Amboseli National Park gates

Amboseli National Park gates

Amboseli National Park gates

Amboseli National Park gates: Amboseli national park “the Home of the African Elephant” is crowned by the world’s highest free standing mountain that is Mount Kilimanjaro. Amboseli is among the most popular national parks not only Kenya but entire East African region. Its name came from the native Maasai word that means “salty dust”. This is the best place in the African continent to view the largest herds of Elephants with over 1500 Elephants found at the park.  The park hosts four members of African big 5 only missing Rhinos which were once present but due to poaching they got extinct. The park is made up of different five habitats that range from the dried-up bed of the Lake Amboseli, Woodlands, open savannahs, Wetlands that are characterized by the sulphur springs and the scrubs. Amboseli national park is one of the closest protected areas from the capital Nairobi. The Amboseli national park gates are distributed to the key main highways that lead to the park. These are the entry and exit points the travellers use to access the park and explore their wildlife dreams. Amboseli is located in the Southeastern part of Kenya in the border of Kenya and Tanzania. The park boasts of being surrounded by the six private ranches where walking safaris are done despite the fact that walking safaris are not allowed inside Amboseli national park.

Amboseli national park gates are four in total which includes Meshanana gate, Iremito gate, Kimana gate and Kitirua gate. All these gates can be accessed by both road and flights. By road the gates can be accessed through two main highways those are: Nairobi-Arusha highway via Namanga and the other one is through Nairobi to Mombasa road (A109) via Email. If using the flight the park has only one functioning airstrip that is Amboseli airport. 

Below is details of the four Amboseli national park gates:

Kitirua Gate

This is one of the entrance and exit gates of Amboseli national park. Kitirua gate is located on the South Western part of the park. Its remotely located in the semi-arid area with the clear views of Mt Kilimanjaro at close distance. It lies next to the famous Kitirua hill that is found at the border of the park in the South western part. At this park one can make cashless payments of the Park entry fees, clear for entrance and exit of the park and access the park rangers incase you need any information about the park. You can also hire a ranger for your game drives at the park in this gate. You access the gate through Nairobi Namanga road. Its also mostly used by guests who come from Tanzania.

Iremito gate

Iremito gate is one of the five Amboseli national park gates which travellers can use to enter or exit the park. This gate is located in the Eastern part of Amboseli national park just at the border. It hosts the park authorities offices (Kenya wildlife services offices) The gate is well developed with more tourist facilities found at the park gates. Some of the facilities include the clean flashing public toilets, information centre, ranger posts and others. There are also nearby lodges at the gate for the guests to enjoy their meals as well as chilling nights in the bush. In this gate, cashless payment system is installed where guests can pay their park entry fees using credit card. All credit cards are accepted at the gate but not cash. Iremito gate is 5 hours drive away from the capital Nairobi using the Nairobi-Mombasa road via Emali road. The gate can only be accessed by road with no airstrip found near the gate.

Kimana Gate

Kimana gate is one of the busiest Amboseli national park gates that receives more visitors compared to any other gates of the park. Located on the South-Eastern side of the park, its easily accessed by road. It is built close to the Amboseli national park headquarters. This is one of the oldest gates at the park which is fully developed with almost all the tourist facilities. Being located near the park headquarters, the road is very good.  The gate is just 5 minutes’ drive from the headquarters of the Kenya Wildlife Services offices. They have cashless payment system where guests can clear their park dues, extend their park stay and access and needful support directly from the park management.

The Meshanana gate which is one of the five Amboseli national park gates. Its both entry and exit points that can be used by guests. Clearing of the travellers before entering or exiting the park is done hear. They have cashless payment system where traveller can pay using credit card. Other facilities at the park include the clean public toilets, refreshing centre, information centre, ranger post, parking, park authority offices and others. Meshanana gate is located in the North Western border of the Amboseli national park. It’s the closest gate from Namanga border when driving through Nairobi-Arusha road. Its very closed to the Lake Amboseli which is a key drainer of the park.

Amboseli National Park gates
Meshanana gate

In conclusion, all the park gates are open from 6am in the morning and closed at 7 pm in the evening. No entry or exit of the park past the time. All travellers are advised to observe the park rules and regulations while enjoying their wildlife experience. Let no excitement make you break the park rules and regulations while at the park. Your most welcome to Amboseli national park the land of African Elephants.

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