park is famously known as a home for big fives which are highly seen on early morning game drive before too much sunshine comes out which might cause them to go back from their hide outs .Aberdare national park has a small total land of about 766 square kilometers but very attractive with stunning species on it such as the rewardable vegetation cover comprised of tropical rain forest a home to variety of primates ,thrilling moorlands where tourists can sight see the rare bongo species ,common eland ,African golden cat .Other parts of the park are composed of mountainous areas ,water catchment ,open grass land where you can explore high concentration of game animals along the water bank during dry seasons. The Aberdare national park also boost with large eastern black rhinoceros’ populations and it is a true birding destination with more than 290 bird species such as Aberdare cisticola, sparrow hawk, African fish eagle, African goshawk, Sunbirds, plovers among other species.

Animals/Wildlife in Aberdare National Park

Aberdare national park is one of the top visited safari among the Kenya national parks famously known as a home to unique rare Bongo antelopes and as a capital of animals which can be scattered in different areas of the park .Such wildlife species present in the protected area include East African wild dog ,giant forest hog ,waterbuck ,duiker, Cape buffaloes ,mountain reedbuck ,lions ,leopards ,elephants ,suni , duiker ,spotted hyenas ,giant forest hogs ,African civet cats ,African wild cats ,side- striped jackal ,eland and several cats can be seen higher up in the moorland many others. Some of these species can be easily seen around your sleeping comfortable accommodation such as the Treetops lodge which was designated in form of Noah’s Ark providing excellent nighttime wildlife viewing of animals like rhinos, Cape buffaloes, elephants which come to quench their thirsty along the waterhole just close to park’s lodges.

Aberdare Primate’s Species

Aberdare national park best sounds as a home for big five mammals not knowing that also is a gazette area for primates such as olive baboons, white and black colobus monkeys, vervet, Sykes monkeys which can be seen on guided nature walk in bamboo forest. Other great apes ‘’chimpanzees’’ can be trekked at Ol Pajeta Conservancy in Nanyuki located few kilometers away from the park, covering a driving distance of 1 to 2 hours to access the area. Chimpanzee trekking is absolutely highlight experience in life time as you get close to your cousins said to be 98% human genes and learn about their lifestyle.

Bird Life in Aberdare National park

Most of travelers may think that Aberdare national park is a capital of game animals and primates not knowing that it is also aright destination for birding where beautiful numerous bird species can be spotted out on your safari holiday to Aberdare. Aberdare bird species are comprised on its nature habitats such as water birds, forest birds, savannah birds thus giving you a perfect viewing.

Aberdare national park is a truly birding paradise with more than 290 bird species which can be viewed on your birding safari in here. Birds that shade the skies of Aberdare with colorful  feathers include Abyssinian crimson wing ,African paradise flycatcher ,African green pigeon ,African yellow warbler ,Ayres’s hawk eagle, cinnamon- chested bee-eater, golden-winged sun bird, Hartlaub’s turaco ,Jackson’s francolin, mountain buzzards, Olive ibis ,Sharpe’s long claw ,silvery-cheeked horn bill ,rufous-chested sparrow hawk ,Narina trogon ,Tinker bird ,Doherty’s bush-shrike among others making it one of the best birding destination on Kenya safaris.

Best time for wildlife viewing

Wildlife viewing in the Aberdares is good all year around but the best spotting months are June to September and December to February when the park is out of water sources and the plains are clear to view variety of species. So when you’re staying at one of the tree hotel you cannot be interfered with your safari because it provides rewardable view from the park. During dry seasons Elephants and some antelopes disperses to the higher altitudes.

Aberdare National Park Animals
Aberdare National Park Animals

Safari Accommodation within Aberdare National Park 

They include; The Ark and Treetops lodge they were built in shape of Noah’s Ark. These safari lodges provide spectacular game viewing in the salient area of the national park with amazing sightings of buffalos, elephants, lions and rhino which are attracted to the saltlicks and waterholes around the lodge each evening. Other lodges are Aberdare club among others.

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