Luxury and experiential Kenya circuit

Luxury and experiential Kenya circuit : Kenya safari circuit that offers luxurious lodges and unforgettable safari activities. From leisurely boat trips, taking in the bird and animal of Lake Nakuru, floating high above the plains and rivers of the Mara, and closing with a breakfast in the wild, to riding horses through the Maasai Mara’s wildlife and walking on the Mara’s plains. Are you prepared for a few genuinely memorable Kenya safari experiences?

The cliff from Lake Nakuru.

A lovely, private, exclusive camp in a lovely location. The cliff offers a peaceful environment that is perfect for getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. The calm is just overwhelming.  It’s the ideal location to disconnect for a few days (or longer, if you’d like!) Each roomy tent faces Lake Nakuru and is perched atop a 100-meter-high rock face, giving visitors 180-degree views of the surrounding splendor. Visitors may see the breathtaking sunrise as it spreads its warm tones across Lake Nakuru from their own private balcony. Your needs are discretely met by the kind staff. The great variety offered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will leave guests spoilt for choice, so please don’t hold it against them if you leave a few pounds heavier. Visit the spa for soothing massages or use the well-equipped gym to stay in shape. The infinity pool provides the ideal vantage point from which to enjoy the lake and park. You will feel comforted by the fish eagle’s call, and the hyenas will put you to sleep. Pure Africa is the cliff.

Experience Lake Nakuru’s genuine beauty from the comfort of the seaduction, if you can drag yourself away from the comforts of your tent. Considering that Lake Nakuru is a bird-watcher’s paradise, gently sail on the lake while admiring the beautiful surroundings and the birds. If you’re an early bird, set sail in the morning and take in the breakfast fare and hot drinks as you watch the fish eagles soar overhead and the pelicans float on the sea. A few hippos will bob up to wave to you in the morning.  A nice outing to see the birdlife around the lake is the afternoon boat ride.

  Entim Mara tent.

One of our favourite sites, entim camp is situated in one of the best spots in the Masai Mara for observing wildlife, especially the wildebeest migration. In the shaded serenity of this camp, which is tucked into lush forest on a bend of the Mara river and is free of other tourist traffic, visitors may watch wildebeest and zebras cross the river. Luxury tents with bathrooms are built on wooden decks overlooking the Mara River at the camp, giving guests the impression that they are truly a part of the surroundings. Beautifully designed in calm earth tones, the transition from inside to outdoors and down to the river is smooth. Enjoy delicious meals on the open-fronted dining deck while taking in the wildlife from the comfort of your own private lounge and veranda.

Luxury and experiential Kenya circuit
  Entim Mara tent.

Hot air balloon safari in Maasai Mara.

The best safari adventure. A hot air balloon safari is a unique, spectacular adventure.  Float lightly above the Mara plains as the sun rises in the morning and observe the animals waking up to a new day. With the exception of the burners occasionally bursting, the silence is deafening. Watch the giraffes stretching their long necks, the elephant family strolling, and herds of zebra, wildebeests, impalas, and gazelles. Perhaps a group of lions with a kill, or a cheetah scanning the area for prey. Drift across the river as crocodiles and hippos are far below you.  Celebrate this incredible safari experience by having breakfast and sparkling champagne on the Mara plains. This is among the best safari experiences you can have.

Lerai safari camp tent.

The sole permanent safari lodge in the 5,000-acre olerai conservancy of the larger Maasai Mara habitat of southern Kenya is the tiny and opulent lerai safari camp. It’s a region teeming with African wildlife, with migratory corridors for wildebeest, zebra, elephant, and antelopes. It’s only around 15 miles north of Tanzania’s Serengeti national park and just west of Kenya’s Maasai Mara national reserve. Elephants are drawn to the camp by the neighboring riverine forest stream, which is encircled by a group of acacia trees.  Lerai is a haven where you can find equilibrium in a life that is frequently too busy. You’ll soon feel refreshed and rebalanced with a healthy dose of African hospitality and time.

Horse riding in the Mara.

Consider riding a horse as gazelles and impalas jump all around you. The lengthy necks of giraffes are bowed towards the acacia leaves. Elephants raise their heads and observe you passing motionlessly. A Kenya safari on horseback is unlike any other experience. Being in harmony with nature never gets old. You move among the animals with ease, as if you were one of them. Riding through a herd of zebra while mounted on a horse or spotting a topi perched atop the termite mound.  Each ride is unique. The vultures rise up and float in the warm morning current as zebras race by and sometimes a lion lifts his head deep in the bush. You are fully involved in the experience as you ride your horse among the animals. Riding on your dependable mount, take in the magic of the Mara.

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