How to get to Aberdare National Park

How to get to Aberdare National Park

How to get to Aberdare National Park

How to get to Aberdare National Park: Aberdare national park can be easily accessed both by road and air. The park is located in the east of  Nairobi city covering a distance of 160 kilometers to reach the main destination and it lies at the rim of  East African Rift valley areas. In spite of the fact that it was created in 1950 as a gazette national park to protect the biodiversity of wildlife species and mountain ranges at large and it sits on land measuring about 766 square kilometers. This is a safe place to go to since it is managed by Kenya wildlife service a body in charge of all Kenya conservation areas and is on the list of UNESCO heritage sites.

Despite the fact, it is good for a traveler to make his own decision on things concerning about transport in order to be able to access that recognized tourist destination you’re referred to visit. Like visiting this majestic open moorland in Aberdare Park which is quite awesome to meet variety of species such as mammals, birds, attractive hills and the scenery of landscape is rewarding.

Perhaps, road transport is quite rewarding as you can be driven in open proof safari vehicles thus giving you spectacular viewing of the countryside, beautiful Mount Kenya known the second tallest in Africa after mountain Kilimanjaro many more though it might take hours to reach the park but the gainful experience. Then by traveling by air transport looks to be quicker means of transport and comfortable but not rewarding till you access the national park and take the look of the species in the area.

How to get to Aberdare National Park

How to get to Aberdare national park by Road transport.

There are several road routes to access the national park as follow;

Aberdare Park estimates 160 kilometers from Nairobi the main city while driving on a smooth tarmac road from Nyeri and Naro Moruon the Eastern side.  

The best route to access the park runs from the town of Naivasha and Nyahururu which covers a distance of 87 kilometers while passing through beautiful slopes up to the moorland.

Traveler can use Nyahururu road passing via Nyeri town in order to access the park headquarter which takes 15 kilometers. Note, at the park headquarters its where you load in your safari card from.

Gates to use include; some are located at Tree top, wandare, Ark, Kiandongoro, Ruhuruina and these gates are good to be used while starting the journey from Nyeri. Then Mutubio gate is perfect for travelers coming from Naivasha.

By Air transport

In fact, all Kenyan national parks can be accessed by flights both scheduled and charter flights which can be booked at Wilson Airport by help of recognized tour operator who is knowledgeable enough about tour packages and able to organize for you pick up from the Airport. Note that, most of the visitors enter Kenya by means of Air transport and the most useful Airport they arrive on is Jomo Kenyatta International park the main Airport of Kenya ‘’NBO’’ ,Wilson Airport among others. Moreover, Wilson Airport is originating place for both charter and scheduled flight that flies to all Kenyan national parks.

N.B Domestic carriers to book your flight include Air Kenya and Safari link.

The park has got two airstrips for both scheduled and charted that is Mweiga and Nanyuki airstrip, located close to Aberdare park Kenya.

Traveler can reach to Aberdare national park by Air transport through flying to Mweiga Airstrip which is the closest airstrip to the park. Mweiga airstrip is located on opposite side of the park quarter close to Sasin Estate Farm along Nyeru town to Nyahururu road.

How to get to Aberdare National Park
How to get to Aberdare National Park

Entry requirement to Aberdare national park

Travelers are recommended to have their personnel identifications such as Valid passports and Visas in order to access the Kenyan national park. 

Besides that, on your visit to Aberdare park you can be able to explore variety of wildlife species such as Elephants ,leopards ,warthogs ,black rhinos ,olive baboons ,white colobus monkeys ,serval cat ,African wildcat ,civet cat ,blue duiker ,bushbucks ,spotted hyenas ,common zebras ,reed buck ,rare bongo ,Giant forest hog many more ,you can as well as view some of bird species such as sunbirds ,eagles ,goshawks ,sparry hawk ,plovers among other interesting species which can be seen in here. 

In regard, a tour operator to start up processing visitors’ flight booking arrangements you as a visitor you’re required to send in your scanned passport and Visa to verify your nationality. Travelers are recommended to send them in advance before there time of arrival to Kenya safari destination.

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