Kenya in September

Kenya in September : In September, you can expect bright skies and mild weather in Kenya. The arid winter season is in the midst of the month. The savannas are teeming with migratory herds during this time of year, when Kenyan wildlife is at its most active. It’s the ideal warm weather to laze around on the Indian Ocean beaches or go hiking in the highlands inside the country. September in Kenya can be a bit pricey, but the opportunity to see the spectacular Maasai Mara wildebeest migrations is well worth the extra money that makes your safari the most wonderful one.

Weather in Kenya in September.

In September, the snow-capped Mount Kenya frequently experiences below-freezing temperatures. September weather in Kenya varies greatly depending on your location within the nation. You may anticipate daily highs of 30°C and lows of 25°C in Mombasa, which is located near the coast of the Indian Ocean. Nairobi experiences three days of rain a month with temperatures that range from 13 to 24 degrees Celsius.

In Maasai Mara National Reserve, located further inland, daytime highs of up to 27°C are common, with chilly evenings. The temperature in the early morning hours may drop as low as 12°C. The summit of Mount Kenya is permanently covered in snow, and September temperatures frequently drop below zero.

Why visit Kenya in September.

In September, a hatchling green turtle in Kenya makes its way down a beach.

For the first time, a green sea turtle hatchling on Kenya’s Lamu Island makes its way into the Arabian Sea.

African flamingos that are standing in still water in Kenya can be spotted in September.

The Lesser Flamingo found in Kenya is the shortest of the five species in the world.

If you want to experience Kenya’s renowned gorgeous wildlife, September is the ideal time to come. This is the time of year when animals are most active and the undergrowth is short. This month is a great time to visit Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, because of the mild daytime temperatures. Further justifications for travelling to Kenya in September are as follows:

September is the ideal month to go on a safari in Kenya: it’s wild, wild land. The Maasai Mara’s great migrations are already underway, and witnessing the wildebeest crossing the Mara River is a breathtaking safari experience. September is also a better month to see the Big Five: lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos, and leopards.

Mombasa and Lamu: Kenya’s oldest city, Mombasa is located on the Indian Ocean and still has a lot of the character of its ancient Islamic community. There will be a lot of local tourists on the beaches in Mombasa and the neighboring Malindi in September. Travel north to the islands of the Lamu Archipelago for a more sedate beach vacation.

Trek the equatorial highlands: The cool September weather is perfect for multi-day treks in the highlands of Mount Kenya (5,199m). Remember that many of the rivers in the area are susceptible to flash flooding during sporadic rains.

Beautiful flamingos: Millions of flamingos live in Kenya’s west around Lake Nakuru, one of several alkaline lakes. The birds are at their most stunning in September, and the low hills surrounding the lake provide an easy way to watch them because of the sparse vegetation.

Kenya in September
Kenya in September

Where to go and what to do in Kenya during September.

In August, visitors to Kenya can relish an open-roof vehicle safari and feel the excitement of the African Savannah.

To get up close and personal with Kenya’s wild animals, September is the ideal time to visit Nairobi National Park and catch a glimpse of some of them. Local safari operators provide day tours to the park with a hotel pickup service.

Nairobi has some amazing museums that you can visit to take a break from the September sun. Among the city’s most visited attractions are the Banana Hill Art Gallery and the Nairobi National Museum. Looking for genuine Maasai items in Nairobi’s street markets can be a fascinating safari experience.

Many of the best safari attractions in Kenya see large numbers of visitors in September. While the masses swarm to the Maasai Mara’s savanna grasslands and the beaches along the Indian Ocean, you may take an off-the-beaten-path trip to explore some of Kenya’s less well-known wildlife parks. Discover the lion-loving Tsavo National Park, and the stunning Marsabit Reserve, which is home to many elephants. Amboseli National Park is another safari destination where you can go to see wildlife and take in breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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