Safari Accommodations Types

Safari Accommodations Types : To assist you in deciding where to stay in Africa, we examine the three different types of safari accommodations. An African safari is characterized by the properties you choose. While most tourists know roughly what to expect from a wildlife drive, very few are prepared for the high calibre and wide range of safari lodges that are on offer. African safari lodgings generally surpass expectations all over the continent.

In addition to being places to sleep, lodges and camps double as “art galleries in the bush,” small, charming places with unmistakable African influences. For the luxury safari traveler, there are three primary options, and there are solid reasons to try all of them.

What to Expect at Safari Accommodations.

  1. Safari Game Lodges.
  2. Luxury Tented Camps.
  3. Mobile Tented Camp.

  1. Safari Game Lodges.

Safari lodges are traditional accommodation choices that enhance the beauty of the surroundings with their endless views and luxurious furnishings. They are enduring constructions that are thoughtfully positioned in a desirable area that complements the surrounding landscape, frequently in soaring locations with breathtaking vistas.

As its permanent, you’ll find a lot of luxurious features here, such as view-oriented infinity pools, sophisticated bar areas and large restaurant terraces. In a nutshell, lodges are smaller, more intimate versions of hotels or guesthouses that often feature private bathrooms, roomy dining areas, and attractions like swimming pools.

Why stay at a safari game lodge.

Amenities that are most similar to those found in a hotel built in the Western style, including well-appointed bathrooms with standard features and amenities.

The choice to accommodate larger groups due to the fact that lodge sizes vary in terms of the number of rooms.

Similar to a hotel, guests frequently have a selection of rooms to choose from, including luxury and honeymoon options.

In private reserves, wilderness areas, and national parks throughout Africa, lodges can be found. They are the most common type of lodging on the continent.

Luxury Tented Camps.

Situated in wildlife-rich locations, luxury tented camps are either permanent or semi-permanent establishments that may accommodate a small number of people.

They make use of canvas tents with spacious beds and independent bathrooms, some of which open to a wooden deck and an outdoor shower, set on sturdy supports.

Tents include all the amenities you would anticipate from luxury accommodation, including high enough ceilings for comfortable standing.

Why stay at a Luxury Tented Camp.

Intimate accommodation that caters for a small number of guests, usually situated in prime wildlife areas.

Continuous immersion in nature, as demonstrated by frequent sightings of wildlife and a moving soundscape.

Space and seclusion that’s favored by couples and those seeking a more exclusive experience.

Large beds, separate bathrooms, and opulent furnishings can be found in these roomy canvas tents, which are decorated like hotel rooms.

Found throughout Africa’s safari circuit in national and private parks and reserves.

Safari Accommodations Types
Luxury Tented Camp

Mobile Tented Camp.

Single-occupancy mobile tented camps offer guests the best possible immersion in the environment. They are transient buildings. There’s a romantic closeness between only two spacious tents surrounded by miles of lush scenery.

Some shift throughout the seasons, appearing in new places in response to the precipitation. Others provide unique experiences and constant thrills, moving every few days. Similar to opulent tented camps, this isn’t ordinary camping. Deep in the bush, there’s room, cosy beds, delicious meals, and hot showers.

Why stay at a mobile tented camp.

Ultimate gasoline immersion in the wild landscapes of Africa, including intimate encounters with a whole sundry of wildlife.

Enclaved and exclusive, they often serve a single party, which makes them the envy of adventure-seeking friends and families.

When going on multi-day wilderness safaris, especially walking and horseback riding safaris, this can be the only accommodation option available.

Remarkably pleasant temperatures in light of the isolated setting, enhanced with an air of adventure.

Unique sites apart from the regular tourist circuit, presenting a highly personal view of the African scenery.

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