Vital tips for a best Kenya safari

Vital tips for a best Kenya safari : Kenya is everyone’s dream safari destination, and this becomes so interesting and magical after knowing what you want to do their especially for the first timers visiting the destination. Before anything and travelling to the destination, it becomes so beautiful and exciting after knowing the best vital tips to do or carry on any Kenya safari which makes your dream to be well ventured in Kenya.

Vital tips for a best Kenya safari.

Best time for a Kenya  safari.

Time is the most vital note to take care about for any Kenya safari, though the wildlife safaris can be done throughout the year, but there is always that best time that makes a tourist to enjoy the Kenya safari, therefore it is necessary to search for the best time before a safari.

Vital tips for a best Kenya safari
Wildlife Kenya Safari

During the rainy season this will not give the proper viewing of the animal species in Kenya that is the grass in the park would have grown that also affects you from the proper spotting of the wildlife in the parks.

The best time for game viewing in various national parks and reserves of Kenya is during the dry season in the months of June, July, August, September, January, February this is when a tourist can easily spot the animal species around the water holes to drink water that makes the viewing easily, as well due to the fact that Kenya is the right safari destination with the nature wonders for example if a tourist is interested in spotting the wildebeest migration these are such special species that take places in Kenya, Maasai National Reserve and in Tanzania, Serengeti National Park, the best time to see the wildebeest migration is from the period of July to October which can give you the unforgettable safari memories ever in your life.

Waking up early.

There is nothing incredible like morning game viewing that is morning is done from 6:30 am to 7:00am. As they say the early bird catches the worm, if you wake up early in the morning in the different national parks and national reserves of Kenya you experience the real meaning of warmth on a Kenya safari, here you get the charming opportunity to spot more many species including the Big five, because that’s the period when all the animal species are active and they can be away from their hidden places compared to the afternoon time when the animal species are in their hidden shelters escaping the heat from the sunshine.

Walking up early to do game drive is so rewarding to the tourists this is where the tourists enjoy watching the real movie of the magical wildlife.

Being good observant.

Being good observant is among the vital tip considered for everyone going on a Kenya safari to be keen at, that is during a game viewing safari its always important for someone to be keen though while being driven, this is not like the zoo where you clearly reach the species and observe them clearly, for the case of game viewing in Kenya national parks and reserves it needs one to be extra careful while doing game viewing because it may end up when someone has not observed some of the members of the big five, as well other big cat species like the cheetah do requires one to be keen to spot it.

During game viewing it is also essential to move with the tour guide that will help you to clearly spot the animal species in the parks, that means if you miss out seeing some animal species, there can be other chances by someone else in the touring car has seen, and guides that are more skilled at spotting the big cats that will help you to spot them as well.

Asking more questions.

Asking more questions is among the best tip for proper Kenya safari that is if you book your safari with a certain tour company they give you a tour guide on the side therefore you are recommended to ask more questions to the tour guides because they have more information and knowledge for example the characters, behaviors of various animal species, where to spot the big five animal species and among others therefore you are required to be friendly to your tour guide on a Kenya safari that’s where you will achieve the best.

As well if you’re doing a self-drive you can ask the lodge’s or campsite’s staff where you are staying for anything that you will be feeling to know about the Kenya safari as this makes your safari the most perfect one.

Spending more time.

On a Kenya safari you are reminded not being in the rush to move especially during the game driving, as you know that Kenya has got the richness of the wildlife in the entire world so it is necessary to spot at least almost of the wildlife on your safari, even you can exceed and spot the different serene landscapes that can give you the best moments. Spending good time during you Kenya safari can reward you the best and if you’re lucky you can witness various animals when they are mating, tearing their prey, producing, fighting and among others which gives you the best safari with unforgettable memories.

Taking pictures.

Tourists are reminded to take many pictures during their Kenya safari that are related about your safari even after years elapse still your pictures will be showing how your Kenya wildlife safari was the perfect one, however the crazy photos will not help you imagine taking a hundred pictures of the lions. On a Kenya safari it needs when you are having the extra memory cards to make sure that you should not miss out capturing the most stunning features due to the shortage of memory and therefore the lots of photos will mean and give you the great memories in your entire life.

Being with the good camera as well is the best priority on a Kenya safari as this brings out the entire beauty that Kenya boasts, it’s known that the good camera adds something big on your Kenya safari.

Taking binoculars.

Binoculars mean a lot on a Kenya safari, as these help you to spot the far animal and bird species that you cannot access at the moment, though people do have the zoom cameras but the binoculars still remains the better way to go, without a binoculars on the Kenya safari you can feel like being out from the safari, therefore BAK4 FMC Lens is the perfect binocular on any Kenya safari.

Vital tips for a best Kenya safari
Vital tips for a best Kenya safari

Where to stay on your Kenya safari.

One most thing you also need to know on a Kenya safari is where you are going to stay, note all that all the most expensive lodges and campsites are the most perfect place to be, but where you are staying means a lot on a safari this is where you campsite or lodge you are staying should be giving you the view of some wildlife, so therefore this makes meaning when you stay to the perfect place after making research, so as you are planning about your Kenya safari always remember where to stay as this will give you the right answer and you will never regret.

Lastly on a Kenya safari you are reminded not to forget other most essential requirements that you should not forget as these help you to enjoy the Africa’s nature beauty including sun screen, a safari hat, bug spray, compressible water bottle, sunglasses, chap stick, proper day pack and among others that you may see that they are essential to your safari in Kenya.

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