Amboseli National park safari

Amboseli National Park Safari

Amboseli National Park Safari

Amboseli National park safari is a lifetime experience which every traveller who wishes to have the best of Wildlife safari in Africa can ever experience. Lying in the immediate North-West of Mt Kilimanjaro the African highest peak has got much to embrace your dreams. The size of the park is small making it very easy for one to complete his or her life time dream in a short time. Amboseli national park is among the oldest protected areas in Kenya which were first gazetted as a game reserve in 1906 before it was established as a national park in 1974. Due to its unique ecosystem and habitats, it was declared as UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The park is famous with its big population of the African Elephants hence earning it to be nicknamed as “the Home of African Elephants”. Big game is much rewarding as you see big games in large numbers at the best sighting position and above all close range. The Amboseli national park safari is dominated by game viewing with both game drives, walking safaris and Balloons all operate at the park. The game drives are done in the 5 habitats of Lake Amboseli dried-up basins, Acacia woodlands, Savannah grasslands, wetlands and others. 

Amboseli national park safari are favoured by the balanced weather conditions which are hot and wet making the park to be visited throughout the year. The balanced weather has made the animals to have enough fresh grass throughout the year hence making it easy for guests to spot the wildlife. However much the weather is balanced throughout the year, Amboseli safari is best done during the pure dry months of the year. The dry months starts from June to October and again from December to February. The grass is short during this time making you enjoy both game drives and even balloon safaris spotting more games. During the dry season the animals concentrate on the water catchment areas hence easy game viewing location. You can easily see all the animals both predators and prey at the same source of water. Leopards which are had to sight are easily sighted during this period since they donot hide much from long grass during the dry season. Always spotting leopards during any African safari is luck and happiness and this has been proved by may travellers who have visited Africa.

The park size is small but its is gifted with a good number of attractions that has made Amboseli national park safari excellent. The major attractions at the park are the animals especially the big game. It harbours the largest population of Elephants not only in Kenya but East African region. The park has four members of African big five missing only the rhinos. 

The other attraction at the park is birds, Amboseli has over 420 bird species that are listed. This has attracted more birders to the park. The birders take even short time to get good results as the size of the park favours them much. The different ecosystems at the park has greatly contributed to the wide number of bird species at the park. The mixed habitants has hosted more bird species like Hartlaub’s bustard, Famlingo, Egrets, Pelicans, Herons, Crowned cranes, pamgani longclaw, steel-blue whydah, von der decken’s hornbill, White-bellied goway bird and many more.

The excitement of Amboseli national park safari is got through different park activities that guests can do while on their trip on Amboseli national park. Below are the highlights of the activities;

The large concentration of wildlife at this park has made Amboseli national park safari one of the best Kenya safaris. The park has hiked its levels with the 6 community wildlife ranches to better off the chances of animal viewing chances. The wildlife experience starts as soon as you cross the gate to the park, you will be warmly welcomed by a wide range of animal species from the smallest to the largest African Elephants. Amboseli national park only misses the Rhinos in the African big five (Lions, leopards, Buffalo, Elephants) are all present in big numbers. Other animals at the park include: Hyenas, Cheetahs, Wildebeest, Zebras, Giraffes, hippos, gazelles, oribi, dikdik, topi and many more. 

The close location of the park to Kilimanjaro gives guests more clear views of the African highest peak. Its only in Amboseli national park that guests always have the best views of the mountain. Amboseli national park safari is enticed with the scenic views of the mountain and landscape. This mountain has contributed to the great balance of weather at the park throughout the year. This has given the park an extraordinary safari experience.

Amboseli national park safari is also best for the birders, the park is gifted with over 420 bird species with both water bird species and open grassland birds, Birding can be done throughout the year but unlike animal viewing birding is best done during the rainy season. The birders enjoy more when the birds are on their breeding time which starts from March to May and also around November. During this rainy season the park also receives more migratory birds across the world hence making it great experience during your Amboseli national park safari in the rainy season. The diversified activities has made it possible for the park to receive travellers throughout the year. The long list of birds include: Hartlaub’s bustard, Famlingo, Egrets, Pelicans, Herons, Crowned cranes, Pangani longclaw, steel-blue whydah, von der decken’s hornbill, Secretary birds, Love birds, Starlings, Ostriches, White-bellied go way bird and many more.

Amboseli National park safari
Amboseli National park safari

 Balloon safaris

Enjoy the unique Amboseli national park safari with a balloon ride, have time to float on air as you enjoy the action of nature. The park is among the few national parks in Kenya where balloon safaris are done. This gives you to have an aerial view of the park with an eagle eye, an excellent way of catching live action at the park. No off-track yet you get close to the animals in their natural habitats, always be among the few to enjoy this experience during your Amboseli national park safari.

Amboseli national park safari gives you a great touch of African wildlife experience. The safaris can be done at any time of the year though most recommended is Dry month for game viewing and wet month for birders. Are interested in game viewing visit Amboseli from June to October and from December to February. For birders always come from March to May and in November when the birds are breeding.

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