Activities to do in Amboseli National Park

Activities to do in Amboseli National Park

Activities to do in Amboseli National Park 

Activities to do in Amboseli National Park: Amboseli national park is one of the best stopping African safari destination to experience the unbeatable safari activities in a lifetime. The park is known for its wide range of mammal species with a high population of elephants in the world. However, Amboseli national park stands has a true wildlife destination on African continent located in Kajiando district of Kenya province and it borders Tanzania to the south. The word Amboseli comes from ‘’Maasai’’ which means open plains and the park is under the management of Kenya Wildlife service. The park is surrounded with local people know as nomadic Maasai and it covers a total land of about 392 square kilometres. To note Amboseli national park has been a reserve since 1948 and later in 1974 was gazetted as a national park and in 1991 become a UNESCO site. Visit Amboseli the best destination for photo shooting the majestic beauty of land scape which is dominated by Mount Kilimanjaro and its famous big game experience.

Below are the activities done in Amboseli national park as follows;

Game drive viewing

Amboseli national park is a home of wild animals and most boost with high population of elephants which are inhabitant of open plains, acacia woodland, rocky thorn bush, marsh land. Game drive viewing are conducted all day long but the best time to see wild animals is early in the morning which starts at 6:30am till 11:30am and evening begins at 2pm till 6:30pm.During day time you can be able to see the high concentration of animals on water banks quenching  their thirsty ,animals to see include ;spotted hynes which can be seen early in the morning going back for its hide outs ,bush baby and serval cat can be easily seen on night game drive ,waterbucks ,buffalos ,baboons ,aardwolf ,leopards ,jackals ,lions ,fringed eared ,Thomson’s ,Grants gazelles ,Hippopotamus ,zebras ,elephants among other. Visit Amboseli national park on game drive viewing and have a classic view of African elephant walking across the open plains beside a solitary acacia trees.


game drive in amboseli

Guided Nature walk

The park is naturally rewarded with stunning vegetation, swamps, mammal species which can be encountered on your nature walk experience. Guided nature walk in Amboseli national park can be conducted around the park and on the observation hills. guided nature walk is the best way of adventuring the hidden treasures of the park since it is done on foot and also get a chance to have closer viewing of wild animals such as herds of elephants, zebras, giraffes, impalas, buffaloes among others as you listen to sweet melodies of birds singing as well as having a rewardable sightseeing with back drop of snowcapped Kilimanjaro and leave with wondrous experience once in life time.

Bird watching

Amboseli national park is an ideal place for birding since it is a home of over 400 bird species and they can be spotted along swamp areas, grasslands, acacia woodland such bird species to be encountered in here include; Greater flamingo, Lesser flamingo, Long toed lap claw, Rufous chatterer, Spike-heeled heron, Tavete golden weaver, vonder Dicken’s horn bills, Dickinson’s kestrel, Common redshank, African swamp hen, pangani long claw, Hartlaub’s bustard among others. The best time to do birding in Amboseli national park starts from May to June and October to December. You need to carry your binoculars to have clear sightseeing of bird species on far distances.

amboseli birds

Cultural Tours

The park is surrounded with local community ‘’Maasai people’’ on your visit to Amboseli national park you can visit this local people in the afternoon time. And get to learn about their unique way of life such as their thrilling traditional dances as they jump up and down you can join them and leave with quite remarkable experience once in life time, unique clothing, you can as well as participate in the re-afforestation by planting seeds with them.

Hot air balloon safari

This is rewarding activity conducted very early in the early as you can be able to fly the skies of Amboseli national park and have a great rewardable aerial viewing of herds of elephants, buffaloes, the plains, birds of the air and many more.

Traditional dances

To your safari to Amboseli national park, you get to enjoy the night skies outside your lodge on camp fire as you can be entertained with amazing traditional dances of Maasai people as well as enjoying your drinks in the middle of the wilderness.

On your visit to Amboseli national park, travelers can have a great rewarding of snowcapped of Kilimanjaro as well as great sights of the crater that bring stunning buzz of recognition one gets when face to face which is one of the world’s splendid land mark that occurs from the statue of liberty to victory falls.

Best time to visit Amboseli national 

Amboseli national park can be visited all year around but most especially during dry seasons which starts from June to October and December to February when roads are in good condition and is the best time for game drive viewing. Then birding is best done in wet season when the migratory birds are on arrival in the park which starts from April to June and November to December.

Activities to do in Amboseli National Park
Activities to do in Amboseli National Park

Where to stay 

On your safari to Amboseli national park, you can sleep in amazing comfortable accommodation lodges ranging between mid-range to Luxury such as Amboseli sopa lodge, Amboseli Kimana lodge, Kibo villa, Tortilis Camp, Kilima Safari Camp, Amboseli Oltukkai Lodge, Amboseli Serena, Kilima Safari Camp, Tawi lodge among others.

Getting there

  • By Road: Amboseli national park can be easily accessed from Nairobi the main city of Kenya using Namanga road in order to pass via Meshanini gate which takes 240 kilometers and in driving hours take 4hours. Then from Nairobi to Emali tarmac using Mombasa road it covers a distance of 228 kilometers by drive in 3hours.
  • By Air transport: Domestic flights that fly to Amboseli national park are known as the charter flights or scheduled flights which originates from Nairobi Wilson Airport and Moi Airport Mombasa which flies you to one of Amboseli airstrip that lasts only 30minutes to land. For more information, your bookings, accommodation, transport, tour packages you can please contact us Focus East Tour Company a trust worthy company.

Get into Kenya safari destination and discover the true wilderness of amboseli national park and leave with quite unforgettable experience in life time.

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