Where to Stay in Lamu Town

Where to Stay in Lamu Town : Located close off Kenya’s coast is the island and port town of Lamu. It is roughly 660 kilometres from Nairobi and 150 kilometres from Mombasa. Kenya tours travellers looking for a hint of luxury amidst stunning scenery and a vibrant Kenya cultural safari legacy may find refuge in Lamu. The Swahili tradition’s surviving settlements in East Africa are mostly concentrated around Lamu, which was founded in the twelfth century. Lamu provides the ideal Kenya safari setting for a memorable Kenya tours  with its immaculate beaches, charming historical district, and breathtaking scenery. In order to improve your time in Lamu, we’ve put together a list of the most well-liked kenya safari accommodation facilities, which will treat your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Lamu House

Just 11 rooms make up this little kenya safari hotel, which is 5 minutes from the airport and situated in the centre of Lamu’s ancient town. Remarkably, they have a private plunge pool that is accessible to all residents and a proper swimming pool with a baby pool. Although there isn’t a beach here, they are directly adjacent to the water, with some rooms having unhindered ocean views. For beach enjoyment, you must enjoy kenya safari tours to Manda or Shela. They own Moonrise Restaurant, which is among the best in Lamu’s historic district. With its tiny alleys, people, and donkeys, Lamu House offers you an opportunity to experience Lamu as it truly is. Additionally, it is located on Lamu’s main street, so you can view any cultural events from the comfort of your hotel room. You can spend as much time as you like visiting the old town’s main kenya tours attractions, which are all conveniently close to the hotel. This is the ideal location for you if you’re visiting Lamu to learn about its history and culture. The current bed and breakfast rate for two persons is Ksh. 18,000; however, this price varies based on the season.

Forodhani House

Forodhani House is a property in Lamu that is situated on Shela Beach and has views of the Indian Ocean. This large property features light rooms with white-arched terraces and free WiFi. Forodhani House, furnished in traditional Swahili style, with an open-concept living area and a dining section with a view of the swimming pool. The property has air conditioning, a washing machine, and five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The completely furnished kitchen of the self-catering apartment includes a coffee maker, dishwasher and grilling accessories. There are several restaurants in a 5-kilometer radius.

The surroundings offer a variety of recreational opportunities, such as windsurfing, fishing, and snorkelling. A children’s playground is one of the amenities, and massages are available for an additional fee upon request. The facility provides free parking as well as a free shuttle to and from the airport. Airport Manda is 4 miles distant.

Majlis Resort

The Majlis Resort overlooks Ras Kitau Bay on Manda Island and is situated in Lamu. The airport and Lamu Old Town are roughly ten minutes away. It’s the largest hotel on this list, with 39 rooms. Its four blocks of rooms feature three restaurants, four bars, and three swimming pools. Every block features a ground floor lounge where you can hang out and choose from several seating options. Great rooms with adequate A/C, bidet, and all the amenities you’d expect from a five-star hotel. They also offer every water sport available in Lamu. Due to the small number of hotels along this side, the beach is not particularly crowded, but it is also not particularly vacant. Currently, half board costs Ksh. 39,000 for two people. There are seasons when the rates are higher and seasons when they are lower. Majlis is the ideal hotel if you enjoy elegance and five stars.

Peponi Hotel

Situated in Shela, just ten minutes away from the airport and Lamu Old Town, It’s across Majlis, and getting there by boat will take you around three minutes. Founded in 1967, this hotel is among the most recognisable in Lamu and features 29 rooms. Their rooms are all facing the sea. Even within the same room type, the majority of their rooms have minor differences from one another. For example, certain Superior rooms have a fully functional kitchen, while others do not. Because there are many hotels along this side of the beach, it is a little busy. Shela is a good place to visit if you enjoy exploring because it has a village where you can engage with the inhabitants and check out various eateries and activities. In Lamu, their pub is arguably the most well-liked hangout. Their current rates for bed and breakfast begin at Ksh. 25,000 for two, and they also change based on the season.

The Cabanas Lamu

Situated at the southernmost tip, this hotel is the furthest away from Lamu Old Town. There is one villa and six cabanas at the hotel. The Cabanas are architecturally distinctive, nestled away amid the surrounding flora, and offer stunning ocean views. If you’re searching for seclusion and exclusivity, this hotel is ideal. This beach is vacant and immaculate. You won’t see anyone for roughly ten minutes as you stroll. I adored the customised services they provide. From the first to the last day, only one waiter serves you. Additionally, you get to decide where and when to eat. Their location limits the packages they can provide to full-board. Airport boat transfers are your responsibility if you stay for fewer than three nights. Their nightly costs range from $200 to $395 during certain seasons.

Jua House

Jua House offers accommodations with a seating area and is 500 metres from Shela Beach and 500 metres from Manda Beach in Lamu. There is free WiFi available all across the property. Each accommodation has a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, complimentary toiletries, a hair dryer and other amenities. A vegetarian breakfast is served to bed and breakfast guests. There is a sun deck at Jua House. The accommodations are 200 metres from Mnarani House.

Kizingoni Villas

Although the houses are a more recent addition to the Lamu beach, they provide a fantastic substitute for Lamu and Shela’s private residences. Every property has been constructed to an exceptionally high quality, and if you are not feeling like cooking, you may enjoy the convenience of having staff pick up food from Lamu. The only negative aspect we can think of is that, although having a plot close to the point, it is not as well-located as the neighbouring Kizingo.

Where to Stay in Lamu Town
Kizingoni Villas

The Kijani Hotel

The Kijani Hotel is an excellent place to stay; accommodations are beautiful and start from $230. It features a restaurant, a bar, snorkelling, room service, outdoor swimming pool and an excellent 8.80 out of 10 review from numerous past visitors. Off Corniche Path, Shela Village is where you may find it. This cosy hotel is especially wonderful because it provides complimentary breakfast, parking, child care, laundry facilities, and breakfast, all of which guests will appreciate. It’s only two km away from the city centre as well. This pool was lovely, enjoyable, and relaxing.

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