Which are safest safari destinations in East Africa

Which are safest safari destinations in East Africa

Which are safest safari destinations in East Africa : It makes sense that someone would be concerned about security and safety. But don’t worry, if you’re considering on an African safari, the nations in East Africa offer chances for an enjoyable, thrilling, and secure adventure. Even when travelling within one’s own country, there is always a minor element of risk. When visiting new safari destinations, one should constantly exercise caution and use common sense. Contrary to popular belief, Africa, and particularly East Africa, is far safer than most people realize.

Kenya and Tanzania are arguably the safest safari destinations in East Africa because of their well-developed infrastructure, anti-poaching programmes, and lengthy traditions of friendliness and safari exploration.

Which are safest safari destinations in East Africa


Kenya is one of the safest countries on the continent and has long been known as the birthplace of the safari experience. These are isolated incidents, despite the fact that there is political tension. Kenya’s world-class highways and rail network transport more than a million tourists annually to its wildlife parks and reserves.

For a top-tier metropolis, Nairobi’s capital is thought to be rather safe. Additionally, all you need to do to protect yourself from the elements and wildlife in the parks is to follow your guide. There’s an extra layer of security because English is widely spoken, which facilitates communication.

All the Kenyan safari destinations the national parks and national reserves have got the constant security which offers the magnificent safari activities to the tourists without any worry.

Which are safest safari destinations in East Africa
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Tanzania is regarded as a safari lover’s paradise with its vivacious network of wildlife reserves. Don’t miss the vast Serengeti national park, home to lions in large numbers and millions of wildebeests. Mount Kilimanjaro and the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater, a self-contained animal kingdom, are located in Tanzania.

When visiting Tanzania’s Arusha Town or Dar es Salaam, one should exercise common sense caution, as is the case with large towns worldwide. Every city has both safe and dangerous areas. Both in the cities and in the parks, your tour operator can serve as your guide.


Despite hostilities that occurred 25–30 years ago, Rwanda is among the safest nations in Africa during a safari. Its people have reformed their society to be more harmonious and united as a result of their past struggles.

The Rwandan people are proud of these transformative changes and you’ll see this pride in the delight they take in showing off their country. The countryside is a rich green carpet of verdant mountain scenery, and Kigali, the capital, is a modern, secure city.

The greatest safety tip is probably to go with a reliable tour operator. Choose a reputable safari provider by doing some research. Check the reviews left by past safari visitors on websites like Trip Advisor. Your safety and security are our top priority at Focus East Africa Tours.

Amazing landscapes, an exciting world of animal adventure, and plenty of chances to interact culturally with a diverse range of people can all be found in Kenya and Tanzania.

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