An epic guide to family safari

An epic guide to family safari holiday

An epic guide to family safari holiday : Africa is a big destination. Its 30-million square kilometres account for more than 20% of the planet’s surface. A seventh of the world’s population lives in 54 African countries, where more than a third of all languages spoken worldwide (more than 2,000) are spoken. Although there are a wide variety of experiences to be had on this magnificent continent, we’ve limited this list to our most well-liked family travel locations, which are mostly in southern and eastern Africa.

Thus, there’s no need to search any farther if you’re considering organizing a family vacation to Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, or Namibia. all you need to do is to follow our epic guide to family safari holiday.

An epic guide to family safari holiday : Is Africa safe for family travel?

Our prompt response is unquestionably yes! It’s immensely diverse, mind-blowing, and safe all at once. We can’t think of a better way to spend quality time together after months of limited travel and excessive screen time than overloading the senses with experiences that will create lifelong memories encounters with culture, communities, the outdoors, and wildlife.

You’ll be in the finest hands on the ground if you travel with a reputed travel consultant. This ensures that everyone in the family gets the most out of your trip and helps to resolve any unresolved safety issues. When you travel with Focus East Africa Tours, you can be confident that both people and the environment will benefit.

Where is best in Africa for a family safari?

It varies. We’ll help you choose the ideal safari, whether you’re a multigenerational family group (8 to 80 years old) looking for maximum flexibility, have adolescents ready for an adventure of a lifetime, or just need a little alone time from the small ones with the help of knowledgeable babysitters and kid-focused guides.

South Africa.

With some excellent safari locations exempt from malaria treatment and no requirement for yellow fever vaccines, South Africa is a great safari destination for families with younger children. It is possible to self-drive, the hospitality and service are superb everywhere you go, the wildlife is delightfully accessible, and the distances don’t have to be too great.

Many families choose to stay in one area to cut down on transportation time because there is so much to see and do there. Together, the Eastern coast, Kruger, Johannesburg, and the Drakensburg complement Cape Town, the Wine lands, the Garden Route, and the Karoo. Regardless of your choice, you won’t be let down, and although you might desire more, you’ll definitely return for more.

There is accommodation to suit every family’s needs and preferences, just like the wildlife and scenery. The nicest accommodations are usually private homes or flats. Some examples of these include the four-bedroom private beach retreat at Morukuru Ocean House, the home away from home in Cape Town offered by More Quarter, and the private family-friendly safari at Madikwe River House.

A trip to Cape Town and the Whale Coast for many generations, followed by a safari in the Madikwe Game Reserve. For your family’s ultimate private African holiday, choose from a variety of the top exclusive-use villas and experience the attractions of South Africa.

An epic guide to family safari
South Africa.

Kenya and Tanzania.

While there is enough to do for all ages at these East African safari spots, families with older children benefit the most. Younger children are usually more patient when driving and strolling on safari. For older children, interactions with the 100 distinct cultures and people of eastern Africa whether via football games with a local school, crafts in a hamlet, or learning tracking techniques from a Maasai warrior may have a longer-lasting effect.

Home to the Masai Mara National Reserve, Serengeti National Park, and Amboseli National Park, Kenya and Tanzania are well-known locations for wildlife enthusiasts. We choose lodges in community concessions or privately protected areas over jam-packed safari vehicle lines in overly popular sites, so families may experience a wider range of wildlife encounters at their own pace.

In collaboration with nearby communities, upscale camps and lodges including House in the Wild, Borana, and Kicheche Mara are dedicated to conserving wildlife. This offers some excellent ‘young ranger’ activities designed specifically for children, but it also makes the experience more holistic more about people and their connection to a place than checking off a list of animals.

Kenya and Tanzania make excellent choices for a beach and safari combination for anyone looking for some relaxation or water-based entertainment. In Chumbe Island, near Zanzibar, families will enjoy Robinson Crusoe-style days spent swimming amid white beaches and blue waves.

Combining the autonomy of a Laikipia Ranch with a traditional safari in the Maasai Mara, this vacation is a true family adventure.

Private Kenya Safari is a fantastic private safari experience in Kenya, ideal for groups of friends and family seeking luxury, independence, and a varied selection of activities.

What can I expect on a first family safari?

Children under the age of five are typically not permitted to go on safari drives with other camp visitors. In any case, having a private vehicle and guide will make the entire trip much more enjoyable; you can adjust the start and end times to accommodate young children’s attention spans.

No animal, no matter how big or small, is too amazing or uninteresting to learn from. Our partners are chosen based on their passion. This is crucial if you’re taking a younger child on a safari; they might find a scuttling dung beetle more interesting than a sleeping lion. If you have the time and space to pursue their interests in addition to your own, the entire experience will be more pleasurable.

If adults wish to venture into the wilderness without children, it’s simple to make arrangements as many opulent lodges offer specialized daycare on-site. When you get back, it can be difficult to pry them away from things like culinary classes, Maasai Warrior School, or fishing excursions.

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