Amboseli National Park Camping

Amboseli National Park Camping

Amboseli National Park Camping

Amboseli national park camping is one of the unique safari package that gives you the best and true African wilderness experience. Most travellers use to misquote that camping safaris are for budget guests but its not true we have executive safari tents some permanent while others are mobile. There are also basic tents for budget guests or students. The tents are pitched in the middle of the wilderness and you feel the voice and calls of nature while on your tent. Camping safaris are the best nature friendly trips that doesnot affect nature very much. Come feel the king of the jungle when it roars at night near your tent or the Elephants stamp their feet near your tent. You have the game viewing experience at the comfort of your balcony at the tent. This is one of the advantages of Amboseli national park camping. The other they are budget friendly hence making you enjoy luxury safari experience at the most affordable rates.

Amboseli national park has designated public camping areas that the travellers can even use their own tents and sleeping bags. All the public camping areas are guarded by the game rangers who are armed and well trained on how to handle wildlife.

We do organise group and individual Amboseli national park camping safaris that depart daily from Nairobi. We have our own tents however we do accept the guests to bring their own tents if they have. We move with our chef during this safari who prepares meals for the travellers. Incase you wish to prepare your own food we also allow with great ample space for you to do that. The public camping areas are mostly used by backpackers, trackers and students. They have all clean toilet and bathroom facilities which are public. The public camping sites are all managed by Kenya Wildlife Services. They are located in different areas of the park though the most common is the one near the park headquarters. This camping site has a capacity of 60 pax at a time. 

Amboseli national park camping is associated with born fire in the evenings. You will enjoy the cold drink under the diamond sky. Clear skies with shining stars makes you enjoy the wilderness as the locals entertain you. Its only in camping safaris that you enjoy such a luxury wildlife experience. Amboseli national park camping are in different locations as well as different sizes. This variations of the camps gives you a variation in the prices. 

Donot think Amboseli national park camping is only basic (budget), it has also luxury and mid-range tents. There are several tented camps around the park like Amboseli Tortils Camps, Amboseli Porini camp, Amboseli Kibo safari camp and many more. They are permanent luxury tents that have modern facilities like swimming pools, bar, luxury tented rooms, clean private bathrooms and showers that have both cold and hot water. These camps have modern tents that are built with nature friendly local materials. Most of this camps are located in animal movement zones. Some tents are mobile tents that follow the changes of Amboseli national park climate. There are some areas that are not easily accessed during the rainy season hence the camps in that areas are closed or shifted to some are for only few months of the rainy season. 

Are you worried the budget for the safari to Amboseli, our team has developed more safari options that can fit any class of a traveller. Donot kill your travelling dream because of the money contact us we we advise you accordingly. 

Stop worrying on the kind of accommodations in Amboseli national park, we donot only have camps but also other modern built permanent lodges at the park. You fear to spend a night at the tent, we can offer you permanently built lodge at the park for your comfort. We have a wide range of safari packages offer that fits all travellers of different categories. Our luxury safaris are accompanied by luxury accommodations built to suit the modern life. These gives guests to select which package they like when exploring the best of Amboseli national park.

Our camping safaris gives you opportunity to enjoy the great wildlife experience through doing different activities of Amboseli national park. Private camping is best for travellers who donot prefer being in crowded areas. You can set your tent in the middle of the wilderness with the guard of the the park game ranger at night and day. However due to the increasing number of travellers who wish to do Amboseli national park camping. We encourage our travellers to book this in advance to avoid inconveniences caused by fully booked issues.

If planning to do self Amboseli national park camping, there are some camping fees that the Kenya Wildlife Services charge per night. These fees are different from the park entry fees, they are conservation fees. Please for details of the camping fees refer to our Amboseli national park entry fees page in the blogs and you get details. You can pay the fees in Kenya shillings or in US Dollars.

Amboseli National Park Camping
Amboseli Camping

Best time to do Amboseli camping

Its important to know the Climate of Amboseli before you book for your camping safaris to this park. This will guide you much to know the best time to do camping at the park. With our experience, Amboseli national park camping is best done during the long dry season that starts from June to October then later from December to February. Its not good to do camping safaris during the rainy season due to the heavy rains found at the park. The rains sometimes are accompanied by the heavy winds which can easily blow off the tent if not well set. Always follow the guidelines of the driver guide or ranger when doing Amboseli national park camping. They guide on the safety measures with the rules and regulations that must be followed when doing camping in the park.

Enjoy the best of your African safari with Amboseli national park camping. You will not only save money but enjoy luxury wildlife experience.

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