Amboseli National Park map

Amboseli National Park map

Amboseli National Park map

Amboseli national park map is a detailed territorial map that shows the location of the park with all its neighbours, major tourist attractions at the park, lodges, camps, roads and gates. The park is one of the parks that is close to the border of Tanzania giving guests a clear view of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. It’s a home of the large population of African Elephants. Some traveller has called the park “the land of giants” due to its high population of the elephants. The Amboseli national park map is an interactive map of the great Amboseli national park. The map has been drawn or provided by different geographical people, travel bloggers and some authentic tour operators. The maps are now available for free online on different websites. All this is to provide affirmative information to the new travellers who are planning to come to Amboseli for the first time. It gives detailed guidance on the park answering different disturbing questions like the location of the park? How to locate accommodation facilities in the park, the main gates of the park and others.

Amboseli is a home of great wildlife that can be viewed throughout the year with all park wildlife are permanent residents. This has made the park to be one of the most visited national park in Kenya after Masai mara national reserve. It has all the four members of the African bi five missing only the rhinos. The other Four members of African big five include Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes and Elephants. Other animals found at the park include Giraffes, Wildebeest, zebras, hippos, Gazelles, topis and many more.

The map contains sensitive detailed information to the guests and this has helped many to individually access and enjoy a game safari in the park at ease. Amboseli is one of the largest national parks in the southern part of Kenya in Loitoktok District and its managed by the Kenya Wildlife Services. Its located in the great Rift valley region. The park nearest big town is Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, its located in the Southeast part of Nairobi. It takes 3 to 4 hours drive covering a distance of 160 kilometres from the city of Nairobi. If one is on the coastal side that is Dar Es Salaam you can access the park through the man-eaters national park called Tsavo East or Tsavo West national park. It covers a distance of 460 kilometres from the town taking around 8 hours drive. Alternatively, the traveller who is not used for long drives in bumpy African drives can opt for flight. There are several flights that are present departing daily from different airports in Kenya and others from the protected areas like Masai Mara National Reserve, Tsavo East or Tsavo West national parks.  You can catch up with your flight from Nairobi in Jomo Kenyetta international airport or from Wilson airport. If you are in the cost of Mombasa you can also get a flight from Kenya’s second international airport that is Moi International Airport

Accessing Amboseli national park/park gates

One can access the park in any of the 5 gates that are found at the park located in different directions of the park. The park can be reached by road from Nairobi which is the nearest largest town to the park through Nairobi-Mombasa road. The five gates in Amboseli national park include Kulunyiet gate, Airstrip Gate, Iremito gate, Kitirua Gate and Meshanani gate. Our Amboseli national park map show details of each gate with its location at the park. It also shows which routes to use if one wants to enter the park in a specific direction. If your using road from Nairobi through Namanga then you will access the park through Meshananai gate. While does which come from the Tsavo national park they can enter the park through Kimana gate. If your landing by air then the easiest access point is airstrip gate


The Amboseli national park map also gives more information on the only one airport that is found in Amboseli national park This airport is called Amboseli airport which is located in the South of the park in Kajiado County in Amboseli national park. Its serviced by many domestic aircraft like Airkenya Express, Mombasa Air Safari and Safarilink.

Amboseli national park map is a great guide to many travellers to guide them locate different accommodation facilities which are located inside the national park. It also shows the game drives trucks and some key attractions in the park. This has reduced wasting more time getting lost while your inside the national park during any activity. It has also reduced the cases of breaking park rules while inside the park.

When well used, Amboseli national park map will be your perfect travel guide even for the first time visitors to the park. You will also need to talk to our tour consultants for other detailed information which might be missing from the map. Our team will be willing to assist you at any time of the day so that you get your dream tour achieved.

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