Where Is Arabuko Sokoke Forest Located?

Where Is Arabuko Sokoke Forest Located? Arabuko sokoke forest is located within the Northern region of Kenya and it covers a distance of about 100 kilometers from Mombasa to be able to access the park. This national reserve is ranked to be the largest coastal forest covering a total surface area of about 420 square kilometers. Arabuko sokoke forest was officially established as a national park in 1980s with the main purpose of protecting all the wildlife species that are in the country which are also considered among the top tourists attractions that have contributed a lot towards the development of the tourism industry in Kenya. More so, this national park is surrounded by beautiful physical features such as; knee-high grass, thick forests, shrubs and many plant species like; Hymenaea verrucosa and sansibarensis, savannah grasslands among others and all these tend to act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species which make up a population is about 252 and some of these animals include; antelopes, yellow baboons, elephants among others. Arabuko sokoke forest is also famously known as a good birding destination because it harbours around 20% of bird species and around 30% of the butterflies. In addition, for tourists who opt to visit and explore more in Arobuko sokoke forest can have chances to engage in so many activities and see many attractions hence marking their safari as a successful one.

Tourist attractions in Arobuko sokoke forest.

There are so many attractions found within this national park which always lead many tourists to travel from many parts of the world to see and some of these include; the thick forest which covers about 30 kilometers and has around 3 zones which tourists can tour through as they trek and also the best way to visit the different parts is when individuals embark on game drives. There are also good plat forms where tourists capture beautiful views of the whole forest at large and the elevated Nyali, which is also considered as the rewardable viewpoint. More so, in this national reserve there is also the mida creek which is surrounded with mangrove trees and it is also known as a wintering ground for large numbers of migratory birds such as; crab plovers, sand plovers, terek sandpipers, greater flamingo and many others.

Things to do in Arabuko Sokoke national park.

For tourists exploring in Arabuko sokoke national park can always get opportunities to engage in many interesting activities where they enjoy and learn new experiences as they create good memories and some of these include;

  • Wildlife viewing: Arabuko sokoke national park is known to be a good destination to travel to while on your adventurous safari because it is known to be a home to over 252 mammal such as; yellow baboons, buffalos, leopards, elephants, lesser galago elephants, ader’s duikers, small antelopes which usually live in pairs, blue,red and common duikers, unique golden-rumped elephant shrew and primate species like;  vervet monkeys, baboons, bushy tailed mongoose, Sykes monkey among others, 79 amphibians and this game park also has around 60  plant species.
  • Bird watching: Arabuko sokoke national park is also harbours many bird species which make up a total population of about 270 that are always available for tourists more especially for those who happen to be bird lovers to see and some of these birds include; Amani sunbird, sokoke pipit, snake eagle, plain backed sunbird, Fischer’s turaco, golden woodpecker, hawk eagle, east coast akalat, African pitta, spotted ground thrush, sokoke scoops,  scaly babbler, scaly babbler, spotted ground thrush and many others. More so, tourists should note that the best time to go for bird watching is always at dawn around 6:00am when many birds are active and therefore this gives you chances to spot them in large numbers and listen to the beautiful melodies of the birds singing.

    Where Is Arabuko Sokoke Forest Located?
    Arabuko Sokoke forest national reserve
  • Butterfly watching: touring around this national park gives you chances to sight see at many beautiful birds due to the fact that this national park is a home to over 250 butterfly species which include; Baliochilla minima which a family of lycaenidae, mimetic, charaxes blandae which belons to Nymphalidae and Charaxes lasti, mylothris agathina, Danaus chritsipus alcipus, Amauris ochlea and many others.

More so, tourists can also embark onto other activities like; guided nature walks where they are able to walk through different trails as they are being accompanied with park guides who ensure their safety and guide because they are familiar with many parts of the park, game drives, community visits and cultural encounters and many others.

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