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What makes up the Cost of a Kenya Safari?

What makes up the Cost of a Kenya Safari? Kenya is a great safari destination on the African continent. There are 3 main factors that create a big different in the prices of your Kenya safari as listed below.

  1. Transport

 Transportation while on the safari plays a great role when pricing for your Kenya safari, as Focus East Africa Tours. Our quotations excluded international flights, however they include all local / domestic flights, group transportation and transfers.

  1. The age of the visitors

Visitors on a safari to Kenya are categorized as into categories that is Adults and Children, rates for adults and children vary as park entrance fees and at lodges the rates also differ. Some lodges offer reduced rates to accommodate children, there are also family rooms which are best for family tourists.

What makes up the Cost of a Kenya Safari?
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  1. The size of the group

The number of visitors on a small Kenya safari plays a great role when pricing for the safari, the larger the group the cheaper the safari to Kenya is. This is because prices for the safari are shared among the members of the group as opposed to single travelers who foot all the bills for the Kenya safari alone.

 What to Keep in Mind About Cost of A Kenya Safari

As Focus East Africa Tours, we work towards to creating a journey that will give you value for your money and time, when costing for a Kenya safari we prefer to include all the costs upfront so as to avoid unpleasant supervises once you are on the safari.

There are the things to keep in mind about the cost of a Kenya safari

  • Your accommodation

Accommodation often makes up the bulk of your safari cost so where you stay greatly impacts your budget, there is a wide range of accommodations in Kenya ranging from tented camps, camps, safari lodges, resorts and hotels.

Accommodations in Kenya are categorized into 3 that are Budget, Midrange and luxury. These lodges charge different prices for a night per person, as Focus East Africa Tours we know the best value for your money. As a visitor always attention to what is included and excluded in your safari quotation.

A safari lode with all in-inclusive rates may seem expensive, however a lower – priced lodge may charge exorbitant rates for alcoholic drinks, internet, laundry and other extras.

 Your travel dates and time

Kenya as a destination has 3 travel seasons that is the peak season, shoulder season and low season. In terms of rates,

  • in the peak season expect high rates most especially on accommodations
  • in the shoulder seasons expect moderate rates
  • in the low season, the rates are relatively low

 As a visitor/ tourist, it is important to be aware of the prices in the season you are intending to travel to Kenya for a safari. Quotation for the Kenya safari that will be provided to you from Focus East Africa Tours will depend on the dates of your travel.

Also, the time you spend on your safari has an impact on the cost of a Kenya safari, the longer your safari is, the more expensive it is. If you reduce the length of your safari, expect your price to reduce.

If you are travelling to Kenya on a limited budget, it is better to take advantage of the low season in which pricings are lower, there are also shoulder seasons which are moderately priced (not lower or expensive).

As experienced tour consultants, we will advise you on the crucial time of your travel to Kenya for a safari depending on your budget.

  • Your destinations

Kenya has several destinations you can visit during a Kenya safari including Island and beach destinations, national parks and reserve. Islands and beach destinations are often less expensive than national park and reserves.

Each destination you add on your itinerary increases the price of your Kenya safari and this is because of the transport , accommodation, activity and park entrance fees involved. Though it is fun to exploring almost everything in Kenya, it is more cost effective to do one proper safari and see the beauty to its full entity.

Islands and Beaches are less expensive because there is no entry or park fees involved and their accommodations are usually more economical for example, if you book a holiday of 6 days Diani Beach , it would be more less than a 6 days safari to Masai Mara national park and Amboseli national park.

What makes up the Cost of a Kenya Safari?
Diani Beach

Another option to reduce the costs of your Kenya safari is by including lesser known national parks and reserve which are more affordable than popular national park such as Masai Mara national reserve and Amboseli national park.

  • Your group size

Safari packages for Kenya safari are always more affordable when traveling as a group because of sharing costs for vehicles and accommodations, depending on your group size it can be cheaper to hire your own vehicle with our own driver guide which is optional from one destination to another. Traveling in a group can save you a large sum of money during your Kenya safari.

Driver, vehicle and fuel costs for a specific Kenya safari package remain constant, however when traveling in a group. The costs are shared among other guests in your group thus saving you money.

Because you are sharing the expenditures of the safari with other guests, Kenya safari packages will be more reasonable and affordable.

Kenya is a home to the world- famous safari destinations including Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli national park, Samburu national park, Mount Meru, Tsavo and the Aberdares among others. Also Kenya and East Africa at large is considered the birth place of safari and is where you will encounter Great Wildebeest Migration – The World’s biggest migration of wildlife with over 2 million wildebeests accompanied by thousands of gazelles and zebras embarking on annual migration in the Mara – Serengeti ecosystem.

Booking your safari to this fascinating destination will give you value for your money as well as time

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