Things to do in Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park & Reserve

Things to do in Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park & Reserve

Things to do in Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park & Reserve

Things to do in Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park & Reserve: Kisite Mpunguti marine national park is quite an impressive marine park rich in coral and marine life, positioned at the southern coast of Kenya at a small town of Kiwale. It was established in 1973 to protect the marine endemic species. The park covers an area of about 39 square kilometres composed of other four outstanding islands. Note, this is a fabulous safari destination where you can visit and immerse yourself in Rewardable Dolphin watching experience which is a worth an experience in life time.

Kisite Mpunguti Island is one of the most renown coastal area to do snorkelling and Diving, the Island is composed of over 250 species of fish ,200 sea turtles ,56 coral species and over 70 resident dolphins.

Things to do in Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park

Interestingly the park offers a cool and relaxing place to view the marine life and adventure the real life of the sea. Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park has got quite a number of activities that leaves tourists mind back to the area, but the best engagement activities are as below;

Viewing marine life

The park boosts with lots of beautiful marine life to be seen in clear waters of Mpunguti marine park some of them include Puffer fish, morays, angle fish, humpback whales, whale shark, snappers, hawksbill turtles, dolphins, damselfish, Ray’s, groupers, parrot fish and triggerfish and many other species.

Birding: Birding at Kisite Mpunguti national park is more impressive during rainy seasons when migratory birds from North Africa and Europe are present while the residential birds are breeding and aquatic birds can be seen around during this season.

Snorkelling: This is quite exceptional experience as you dress up in right gear and take into clear Indian ocean water and get rewarded with marine life while swimming with the dolphins which is worth amazing.

Fishing: Mpunguti marine national park is blessed with over 200 fish species of which deep sea fishing can be conducted and the fishing equipment’s can be hired at the park.

Sunbathing: Here sun bath experience is amazing which can be done at the sun worshipped beaches of the mag coastal area with panoramic views of the views of the ocean shores.

Diving: The park has got very many diving sites available and diving lessons are provided for those who would love to learn how to do it at the park.

Swimming: Travelers get a chance to swim back and forth to the reefs. There dhows anchor at the edge of the reefs, between 4 and 8 meters deep. It is done with protective jackets that make it safe for even first time swimmers. It is quite amazing to see these reefs.

Guided walks: This is an interesting activity as a tourist can be able to walk along the beach shores and come across beautiful Marine life like turtles.

Sailing: Best time for sailing in the park is in the dry seasons when the waters are more clear for better gainful views of Marine life and snorkeling.

Boat ride: For more enjoyment of experiencing the ocean, travelers can go for boat riding along marine waters with packed lunch box as you will be sailing on water vessel while getting amazed with great views of marine life which gives lots of excitements.

Best Time to Visit 

Kisite Mpunguti marine national park is best visited during the dry season from June to October and December to Mid-March. During this period of the year ‘’dry season, the waters are very clear and travelers can enjoy views of the marine life clearly. Still a good temperature to do diving, snorkeling, boat drives, swimming can be perfect.

Whales can be greatly viewed between August and October.

Yet wet seasons that occurs from November to Mid-December and March to May, it can be challenging time to enjoy park’s activities.

Things to do in Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park & Reserve
Things to do in Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park & Reserve

What to carry with

Travelers are advisable to always carry necessities on their visit to the park such as; a hat, cameras, contact lenses, sunglasses and pair of binoculars.

Where to Stay

The park has got various classified accommodation facilities where tourists can enjoy their night rest from such lodges and campsite are; Mpunguti campsite, blue monkey beach cottages, wasini island guest house, shimoni reef lodge, Betty’s camp and Chobus campsite and many others.

Getting there

Kasite Mpunguti Marine national park is positioned in Kwale at coastal province of Kenya, just 8 kilometers north of Tanzania border and 11 kilometers off the mainland, the distance from Nairobi Capital city is about 500 kilometers and from Mombasa is 90 kilometers. You can as well access park by boat from the main land. 

Come experience lots of the unusual creatures in water such as the unique coral reef and marine life that are not easily seen in African water bodies. Kenya is more blessed to host such unique creatures on African continent. On your next visit or once you visit, try to take time to have all these activities for incredible experience on ‘’Kenya safaris’’.

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