Mountain Biking in Samburu National Reserve

Mountain Biking in Samburu National Reserve : Samburu National Reserve is one of the smallest national reserve Kenya located in the southeasstern corner of the Samburu district in the rift valley province of Kenya, Samburu National Reserve is a rich ecological system covering an area of 165 square kilometers, the wealth wildlife home borders Ewaso Nyiro River which means the brown water and this borders separate it from Buffalo Springs national reserve. Samburu National Reserve is on altitude of range between 800 to 1230 meters above the sea level lies in Samburu county, river Ewaso Nyiro flows in the middle of the park through doum palm groves and the thick riverine forest creating a beautiful scenic view and the river acts as a source of water to the animals for their survival on arid region the reserve is situated, the Samburu National reserve was established in 1985 is 345 kilometres from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya.

Mount Biking is a sport of riding bicycles off road in Samburu National Reserve the mount biking is done in various around the reserve, often over rough terrain, usually using the specially designed mountain bikes, this sport requires endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance, but the advanced riders pursue both steep technical descents and the high incline climbs. This is an outdoor activity it’s a fun and exciting way to enjoy the many health benefits of regular fitness and the cardiovascular exercise, the mountain biking also discourages and minimizes the dangers of the obesity, heart diseases and the diabetes on the rise. The Mountain Biking more than any other activity it allows you to quickly get off the beaten path and enjoy the solitude of nature it improves relaxation and reduces the stress, during the mountain biking you become more green and friendly to the surrounding environment.

This Activity according to the researchers found out that 5%improvement in cario-respiratory fitness which leds up to 15% on mental tests, this is part due to building brain cells in the hippocampus the region of the brain responsible for the memory, which boosts blood flow and oxygen to the brain and it fires and regenerates the receptors explaining how exercises helps the body.

In Samburu National Reserve Mountain Biking is another activity in the reserve which involves using the bikes to tour the wilderness as your observing the various wildlife of the reserve like the special five of the reserve, the big cats and other small mammals living the reserve without forgetting the reserve’s birds, in the  semi-arid plain in the reserve you still enjoy the intoxicating views of vegetation, river streaming through the forest as your refreshing your minds through viewing the nature.

Mountain Biking in Samburu National Reserve is as well  done near the Maralal camp, Barsaloi, Baragoy to market in Samburu, The Mount Biking in Samburu National Reserve can also be carried out  along the Samburu Trails this is where the mountain biking takes place, Samburu National Reserve consists a low lying, semi-arid plain on the Southern bank of the northern Ewaso Nyiro River also the Mountain bikers enjoy the biking along that area while observing various features like the vegetation of the area, species in the area

Mountain Biking in Samburu National Reserve
Samburu National Reserve

Best time for mountain biking in Samburu National Reserve.                    

Months of December, March and the late March to May are the best time to visit Samburu National Reserve for mountain biking that is because the months are less hot as the reserve receives little rainfall, the reserve receives two rain seasons from late March until May and a gain in November.

Essentials for the Mountain Biking in Samburu National Reserve.

Before carrying out any mountain biking activity there are some essentials which are  also called the requirements that are needed  during the mount biking activity prevents you from being hydrated, the other  following are always considered like the Spare tubes (2),Patch kit, Tire pump,Multi-tool,Tire lever, Shock pump, Chain Lube, Lip balm, Sunscreen, Phone, Packable rain jacket, First aid kit, Derailleur hanger, Master link, Chainring bolt, Zip-ties, Spare spoke with nipple, Money, Small but bright headlight and and Tool roll or pouch as well for the proper mountain biking exercise.

Mountain Biking is a great activity done in Samburu National Reserve as it  is  healthy done activity to the person carrying out the activity,  it  prevents depression and anxiety, during mountain biking, someone can  observe various animal species in the Samburu National Reserve as well as birds which  appreciates the nature.

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