Methods of fishing in Kenya

Methods of fishing in Kenya : Kenya as a country is renowned for its diverse aquatic ecosystems which include; the Indian ocean coastline and many other freshwater bodies such as numerous rivers, streams and lakes like; Lake Victoria, Lake Turkana among others. In this country, Fishing has played a vital economic activity and it has acted as a significant source of livelihoods to many neighbouring communities that are situated along the coastline and within the inland waters. More so, there is a wide range of fishing methods that are practiced and these usually range from the traditional techniques to the modern techniques. Therefore, in the context below we will delve more into understanding some of these various fishing methods in Kenya and provide you with more insights into the economic, cultural and several environmental dynamics that shape the fishing industries in Kenya.

Traditional Handline Fishing.

Traditional fishing is one of the simplest and oldest methods that have been practiced for ages along Kenya’s coastline and in its fresh waterbodies. In addition, these traditional fishing methods include; single fishing line which is often with a baited hook attached and individuals are supposed to hold it by hand. More so, anglers who prefer to use these methods always use small wooden or fiberglass boasts, which are referred to as; dhows or canoes while venturing into the waters most especially when around the reefs where they are able to get various types of fish species. However, this traditional hand line fishing method is noticed to be labor intensive but artisanal anglers commonly use it.

Gillnet Fishing.

Gillnet fishing is one methods which always involves the fishermen to set their nets vertically in water in order to entangle the fish species by their gills as tend to attempt to go through it. In addition, these nets can be deployed from boats or other fixed structures like; stakes driven into the seabed. More so, the gillnets are noticed to be of different sizes and they are purposely meant to target specific type of fish species.

Longline Fishing.

Methods of fishing in Kenya
Methods of fishing in Kenya

The longline fishing methods are those that made with effect with a main fishing line that can be able to stretch for miles with numerous baited hooks that are attached to its regular intervals. More so, this fishing method is usually used to catch pelagic species in the waters such as; tuna, marlin, swordfish and many others. In addition, these longlines are set drifting in open waters or they can also be anchored to the seabeds while using buoys and weights.

Beach Seine fishing.

Beach seine fishing is another prominent traditional method, which can be practiced along the coastline, and during this methods, anglers always drop a large net, which is deployed from the shores and dawn back to capture fish in shallow waters. More so, these fishermen work tirelessly with a lot of efforts to use the ropes to haul the net ashore and this method is commonly preferred by the artisanal fishermen who aim at targeting both small and medium sized coastal species such as; anchovies, sardines and mullet. In addition, this beach seine fishing method requires anglers to have teamwork and coordination among themselves. However, this method is often practiced during tidal conditions.

Besides the above, there are many other fishing methods that are used in this country and some of these include; Trawl fishing which requires fishermen to drag a large net which is referred to as a trawl, hand diving that is considered to be a traditional method which is practiced in coastal communities as people harvest fish and shellfish from coral reefs and rocky outcrops. And while practicing  this method, fishermen are encouraged to  be well equipped with masks, fins, spears, harpoons and also it is best for individuals with good fishing skills, agility and they should have more intimate knowledge about the marine environment in order to be able to  navigate all the obstacles under the water and also to locate the elusive prey.

More so, anglers in Kenya can opt to use trap-fishing methods, which are also commonly referred to as pot fishing, fish aggregating devices among others. In addition, there many other modern industrialized techniques, which are employed in by commercial fleets, and each of these methods is known to have its advantages and the challenges it faces concerning its sustainability, impact it has on the environment and resource management.

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