Hot Air Balloon Safari in Ruaha National Park

Hot Air Balloon Safari in Ruaha National Park : Located in the southern region of Tanzania, Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in the country, spanning over 13,000 square kilometres and making it a popular destination for Tanzania safari travellers. A far cry from the crowded tourist routes of northern Tanzania, Ruaha National Park offers fantastic game watching for unspoiled game and wilderness through game drives or foot safaris. Its scenery is covered with baobabs. But today, visitors can enjoy an exciting floating journey on a hot air balloon safari in Tanzania’s largest wildlife protected area, Ruaha National Park, to learn more about the local species.

The first official balloon ride in Ruaha National Park successfully took off on June 15, 2018, and as a result, safari-goers visiting the park are still welcome to enjoy an open-air wildlife ride from the top. This luxurious hot air balloon safari experience is the creation of Serengeti Balloon Safaris, which has been operating in the central Serengeti since 1989 and is said to have flown more than 250,000 visitors.

Ruaha National Park, known for its dense population of elephants and isolated location, features a unique topography of large, arid landscapes with the Great Ruaha River flowing through it, providing vitality to the local wildlife. Aerial views of a herd of elephants digging under the enormous baobab trees, kudus and giraffes slake their thirst by the river while keeping an eye out for predators, and the sound of a hundred birds chirping will elevate your Hot Air Balloon Safari experience.

This trip offers early morning flights that can accommodate up to 12 passengers for an incredible hour-long wildlife game viewing experience. The flight passes above the river and seasonal tributaries where antelopes like impalas and waterbucks can be seen around hippos, hungry crocodiles, and leopards. Additionally, you will be able to see prides of lions roaming freely in the vast savannah, cheetahs stalking in the grasslands, and sly leopards hiding behind large rocks.

There is no upper age limit for Ruaha National Park’s Hot Air Balloon Safari, although participants must be reasonably fit and able to climb into and out of the basket, grip rope handles, and bend their knees. The minimum age is seven years old. Pregnant ladies and those with health or mobility concerns should not balloon.

Tanzania safari activities in Ruaha National Park

A wide variety of tourism activities are available in Tanzania’s largest national park, Ruaha National Park, making it an exceptional destination for tourists interested in exploring the region. These activities include.

Game drives

The most popular and essential adventure activity in Ruaha National Park is going on a game drive. From the comfort of a safari vehicle, visitors can take in the breathtaking scenery, the great Ruaha River, a variety of bird species, and an amazing wilderness with a rich diversity of wildlife. Enjoy the amazing predators—lions on the riverbanks, cheetahs on wide-open plains, and leopards—along with other magnificent animals on your game drive. The leopards are particularly elusive.

Walking safaris

Experience the true wonders of the park up close and personal as you stroll through the virgin bushes that reach your legs. You’ll meet small animals that are too small to see from a safari vehicle and learn about all the little details of this untamed area while being escorted by a park ranger or guide.

Bird watching

One of the best tourist activities in Ruaha National Park is bird watching. If you’re an avid bird watcher, all you need to spot great birds of interest is a good pair of binoculars, a birding pack, a brimmed hat, comfortable shoes, and all of your gear. Take part in a bird watching safari here and take in the amazing abundance of over 575 recorded bird species that call Ruaha home.

Since most big cats are nocturnal predators, you can usually find them lazing in the shade during daytime game drives. But, if you go on a night game drive, you can explore the park’s shadowy corners with an armed park ranger and witness these nocturnal animals at their most active as they stalk their unsuspecting prey. They will make your safari unlike any other since they are constantly engaged and on the hunt.

Cultural  tours

Nothing will immerse you in a truly African experience like adding a cultural safari to one of the park’s surrounding local communities in addition to your game adventure safari. These cultural tours are additional tourist activities in Ruaha National Park, where you can interact with the incredible locals, the Masai people, and gain insight into their fascinating and distinctive cultures, traditional beliefs, and way of life. These experiences will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Accommodations in Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park offers a wide range of lodging choices, many of which have stunning settings in unique locations both inside and outside the park. The lodging options in Ruaha National Park include lodges, bandas, hostels, and tented camps. Each of these types of accommodations offers a unique blend of rustic luxury, mid-range, and affordable budget amenities, all of which offer excellent value for money and offer the ideal wild stay experiences.

Jongomero lodge

Another luxurious lodge that offers authentic seclusion luxury for a pristine African bush experience is Jongomero lodge. It is located in the southernmost portion of the park, set back among the shade-giving Acacia trees, distant from other campers and offering unparalleled seclusion. Guests at the camp are likely to see hippos splashing in the surrounding permanent water or elephants strolling down the Sand River directly from the balcony. Scattered along the riverbank, Jongomero boasts eight big and luxurious tented rooms, each with a spacious private veranda and gigantic thatched roofs. The tents are placed on wooden platforms. The term “tent” is insufficient to describe them; they are elegant and roomy. High-end furniture, polished oak flooring, and thoughtful accents all combine to create an opulent, yet rustic, atmosphere inside.

Hot Air Balloon Safari in Ruaha National Park
Jongomero lodge

Jabali Ridge Camp

The wildlife-rich Ruaha National Park is home to the opulent Jabali Ridge camp. Perched on a rocky bluff with views of the Mwagusi River and Ikuka escarpment, the lodge features eight suites, including one private house, each with an ensuite bathroom, flushing toilets and private outdoor lounges. Other amenities include a swimming pool and spa. During the rainy season, when you visit Jabali, you may observe the Mwagusi starting to flow after it has been dry for seven months, and you can hear the thunderous Ikuka waterfalls. Elephants scrounging in the sand for water and herds of buffalo in the riverbank are two more thrilling sights to behold during the dry season.

Mwagusi safari camp

Guests at Mwagusi Safari Camp enjoy a “unique” tented safari experience, with each en suite tent being comfortably secured under a cooling thatched roof and snuggly nestled into the sandy banks of the Mwagusi River. The camp is built almost entirely of organic natural materials and has a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

Ruaha River Lodge

The only luxurious ‘lodge’ in the Ruaha is called Ruaha River Lodge, and it is made up of 24 stone chalets that along the river’s edge. Each chalet boasts a large veranda with breathtaking views from the front, and the spacious interiors include a writing desk, a sitting area, and twin or double beds. Every chalet has a spacious bathroom with a shower, two sinks and salvaged wood décor in the back.

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