Tsavo National Park Camping

Tsavo National Park Camping

Tsavo National Park Camping: Discover the best of African wilderness that is Tsavo national park with our camping safaris. Tsavo national park is an enormous African wilderness area that has beed divided in to two by the Nairobi-Mombasa higway. The park is the largest national park in Kenya composing of Tsavo East national park and Tsavo West national park. The combined protected area covers a total land area of around 22, 000 square kilometres. The parks is popularity of the park is based on the large red dusty Elephants. However much the park is rich with wildlife, the park is among the less visited protected areas in Kenya. This makes it the best secrete place to visit if you fear the crawdy areas like Masai Mara national reserve. Tsavo national park camping safaris are the best for the guests who want to enjoy pristine wildlife experience.

Tsavo national park camping is one of the budget safaris that we organise this wonderful National park. The camping safaris in Africa are the best wildlife experience. Camping in the middle of the wilderness with a small tent that can be erected any time of the day. Our Tsavo national park camping safaris are extra ordinary with good tents accompanied by the sleeping bags. The mobile chef provides food for the travellers and warm water.

At first many travellers used to know camping safaris are for budget guests especially students and backpackers. Little did they know that these are a wore some and executive. We have both ordinary tents that are erected in public camping sites and the other tents that are on private camping site. The backpackers camping safaris have shared bathrooms but very clean. They also have clean flashing toilets though are public. 

Our executive Tsavo national park camping are based on permanent safari tents. These are located in good animal viewing areas that gives the guests enjoy game viewing at the comfort of their tent balcony. Some of them are placed on the wildlife tracks or routes. This makes the animals to be always be around the tent. The guests are always a woken by the calls of the birds and sounds of different animals at any time of the day. The king of the juggle can roar just meters away from your tent. The safari tents are built using environmental friendly materials. This is to keep the conservation of the protected areas well. All camping sites both public and private camping sites are easily accessible. Some of them especially the public camping sites are located near the park gates or park headquarters.  They are well guarded by the park rangers and the local Maasai warriors.

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There are a good number of public camping sites in Tsavo National parks. You directly book your space through Kenya wildlife Services or at the park headquarters. The Ndolo public campsite is the most popular located in Tsavo East national park. Ndolo camping site is just 7 kilometres away from the gate of Voi. There is enough space for tents and also permanent tents available. All other amenities found at the camp site are: Restaurants, Private and public clean flashing toilets, bar, camp fire and others. 

Enjoy the spectacular Mazima Springs where 50 million gallons of clear crystal water flows from the underground of the volcanic rock.  

Tsavo national park camping and picnicking under the good strong canvas pitched in the juggle. You sleep in the wilderness with the wild mobile camps that are temporal and mobile. Counting countless stars at night under the camp fire before you enter under the cover of the canvas. The nighst in small tented camps makes your heart feel fresh. The morning dew on your feet as you take the crisp of clean fresh air. You realise the morning coming very soon than expected. The singing birds wakes you up very early before the sun rises in the sky. The great memory and beauty of Tsavo national park camping is that you’re the sole person in charge and responsible for the programme. You can oversleep or wake up very early to take your bath, make your breakfast and plan for your day. You choose which meals to take and which meals to forego in a day. If you may not have time to cook you can join the rest in the public restaurant or order for picnic lunch boxes for yourself.

The advantage of our Tsavo national park camping is that yoru guided by the driver guide. We have good clean new safari tents that have spacious space where even two guests can share if they want. The tent can accommodate two sleeping bags. They are treated with insect repellents which keep mosquitos away from the tent hence free from malaria infection. The camping safari are organised in groups as well as private safaris. 

We have two kinds of Tsavo national park camping: The public camping and the private camping. The public camp sites are shared with other campers from different groups, you may not need to book in advance but make booking the time you reach the park. Other advantages of public camping are that they have good and enough camping facilities, the camping site is safe as its under the management of the park authorities. You will have enough socialization with more tourists at your free time like during dinning.

On the other side the private camping is well organised though you have to book in advance since they have small space for camping, You pay the camping fee alone excluding the conservation fees. The facilities are good and some are even private.  Unlike public casmping where you have to move with the chef, private camp sites you are provided with food. They consider all dietery issues of the guests. The Tsavo national park camping is the best way to discover the secrete of African wilderness. Sharing the home with wildlife as you hear all the songs and sounds of different nocturnal animals and birds. Book your Tsavo national park camping safaris now either as solo traveller or join our group camping safaris with daily departures. Our Tsavo national park camping safaris are open. You can bring your own tent and sleeping bags or use ours.

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