Safari Activities in Amboseli National Park

Safari Activities in Amboseli National Park

Safari Activities in Amboseli National Park

Safari Activities in Amboseli National Park: Amboseli national park is the second most popular and fascinating Kenya wildlife safari destination after Masai Mara national reserve, Amboseli national park is referred to as the Land of Giants because of the large tusked elephants living in the park. Amboseli national park is gifted with spectacular views created by the backdrop of Mountain Kilimanjaro the tallest free standing mountain in Africa at the elevation of 5895 meters above the sea level.

Amboseli national park is located in Loitoktok district in the rift Valley region of Kenya, the park is situated in a distance of 240 kilometers south east of Nairobi. Amboseli national park is loved by millions of tourists visiting it on an annually because of the amazing safari activities offered in the park. 

Safari activities offered in Amboseli national park include 

Game viewing 

Amboseli national park is a fascination Kenya destination for game viewing safaris, Amboseli national park is a home to a variety of wildlife species facilitating Kenya game viewing experiences. Animals in Amboseli national park are mostly sighted in the park’s permanent swamps most especially elephants and the savannah plains. Permanent swamps in Amboseli national park include Enkongo Narok, Olokenya and Longinye situated in the middle of the park, elephants are the most sighted animals in these swamps while wallowing in the mud. Game viewing in Amboseli national park offers  excellent views of numerous animals living in the park such as lions, elephants, wildebeests, spotted hyenas, antelopes, buffaloes, rhinos, cheetahs and many more. The best sight for game viewing in Amboseli national park are grass lands, and observation hill.

game drives in amboseli national park

Bird watching 

Amboseli national park is an ideal Kenya destination for Kenya birding safaris, Amboseli national park is a home to over 400 bird species including thousands of pink flamingoes, lesser kestrel, the shoe bills, Madagascar as the notable bird species.  Birds in Amboseli national parks are more concentrated around lakes and swaps dotted around the park which are the best sites for bird watching in the park, swamps and lakes are best sites for water-associated birds such as egrets, herons, pelicans, crowned cranes and pink flamingoes which are present in the park in the wet season period that is from March – May and October to December. Grassland plains of Amboseli national park are best site for viewing ground birds such as hartlaub’s bustard, localized pangani longclaw and the acacia woodlands are perfect for viewing dry country specials such as steel blue whydah, Von der Decken’s hornbill, white-bellied go-away bird and many more. 

Amboseli is a bird watcher’s haven and a spectacular Kenya bird watching destination with a range bird species, generally birds in Amboseli national park include African swamphen, Common redshank, Dickinson’s kestrel, Eurasian thick-knee, Greater flamingo, Hartlaub’s bustard, Lesser flamingo, Long-toed lapwing, Pangani longclaw, Rufous chatterer, Rufous-bellied heron, Spike-heeled lark, Steel-blue whydah, Taveta golden weaver, Von der Decken’s hornbill, Yellow-necked spur fowl and many more.

amboseli birds

Hot air balloon safaris 

Hot air balloon safaris is an activity while in Amboseli national park for a Kenya safari, hot air balloon safari is a unique way of enjoy game viewing safaris in Amboseli national park from the air with a bird’s eye view.  A hot air balloon safari offers an aerial view of Amboseli national park and a variety of wildlife species such as wildebeests, herds of elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, gazelles and many more. On the hot air balloon ride in Amboseli national park you get to enjoy the spectacular sunrise views over the snowcapped Mountain Kilimanjaro, views of the Masai communities and many more. This unique Kenya safari starts with a full English breakfast set and served at a scenic location in the bushes of Amboseli national park in an open African air style. 

Cultural visits 

On the boundaries of Amboseli national park there lives the local Masai people living in full established community, it is in the Masai communities where cultural visit in Amboseli national park are offered. Kenya cultural visits in Amboseli national park are arranged and done in accompany of a local Maasai guide, this excursion offers a perfect opportunity to experience the fascinating Masai people and enjoy their culture. In Masai community you will encounter and enjoy the local dances and drama, local dressing code in kanzus, circular manyattas, visit schools and interact with the elders. 

Where to stay in Amboseli national park 

When you are on a Tanzania safari in Amboseli national park accommodation is got from a wide range of safari lodges and camps established to provide you a home away from home, accommodation in Amboseli national park is got from Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge, Ol Donyo Oibor Suite, Ol Donyo Lodge, Satao Eleria camp, Campi ya Kanzi, Hemingway & Simba tented suites and many more.

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