Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary

Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary is the greatest wildlife safari destination to various tourists who come to visit the sanctuary to explore the richness of the sanctuary, the Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary is situated in the central part of the Great Rift Valley, the west of the Aberdare ranges and North East of the Mau escarpment. The sanctuary borders both Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien which are the highest lakes along the floor of the rift valley, Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary is a privately owned sanctuary that is located on 18,000 acre, with a variety of flora and fauna.

Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary was majorly located with the sole purpose of giving the resident wildlife a place of the safety and refuge, the sanctuary is surrounded with the electrified fence, as to keep the illegal cattle grazers out and to keep away the wildlife from destroying the neighboring farmlands. Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary is an independent charity that aids by playing a vital role in Kenya’s conservation effort by protecting and breeding many endangered species, restoring and protecting the natural habitat, and managing the human-wildlife conflict to enable both the wildlife and communities to prosper.

Attractions at Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary.


Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary is a home to the variety of over 50 mammal species that attracts most of the tourists to the sanctuary that includes the topi, impala, serval cat, warthog, lesser Galago, Grevy’s zebra, leopard, Maasai Giraffe, Buffalo, Bat-eared fox, hyena, Aardvark, lion and among many others, these can be well spotted during the game viewing safari activity in the sanctuary and nature walks where you encounter them thus giving you the best safari experience in the sanctuary.

Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary
wildlife in Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary

Bird species.

Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary is a Kenya birding paradise with the added advantage being surrounded by the lake shore there can be presence of the acquatic bird species that gives the merit of the sanctuary to be the most unique birding haven in entire East Africa, the sanctuary has got over 400 bird species, on a safari a birder can spot bird species including Narina Trogon, African fish eagle, Klaas’s Cuckoo, Spectacled Weaver, Black-backed puffback, Grey-crested Helmet-shrike, Somali ostrich, spotted Eagle-owl, Rufous-crowned Roller and among many others, during your stay at the nearby lodges like Kiangazi House or Chui Lodge you can be given the whole paradise where you can enjoy the entire unique wildlife in the open safari 4×4 land cruisers with the experienced professional guides.

Activities done at Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary.

Game drives.

Tourists do get exposed and encounter the wildlife in Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary in the open 4×4 safari vehicles and here the tourists can spot the vast of the wildlife that is difficult to be spotted in other areas apart from this sanctuary and here the tourists are given the chances to spot the lions, giraffes, Grevy’s zebra, Maasai Giraffe, leopard and among many others.

Boat safaris.

Tourists enjoy the boat safaris on Lake Naivasha where you can be at the splendor of the Rift valley, the tourists can spot the wide range of wildlife along the shore of the lake like hippos, African Jacanas, Goliath Herons and among others, the waters of Lake Naivasha are such clear and attractive in that when you are much observant you can even watch the large fish species like Tilapia and among others, the lake is such incredible and it shows the awesome oasis in the Great Rift Valley.

Bush walks.

This is perfect where the tourists can experience the most of their loved moments where the tourists do the bush walks and this is where they spot variety of the bird species as well the tourists can explore Lake Oloidien where it has vast number of acquatic bird species like Black-winged Stilt, Pied kingfisher, Great Cormorant, and among others, during the bush walks there are yellow fever acacia forests that border the lake and here the tourists can be able to spot the various animal species like colobus monkeys, eland, Defassa waterbuck, leopards which gives you the ever best bush walk safari experience in Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary.

Bush breakfasts.

Morning bush breakfasts in Oserengoni Wildlife sanctuary are always arranged under the vast acacia trees alongside the lake, this is where nature feels so magical and charming imagine enjoying the incredible hot breakfast accompanied by a glass of the fascinating wine in your hand while watching the hippos and alongside the lake and birds whispering around this gives you the ever best memory to remember in your entire life.

Where to stay

Tourists who come to visit the Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary are experienced with the most treasured, friendly facilities that includes the following;

Chui lodge.

Chui lodge is the right selection accommodation that is located inside the Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary, the lodge has got 8 luxurious cottages that are set in the beautiful manicured garden.

Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary
Chui lodge

The lodge is so attractive that is it was built from the simple bush stone, acacia, olive, leleshwa wood that are all sourced from within the sanctuary.

Another accommodation option incudes the Kiangazi house also it provides the opportunity for the guests to stay at the Oserengoni conservancy.

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