Reasons for Exploring Kilifi County

Reasons for Exploring Kilifi County : Kilifi County is such astonishing safari destination with a mix of the Swahili villages, Kilifi County has got the stunning coastline and coastal architecture that attracts various tourists to visit the county. Kilifi county is the most breathtaking destination in Kenya with the most beautiful and attractive sand beaches, diverse people and cultures, the safari destination has got the only majestic wonders that is take in the chalk sea cliffs that are only found in this county in Kenya not anywhere else, consider Kilifi county in your safari then you will enjoy all the best in your safari. Kilifi County is located in the north and northeast of Mombasa.

Kilifi County explores the fishing safari to the tourists who come to visit the area, in that being near the Indian Ocean Kilifi County has got the number of the amazing safari beaches that every tourist cannot leave behind minus being explored with a variety of the attractive resorts and hotels that are mostly liked by the guests. Kilifi County is the amazing place to visit with the richness of the most popular historical sites like the Mnarani ruins, including the mosques and tombs that was there during the 14th and 17th century this makes the county to be more visited by both the international and the local visitors.


Reasons for Exploring Kilifi County
Reasons for Exploring Kilifi County

Kilifi county is a such stunning safari destination with the most loved safari activities including kitesurfing, zip lining, diving and among other related safari activities, when you go for a safari in Kilifi you can be satisfied with the most charming safari activities and gives you the great experiences even you can proceed to other areas like Malindi, Watamu and among others.

Kilifi county is so unique, the country being next to the Kenya coast, it has attractive beaches with nice resorts that’s why most of the guests go for their beach safari holidays because of the conducive and best beaches in Kenya like Bofa beach, as well the Kilifi county lies on the Kilifi Creek that is located between Malindi and Mombasa which attracts a variety of the tourists, The Bofa beach is incredible with white sand, rolling Indian Ocean surf which makes it the best beach in Kenya ever because of the various activities that are done from there.

Kilifi County has got the amazing and affordable accommodation facilities for the tourists hotels that are well established with all the visitors requirements like Distand Relative Eco-lodge and back packers this provides all the needs like the dorms, tents, bandas plus the advantage of the well experienced staff that provides them with the best services during the visit to Kilifi County. Other accommodation facilities includes the Kilifi Bay Beach Resort, Mars Engai which are suitable for the tourists, Reasons for Exploring Kilifi County.

On a safari to Kilifi county the guests do enjoy the most of the great activities like enjoying the evening sail this can be such gorgeous imagine enjoying the evening sun rises during the evening sail on a boat and this takes you about two to three hours while enjoying the sparkling water in the sea, while enjoying the serene environment and observing the marvels of the wonderful nature, during the evening sail the guests can enjoy sipping on their drinks as well they are recommended to carry their cameras, binoculars to take the beautiful pictures of the sea and also the binoculars to spot the distant objects.

Reasons for Exploring Kilifi County
Watamu Marine National Park

A safari to Kilifi county cannot be colorful minus tasting the street food culture of the county here the entire streets of Kilifi can be full of the food vendors that are well hygienic and also they prepare the best food that you can grab yourself including the delicious deep fried cassava which can be tasty and this is so good and you can never find it anywhere minus visiting the Kilifi county and this makes the visitors to continuously keep on visiting Kilifi to grab themselves the yummy deep fried cassava ever.

Watamu Marine National Park is close to the Kilifi county this takes you like one hour or a half hour drive to reach the marine park, this is such awesome with various attractions to the tourists it is a Kenya safari destination where the tourists can enjoying swimming with the dolphins, beautiful colorful fish species, the tourists can get cooled with the ocean breeze, there are more safari activities done in Watamu Marine National Park like the glass bottoms boat ride that gives you the best of the safari experiences.

Exploring and learning about the inhabitants of the Kilifi county is so rewarding to the tourists this is where they get to learn more about the culture of the people in the area, their life styles, their foods and diet and also they can end while enjoying the cultural dances and songs of the local people in the county, the tourists can be rewarded after visiting the inhabitants of the Kilifi county.

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