Bombululu Workshops and Cultural Centre Mombasa

Bombululu Workshops and Cultural Centre Mombasa is a fine exhibition safari of art and craft, this community project comprises of the workshops and a cultural centre with different traditional homesteads of Kenya’s diverse tribes, famous for its trademark Bombululu recycled materials design pieces, the centre produces thousands of different items, the programme of the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya, the association operates several workshops and a cultural centre through which it offers the social and economic rehabilitation and empowerment of people with disabilities.

Workshops and Cultural centre is located in Mombasa Kenya, and works with more than 100 people with different abilities, men and women artisans to help them to overcome their physical limitations and empower them economically and socially to become fully integrated members of their communities, also improving the social benefits to the workers like clinic, Nursery school, social hall, sports, HIV prevention and many more.

Bombululu Workshops and Cultural Centre Mombasa
Bombululu Workshops and Cultural Centre Mombasa

Bombululu started in 1969 and the Association for the physically disabled of Kenya took over in 1987, the organization produces crafts of very high standard and gives vocational training to the people with special abilities, every year thousands of different designs are produced for items of jewelry, wood, leather and soft furnishings. The workshops have a production capacity of nearly 250,000 separate items per annum. Many years of successful exporting have established the workshops as a reliable supplier and the project is member of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) and it the trading partner of PEOPLink/Open Entry (USA).

Things to be done at Bombululu workshops and cultural centre.


Bombululu workshops make the handmade jewellery made by the house artisans, ranging from the necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles that are made from the recycled brass, copper, wood, cow bone, semi-precious stones and even metal soda cans these can be bought by the various tourists who come to visit the workshop.

Bombululu Workshops and Cultural Centre Mombasa
Bombululu Workshops and Cultural Centre Mombasa

Wood carvings.

The highly skilled artisans creating the woodworks ranging from the curios, art scuptures, and wood art hanging for walls and much more are always bought by tourists in order to support the disabled people in Mombasa.


Various bags including the hand bags from leather, canvas, faux leather and cotton are always made by the experiences disabled artisans, as well the make the hand bags, travel bags, laptop bags and many others in the workshop.


The experiences artisans create designs inspired by African cultures and use the traditional screen printing methods to create unique textiles designs that attract most of the tourists to come and grab themselves some of them.


Bombululu workshop and cultural centre is such experienced in that the artisans make variety of clothing like the t-shirts, shirts, masks and much that can be bought by the guests during their safari to the workshop.


Bombululu workshop and cultural centre is such amazing organization, in that the organization supports its artisans with housing facilities that is the artisans are such grateful for this because this saves them from travelling long distances.


The Bombululu workshop and cultural centre has a nursery school within its premises for the school children of the artisans that is located at the facility this enables the school children to get education and prosper through the strategic location of the Bombululu.

Cultural Centre.

There is a cultural centre in the Bombululu workshop where the organization holds the events that help support the organization, the culture centre is also an educational facility where the tourist go on their safari to learn about the indigenous communities of Kenya.

Bombululu Workshops and Cultural Centre Mombasa
Cultural Centre

Wheel Chairs.

The wheel chairs are produced at Bombululu workshop and cultural centre, in that they include the wheel chairs in house where kind people and organizations can donate wheel chairs to other physically disabled people around Kenya.

Entrance fees for Bombululu workshop and cultural centre.

You pay an entrance fee of 450 Ksh, and you are guide by a trainee for a workshop safari. You can buy and manufactured articles (from a personalized t-shirt to a set of the five plants to grow on your European terrace) and you sort of Kenyan product in the wonderful souvenir shop. The Bombululu workshop and cultural centre opens from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm for the tourists to visit.

Kenya is a world into itself, the country is Africa’s original safari destination attracting explorers, adventures, and travelers for centuries. A Kenya Safari is a trip of a lifetime.

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