Activities to do at the Giraffe Manor Nairobi

Activities to do at the Giraffe Manor Nairobi : The Giraffe Manor is an exclusive beautiful hotel set in a 12-acre private land in the 140-acre forest area in Langata Suburb of Nairobi, the hotel is owned by The Kenya Safari Collection.

The Giraffe Manor is one of the unique plays to stay in the world as it blends extraordinary wildlife encounters with exquisite hospitality and a long – term commitment to giraffe conservation.

The Giraffe MANOR was first was opened in 1923 as a hunting lodge and later in 1974, it was bought by Betty Leslie – Melville and her husband Jock who moved in and changed the purpose of the lodge into a giraffe sanctuary after learning that the Rothschild giraffe were in danger of extinction due to increased new infrastructures setup and urbanization in Kenya.

Staying at The Giraffe Manor is an extra-ordinary experience and here are some of the activities you can do during your stay.

  1. Stroll through the sanctuary and visit the Giraffe Center

Strolling across the front lawn of the Giraffe Manor and reaching the Giraffe Center (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife) is a great experience to have during your stay at The Giraffe Manor, The Giraffe Center was founded in 1979 and the mission of the center is to educate school children about the incredible wildlife and environment of Kenya.

The Giraffe Center has a breeding programme of the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe and offers visitors an opportunity to have a close encounter with the giraffes – the world’s tallest species and fed them.

Upon on the feeding platform, the giraffes love to interact with visitors, reaching out their long inquisitive tongues in attempt to grab what is hand of the visitors.

The Giraffe Center is open from 09:00 am – 05:00 pm.

  1. Activities to do at the Giraffe Manor Nairobi : Breakfast with Giraffes

Having breakfast with the Giraffe is a magical experience to enjoy during your stay at the Giraffe Manor, this experience is reserved exclusively for overnight guests of the Manor and should not be missed. The giraffes are seen loping across the manor lawns and peering in through the large windows with their elegant neck, having a close encounter with these endangered species is a true appreciation to how the beautiful and soulful these creatures are.

As you encounter them, watch out for their inquisitive tongues which can grow up to twenty inches long. Lucky the nutritious dried grass pallets are available on the table and they will swing their tags in search for them.

Note: The giraffes at the Giraffe Manor are wild and therefore interaction with them at any given time cannot be guaranteed,

Activities to do at the Giraffe Manor Nairobi
Giraffe Centre
  1. Afternoon Tea

Enjoy afternoon cup of tea on the terrace of the Giraffe Manor as the sun sets behind the Ngong Hills accompanied by a few long – legged friends “the Giraffes”, the afternoon ta is reserved exclusively for in-house guests.

Evening tea at The Giraffe Manor is a delightful experience not to miss, set in the tranquil setting of the manor gardens with a giraffe or two in view, you will be served a tasty assortment of homemade cookies, cakes, sandwiches, scones and fruit platters. Afternoon Tea offers a great opportunity to take selfies with giraffes as you feed them.

  1. Adopt and Meet A Baby Elephant

Visit the orphaned elephants at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) and watch the elephants feed and interact with them as well, this incredible experience is recommended for elephant lovers and you can adopt an orphaned elephant.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is the world’s most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation programme and the life – saving conservation work, at 11:00 am every day. Visitors are allowed to watch the babies as they enjoy their midday mud bath and milk feed, tumbling over each other in the red earth or play football with their friends.

The public viewing takes place daily except on the 25th December and entry is strictly by advance booking only.

  1. Activities to do at the Giraffe Manor Nairobi : Enjoy Nairobi Local Culture and History

While on a stay at The Giraffe Manor you can delve into Kenya’s cultural and natural history with a visit to Kenya’s museums such as The African Heritage House, Karen Blixen Museum and Nairobi National Museum.

The African Heritage House

This is one of a kind museum gallery with collections of art and crafts from communities all over Africa and includes paintings, beadwork, textiles and carvings. The African Heritage House was built in 1970s, the house its self has a unique history and became one of the first pan – African galleries when it was co-founded by American Alan Donovan together the former vice president of Kenya, Mr. Joseph Murumbi and his wide.

You will enjoy touring the house and grounds with captivating views over Nairobi National Park.

Tours to the African Heritage House have to be booked.

Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum offers a glimpse into the history of Kenya, the house was once the farmhouse of Baroness Karen Blixen and her Swedish Husband – Baron Bror Von Blixen Flinck. The house gained international fame through the Oscar – winning film “Out of Africa” which is based on her autobiography of the same name.

The Museum provides guided tours of the house and beautifully serene grounds and gives a sense of the style of Kren Blixen’s home with a number of original pieces of furniture still in place. There is a small gift shop and stunning views over the Ngongo Hills.

Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum offers an education in the wonderful rich heritage of Kenya, you can stroll through the museum’s botanical gardens. The museum contains a fabulous and extensive collection of stuffed birds worth of birders.

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