Weather of Amboseli National park in July  

Weather of Amboseli National park in July   : Kenya is recognized to best among the best safari destinations in the world with many protected areas, most of these amazing destinations / protected areas share the same weather pattern most especially those found in the Southern region of the country including Amboseli national park.

Amboseli national park lie in the central region of Kenya with dry winds which makes the park to have semi – arid climatic conditions, the park is located close the border with Tanzania in the Southern part of Kenya. The location of the park gives visitors/tourists a clear spot to enjoy magical views of Kilimanjaro Mountain at ease.

Conditions in Amboseli national park are hot and dry season thanks to the monsoon winds with hot and dry, mostly weather conditions in the park are characterized by longer warmer conditions than the cold conditions while during the night, the weather conditions become so cold as compared to the daytime.

Tourism as an industry thrives well in hot and dry weather conditions that are experienced in Amboseli national park and Kenya as general, as a result to the conditions tourism is Kenya and Amboseli national park is conducted throughout the year and it has since become of the international sources of income to Kenya’s economy.

The longer periods of dry conditions or hot conditions have favored several tourism activities taking place in Kenya most especially the safari game drives on which visitors explore the parks and see a lot of animal species hosted in Kenya.

Weather in Amboseli national park is dominated by hot and dry season as well as the wet season, the rainy season in Amboseli national park is experienced as short and long rains and so is the dry season (short and long dry season).The longer rains in Amboseli national park start from March up to Mid- May and the short rains are experienced in November.

Unusually, the long rains are first rains and they provide a wonderful space for birders to spot different migratory bird species. It is also the time when there is the breeding of birds and therefore if you are interested in birding in Amboseli national park or Kenya, this is the best time to explore the park.

The short rains start towards the end of October to November, also this is the time safari lodges start giving discounts to the visitors.

Weather of Amboseli National park in July  
Weather of Amboseli National park in July

The Amboseli National Park Weather in July

In JULY, weather in Amboseli is at the best and this period represents the peak tourism season in most of Kenyan protected areas. In July, Amboseli national park receives longer sunny conditions than in rainy season. July is also part of the dry season, just like the wet season, dry season is divided into 2 seasons with the first longer which occurs in the middle of the year and the shorter dry season occurring at the end of the year.

The long dry season starts from June up to October, in this period Amboseli national park’s large herds of elephants and other wildlife species are easy to see.  However sometimes, rains may come but not heavy showers and they usually come around October which is a neutral month.

The weather in Amboseli national park in July falls under the first dry season and this is when the sun is at its best and when the conditions are hot and dry.

Temperatures normally rise during July till August during the day, however the temperatures do reduce during the nights and early in the morning. This implies that in the morning hours and night hours you may experience some coldness.

July is the best time to visit Amboseli national park most especially for the visitors going for safari game drives.

During the month of July in Amboseli national park, the animals most especially the huge herds of elephants can easily be seen as they rush to the water pools and around the shores of Lake Amboseli to drink water. The animals also spend a lot of time enjoying and spraying themselves with water and soil, even the grass during July are short and this is because of the strong sunshine. The short grass means the animals can easily be seen in a long – distance because of short vegetation.

Also, in July Amboseli national park is so accessible because all the tracks are goods and there are no incidences of rainfalls or where the guest vehicles can get stack in mad. This makes July to present some relaxing time this being the best time for you to plan your safari to Amboseli national park.

July marks the start of the longer dry season and this is when the Amboseli national park receives lots of tourists as it is the high or peak season for tourism in Kenya and the park itself.

If you have ever heard of Masai Mara national reserve and the Great World movement of the wildebeest animals “The Great Migration” with millions of wildebeests together with zebras and gazelles cross the Mara river to Masai Mara plains from Tanzania.  Therefore July is a good time for tourists to witness the spectacular migration in Masai Mara national reserve and is the best time to have clear views of Amboseli national park.

 Like already noted, there is a combination of both warn and dry conditions in July, the temperatures are always favorable during this time of the year with hot or sunny conditions during the day time and when it becomes night, the cold conditions set in. As travelers, when packing you are advised to pack items that favor both conditions, you should include both light and heavy clothes in your packing. In July there is also fresh air in the park which is because of its strategic location within the coastal areas of Kenya.

  The weather in Amboseli national park in July represents the peak season of tourism not only in Amboseli national park but also in Kenya, this is the time you should visit the park in order to have an excellent wildlife safari experience.

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