Amboseli National Park Safari cost

Amboseli National Park Safari cost

Amboseli National Park Safari cost

Amboseli National Park Safari cost: There is a myth which says African safaris are expensive, its not true our Kenya safaris are all pocket friendly safaris that can be done by any guest. Amboseli national park is one of the unmissable tourism destinations in Kenya when doing wildlife safaris. Its wealthy wildlife destination with much to offer that is why it was nick named the home of African Elephants. It has overwhelming number of residents that can be seen any time of the year. Its is a safari highlight destination where you can have great clear view of the ionic Mount Kilimanjaro. Our experienced tour consultants have developed good luxury wildlife safari experience packages that can be done in budget cost. Amboseli national park safari cost is simple budget that includes the park entry, transportation, activities to be done or included in the safari package, accommodation as per agreed standards and many. The details of the top Amboseli national park safari cost is on the bottom of the itinerary which indicated the inclusive and exclusives of the cost. 

You donot need to break the bank in order to achieve your dream Amboseli safari. We have promotional Amboseli and General Kenya safaris that matches all the travellers. Wondering the cost of the trip and talk directly with our team who can advise you accordingly.

Before any trip to any tourist destination one has to plan and in planning the most though thing is the safari cost. The safari cost is one of the key aspects that determines how long the trip should run. Amboseli national park safari cost is like any other safari cost. It’s true that there is no wildlife safari which is very cheap but we offer budget friendly Amboseli safaris. It’s from our long time experience we have realised that all travellers are not the same and have different budgets. Hence we have developed all the packages that suits all categories of travellers from Budget to Luxury. We have also tried to reduce the costs by signing contract agreements with the lodges on behalf of the guests. This deal has helped us cut the guests safari costs very well. A guest can sleep in mid-range lodge while paying budget price due to the our agreed contract terms with the lodge. 

Another way we have saved the Amboseli national park safari cost for guests is using our own fleet of cars. We have safari cars across all the operation destinations of East Africa where we offer our safari services. Amboseli national park like any other guests would like to know how much it costs to have a safari. This articles highlights the average cost an Amboseli safari will cost. It also clarifies the key things that is covered by the safari cost. 

Below are some of the factors that contribute to the cost of a safari:

  • Type of accommodation: One of the key determinant of Amboseli national park safari cost  is Accommodation. Accommodation types are categorised in to three categories those are Budget lodges, Mid-range lodges and luxury lodge. The cost of the trip lies mostly on the type of accommodation the guests prefers, the cost of the budget is not the same as the cost of luxury lodge hence creating a difference in the safari cost. This is where you can go for a same days safari but pay different amount due to the choice of accommodation.
  • The number of guests on a trip: Another hidden factor to consider by guests when budgeting for the safari is the number of people in the trip. In safari cost the more the people in a safari the cheaper the safari per person. This is simply because of the shared costs like car hire, fuel, driver allowance and others.
  • Number of safari days: The more the number of days the more money you pay. The Amboseli national park safari cost is also determined how many days you will spend at Amboseli. You will pay park entry fee per day and also other services per day. This also contributes to the cost of the safari.
  • Activities included at the itinerary/safari: There are some private activities that are not included in the park entry fees like Hot Air Balloon. These activities also affect the cost of your Amboseli national park safari cost. They are optional in nature that its your choice whether to do them or just do game drives.

However much those factor contribute to Amboseli national park safari cost, we try always to share our thoughts with the guests when we are involved in the planning process of the trip. We advise our guests on before they come on how to cut some costs during the safari. 

Amboseli National Park Safari cost
Amboseli National Park Safari cost

After involving our team directing in the planning of your Kenyan Safari you will see that its worth the cost. Its from such a base that we have given our guests the best wildlife experience during their wildlife safari in Amboseli national park and other games parks in Kenya. They come when they are a ware of their expectations and what they have paid for. We make your dream safari come true as evidenced by great reviews by the guests in different travel forums. For more information about Amboseli national park, please check on our blog which is updated daily.

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