How to Get to Shimba Hills National Reserve

How to Get to Shimba Hills National Reserve

How to Get to Shimba Hills National Reserve

How to Get to Shimba Hills National Reserve: Shimba Hills can be easily accessed by air or by road and the easiest way to enjoy the reserve is the day trip from Mombasa, Diana Beach or any other surrounded beach resorts in the south of Mombasa. To most tourists fly from Europe or North America to Kenya safari destination via Nairobi and arrives to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ‘’NBO’’ which sits 15 kilometers southeast of Nairobi. Others may land to Kenya’s second international airport known as Moi International Airport ‘’MBA’’,lies 9 kilometers west of Mombasa. From Nairobi, you can decide to take a domestic flight to Mombasa or Diani, which can be your waypoint to access Shimba Hills.

However, Shimba Hills National Reserve is the only unique Kenya safari where you can spot rare sable Antelopes and large population of Elephants. Above all, the reserve is a home to wide range of flora and fauna such species include bushy tailed mongoose, elephant shrew, fruit bats, leopards, buffaloes, bush duiker, monkeys among others. Shimba Hill is situated in the coast province of Kenya ,33 kilometers away from Mombasa and 15 kilometers from the coast. It was established in 1968 on land covering over 300 square kilometers to protect national reserve’s wildlife species.

Note, a traveler is required to hold his or her personnel traveling document before even booking your flight to Kenya safari destination, you will have to first send in your scanned document to your trust worthy tour operator in order to verify your nationality and easy process of reservation booking such important documents include; Passport, Visas and other entry requirements.

Despite the fact, Road transport is the most rewardable means of transport has you can meander through well-developed Mombasa town, great scenic views of countryside as well as getting excited to thrilled African beaches such as Tiwi and Diani beaches where even you can first experience Africa’s cool environment.

By Road transport

Shimba Hills National reserve can be accessed by several routes with different means of transport. From Mombasa, a traveler has to take the ferry at Likoni to access the southern coastline where Tiwi and Diani beaches are located. Then, you will have to take the main A14 coast road 10 kilometers southwards until you connect the main crossroad. After take the road climbing to Kwale Town ‘’C106’’. The main gate lies at 1 kilometer from the C106 road and 3 kilometers from Kwale. From Mombasa or Diani Beach the road is smooth, taking an hour drive to access the reserve.

By Air Transport

Flying to Shimba Hills National Park is very possible via Charter flights and these are unusually booked by tour operators who knowns the right information about the reserve. Most domestic flights from Nairobi can be booked from Wilson Airport ‘’WIL’’ which is 6 kilometers south of Nairobi. You can as well book daily scheduled flights and the following are the domestic carriers used to fly into two different direction Mombasa and Diani Beach. Such carries are Kenya Airways and Fly540 ‘’flies to Mombasa’ ’other carriers like Air Kenya, Mombasa Air safari, Safari link, east African, all flies to Diani Beach, from Diani it takes about an hour drive to reach the reserve and this can be an organized pick up by the tour operator. 

For more multiple destination flights please visit or check Expedia ‘’’’ to see which airline is conducive to take you to ‘’NBO’’ Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and to know the cost of the tickets.

How to Get to Shimba Hills National Reserve
Shimba Hills National Reserve

Where to stay 

Traveler’s visit to Shimba hills national reserve can spend the night in Shimba Hills lodge inside the reserve, Other nice hotels can be got from Mombasa or Diani which offers daytrips to Shimba Hills and it is very possible to rent a vehicle for the day.

The reserve is all year visited game destination though the best time is dry season which starts from June to September and December to February when game viewing is clear.

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