When is the best time to travel to Kenya?

When is the best time to travel to Kenya? What you want to do and see will decide. And the weather affects what you can do and see, even though the weather in Kenya is nice all year round. Kenya might be just what you need if you want to get away from the rest of the world and get your mind back on track. So why not already start making plans for your trip to East Africa? But when would be the best time to visit Kenya?

Elephants best time for wildlife viewing

Kenya’s dry season is usually the best time to see wildlife. During the wet season, the country is lush and green, and you might be able to see animals that have just given birth or birds that are migrating. Check out our month-by-month guide on when to travel to Kenya if you need help deciding when is the best time for you to go.

High season: June to October and December

The best time to see wildlife is from June to October, which is when the dry season lasts for a long time. Prices are higher and some parks can be very busy because it’s a popular time to go.

Low season: April to May and November

Kenya’s low season is during both the long and short wet seasons. The number of visitors and the prices they pay are down, and the country’s plants look especially beautiful. This is the best time to see birds and animals that have just been born.

Shoulder season: January to March

From January to March, Kenya has another short dry season. This might be the best time to go to Kenya because you can still see animals in the parks without having to share them with other tourists. Prices have also gone down.

When is the best time to visit Kenya? It depends!

Kenya is right on the equator, so instead of summer and winter, the year is split into wet and dry seasons. From June to October, it is very dry. Then, in November and December, it rains for a short time. The “short dry season” is from January to February. The “long rainy season” is from March to May. In the past few years, these trends have started to change, but they still give travelers a good idea of what to expect when they go there.

Kenya lies on the equator Nanyuki

Dry season: June to October and December

Kenya’s dry season lasts the longest from June to October. This is the best time to go to Kenya to see wildlife. As water sources dry up, animals gather at the few surviving water holes. Because it hasn’t rained in a while, there isn’t much plant life, so it’s easier to see animals.

Millions of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelle follow a migration route from Tanzania to Kenya every year in search of fresh grass. This is called the “Great Migration,” and it is a beautiful event to see. During this time, though, places like the Masai Mara will be full of people. Even during the busy season, a great way to have a private safari is to go on one of our guided tours to a less well-known game area like the Samburu National area. Kenya is a good place to see wildlife all year round, though this can change from park to park.

When is the best time to travel to Kenya?
The Great Migration of Wildebeest

During Kenya’s dry season, the days are warm and the skies are clear. Both the number of tourists and the prices of places to stay will go up.

Wet Season: November and March to May

In November and December, Kenya has a short wet season after its long dry season. This is not the best time to go to Kenya to see the animals there. Because there is so much water, animals spread out all over the parks, making them harder to find. But during the short wet season, Kenya is lush and green, and you might see migratory birds or animals that have just been born.

The rains in Kenya are usually short afternoon showers, except for the “long rains” that happen from March to May. During the long wet season, though, rivers rise and some roads may become too muddy to drive on. Last year, it rained a lot all over East Africa, which made things hard for even the most skilled driver-guide. One reason you will want to go on a guided tour and keep your local guide close by.

Heavy rains 

But this is also the best time to go to Kenya if you want fewer people, cheaper prices, and the best light for your photos. Kenya changes into a beautiful, colorful place when it rains. Some mammals give birth during the long wet season, which is why you might be able to see newborn animals.

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