Amboseli National Park Hotels

Amboseli National Park Hotels are the different lodges and hotels that travellers can stay at when they are on their Kenya Safari Packages. Amboseli National park is one of the premium national parks in Kenya alongside Lake Nakuru national park, Masai Mara game reserve and Naivasha national park. Nicknamed as “the home of African Elephants”. Its located in the Southern part of Nairobi bordering Kenya and Tanzania. The park is more famous with its large herds of Elephants and clear views of the African highest mountain that is Mt Kilimanjaro. The famous of the park is majorly contributed by the well-organised furniture and good service delivery by the Amboseli national park hotels. Many travellers when planning for their African safari trips ask more questions like: how easy to access the accommodation facilities in a park, hoe good are they and their service delivery.

In Amboseli national park hotels we assure the guests on total satisfaction with great service delivery, customer care, facilities and many more amenities depending on the level of accommodation chosen. The park hotels are categorised into three: the high end (luxury) lodges which are from 4 star and above, mid-range hotels which are from 3 star and budget hotels which are from one star. To ensure that we select the best Amboseli national park hotels for our guests, we have visited many of them and selected the best in all the three categories where we normally take our guests during their safari with us. We have made contract agreements with some of the Amboseli national park hotels which have helped us bargain for lower prices on behalf of our dear guests. The partnership agreement also has got the terms and conditions as far as service delivery is concerned and this helps as monitor their services to our guests.

Thanks to the Kenyan Government through Kenya Wildlife Services who have worked hard in the categorization of the Amboseli national park hotels. The hotel rating system was first used in city hotels before it was adjusted to cover all the protected areas in the country. This was to create and address the particular needs of the modern travellers. They were checking on the well equipment of the hotels checking several areas of operation like skilled staffs, service delivery, facilities and many more. 

The wide range of lodges at the park has created competitive grounds for the hotels across the park hence improved on service delivery, high discount rates and others.this has helped to improve on the number of trourists at Amboseli national park since the Amboseli safari packages are budget friendly. Its much easy to get an affordable option of accommodation for the guests at the park. Most of Amboseli national park hotels are located inside the national park that makes travellers to enjoy the game viewing at the comfort zone of their hotels. The Amboseli national park hotels also offer pick up services of the guests from the airstrip upon arrangement from local tour operator or traveller him or herself. These are some of the extra activities that are prearranged when planning for flight safaris to the park. 

Amboseli park hotels are constructed in high standards that meet the current international markets of the travellers. The hotels are inform of permanent lodges, cottages, permanent tents, safari tents and mobile tents. All these come with single-room occupancy, double room occupancy, triple room occupancy and family cottages or tents or rooms. The single room accommodates one person, double for a couple with one king-size bed and triple for 3 or 4 persons with two bedrooms. For the family tent or Cottage it occupies from four to 8 people depending on the size of the tent or cottage. Most of these rooms are self-contained with clean bathrooms, flushing toilets, both hot and cold showers. The luxury accommodations have got extra amenities like swimming pool, gym, sauna and others that guests can access freely during their stay at the hotel.

The three categories of Amboseli national park hotels:

Budget Amboseli national park hotels

These are the one and below star hotels that provide basic accommodation to the travellers. Most of these hotels are found outside the park and they are operated by the locals around the park. Some of the Budget hotels are also found inside the park but they are most informed of tented camps and they are located in public camping areas. They have small size rooms though they are available in single, double and triple occupancy. Some have self-contained rooms with clean bathrooms and showers inside while a majority have shared bathrooms. These are good for budget guests like students and others who wish to explore the best of Amboseli in a budget costs. These may not truly change much of your experience if you have got reputable tour operator to organise for you your Amboseli safari trip. The good budget Accommodation always get booked up very first due to high demand. Example of the budget hotels in Amboseli includes Amboseli Eco Camp, WE4kenya Guesthouse and campsite, Sentrim Amboseli, Kimana Amboseli, Maasai Simba Camp and many more.

Mid-range Amboseli national park hotels

This is what is mostly recommended for the guests or travellers who wish to have comfortable exciting safari with high value for their money. The Mid-range hotels are fair in pricing but provide excellent services closed to the luxury accommodation. The park has got many options of the mid-range accommodations. These accommodations are located inside the park and have got good spacious rooms with high respect for traveller’s privacy. All rooms are self-contained with clean hot and cold showers some of them are powered by Electricity with stand by generators or solar system in case of any power short. Their rooms are large enough to accommodate couples and any number of guests in a room. Some of them are in lodges while others are impermanent safari tents. Example of mid-range hotels in Amboseli includes AA Lodges Amboseli, Ambokili Lodges, Kibo Safari Camp, Penuel plaza Hotel and others.

Luxury Amboseli national park hotels

The high-end accommodations also known as luxury lodges are the modern well-equipped lodges that are build using local materials but fitting the western world standards. The lodges are located strategically in easily game viewing areas. Some of them are located in the animal migratory corridors gives guests extra wildlife experience compared to other types of accommodation. There are also many Amboseli national park hotels with these options. This is great for supper comfort services after long dame game drives at the park you come and chill in the luxury zone in your room or in the side of the swimming pool. Their rooms are super large with mini bars inside, Television sets, free wifi, laundry services and many more. Example of these lodges are Amboseli Serena safari Lodge, Ol Tukai Lodge, Satao Elerai Camp. Tortils Camp and many more.

Amboseli national park hotels are classic and they give you comfort after your long day safari at the park. We are here to guide and select for you the best Amboseli national park hotels that can suit your budget and proposed dream safari plans.