South Kitui National reserve

South Kitui National reserve is located to the North of Tsavo National Park. South Kitui national reserve is an area of the thickets, grasslands, acacia savannah. The reserve is well known for multiple species of notable animals that relocate between the Tsavo National Park and the South Kitui National reserve, these include the lion, leopard, elephant, giraffe, lesser kudu, and most of these primates make the place worth preservation to protect the primates from getting into extinction.  South Kitui National reserve was first established in 1979 and forms one of Kenya’s reserves located in the southern part of Eastern province, it covers an area of 1,833 square kilometers and on the altitude of 1,829 to 3,994 meters above the sea level.

South Kitui is located in a dry region of Kenya and the climate is therefore between hot and cool in different parts of the year, the reserve is characterized by acacia woodlands, bush grasslands with the ivory palm, baobab and saltbush.

Attractions in South Kitui National Reserve.


South Kitui National Reserve has a variety of animal species that are located within the reserve such as the lions, leopards, black rhino, zebra, waterbuck, dik-dik, gazelle, gerenuk, and gemsbok and among many others. Tourists to South Kitui National Reserve will not regret their visit by having to stop by and explore the wonderful flora and fauna present in the reserve. There is also birding, the bird species there are natural that there would be much of it when one gets there and at time runs out so fast with so much to enjoy and have fun.

South Kitui National reserve
wildlife in South Kitui National reserve


Baobab in the South Kitui national reserve provides spectacular sites which no one visiting Kenya would wish to just let be and not get on the move and have as much fun and possible and that is the South Kitui National Reserve.

Activities done at South Kitui National reserve.

Game viewing.

 South Kitui national reserve offers the best game viewing to the guests in that the reserve is far away from the noise of the cities like Nairobi and Mombasa, the tourists can enjoy the nature fauna in the reserve like the lions, elephant, zebra, generuk, and black rhino and among others in the reserve.


Tourists who come to visit the South Kitui National Reserve do carry out hiking around the reserve, this tends to be enjoyable to them as they can be able to view various wildlife in the reserve.


Biking activity is also done in around the reserve by the tourists, the tourists can be able to reach in different areas of the reserve as they can be able to explore elephants, lions and other related mammals as well as some bird species in the reserve.

South Kitui National reserve
Biking in south kitui national reserve

Where to stay in South Kitui National reserve.

South Kitui National Reserve offers accommodation facilities from Budget, Mid-range and Luxury accommodations that includes Ashnil Aruba Lodge, Sagala Lodge,  Voi Safari lodge, Lion Hill Lodge, Impala Safari Lodge, Satao camp, Village Shasha camp these can be having comfortable beddings that gives the guests the impressing and loving environment in the reserve.

Best time to visit South Kitui National Reserve.

South Kitui National reserve since it is a dry reserve, it can be visited throughout the year for various activities like game viewing, hiking, biking and among others.

How to get to South Kitui National Reserve.

South Kitui National Reserve can be reachable through the road or air means from Nairobi to the reserve.

By Road means.

You can either access the reserve from either east or the west of the reserve. South Kitui National reserve is accessible from the Arawale reserve which is located at the banks of River Tana and which runs through the west of South Kitui through Mutiboko and Kakya villages. In this case a 4WD will do in penetrating through the rough terrain. The road distance is 122.4 km

By Flight means.

The distance between Nairobi and South Kitui National reserve is 192 km, the quickest flight from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Nanyuki Airport is the direct flight which takes 35 minutes inside the reserve.

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