Amboseli National Park Fees

Amboseli National Park Fees

Amboseli National Park Fees

Amboseli National Park fees are collected by the Kenya Wildlife Services who directly manage the daily operation of the park. The park is one of the premium national parks found in Kenya which is popular and commonly visited. It receives more travellers per year making it be second most visited after Masai Mara national reserve. All Amboseli national park fees can be pre-paid at the bank using the Park account under the direct supervision of Kenya Wildlife Services. After making payments at the bank, you will go with the receipt or only the token number which you will present at the park gate for verification then you will be issued with the park receipt. Another alternative is paying directly at the park gates, this is only possible if you have a credit card. Cash is not allowed from any park gate across Kenya (Amboseli national park). The surcharge of clearing the credit card is added when making payments by credit card at the park gates. 

The Amboseli national park fees last or it is valid for only 24 hours and they are paid per person, not a team or group. After making payments of the Amboseli national park fees, you will have access to all the park activities that are run by Kenya Wildlife Services. If you want to do any private activity at the park like Balloon safari then you will pay an extra fee to the tour operator according to their charges. If you want to arrange private game ranger to be your guide of the day then you will pay extra fees for his or her services.

The Amboseli national park fees are categorised in two the adult fees and the children or student fees. All adults pay the same amount. The adults are defined as person of 16 years and above and children are persons from 5 years to 15 years of age. While students are the learning persons who are in institutions and they have come purposely for learning or school trip. You must possess valid school or institution identity card. The other categories of persons are Foreigners and residents, this also have different definitions and pay different amount of Amboseli national park fees.


These are the first category of travellers which is more popular and dominates the tourism industry not only in Amboseli but entire Africa. They are travellers from overseas that come to Kenya or Africa for the purpose of leisure only. They take a period of less than two months and they return back to their home country.

Foreign residents 

These are the foreigners or tourists who possess the Kenyan residential status and they want to explore the beauty of Amboseli national park. They are given special rates simply because they are all ready contributing to the revenue of the country in one way or another. It is also a way of encouraging foreigners who have acquired the country citizenship to move at=round the country to experience the beauty of the country.

East Africans or Residents 

These are tourists that are residents or citizens of Kenya and entire East African Community member countries. All the member countries enjoy the same privileges as the Kenyan residents and they pay the same rates.  

Amboseli National Park Fees
Amboseli National Park Fees

All the foreigners pay money in dollars while the East Africans and Kenyan residents pay money in Kenyan shillings.  There are also another kind of Amboseli national park that are a must pay if you have to enter the park like: Vehicle fees, aircraft fees, trucks and delivery van fees, animal passes, special services and activities, camping fees and others. For more information on Amboseli national park fees, please check out the Kenya Wildlife Services tariff plan for 2020.

Below is a breakdown of Amboseli national park fees


  • Adults                     60$
  • Children                 35$
  • Students                  35$


  • Adults                      1,030ksh
  • Children                   515ksh


  • Adults                        860ksh    
  • Children                    215ksh

Other Tsavo national park fees charges (KSH)

Vehicles charge per Vehicle per day

  • Vehicles from 5 seaters and below   300Ksh 
  • Vehicles from 6 to 12 seats              1,030Ksh
  • Vehicles from 13 to 24 seats             2,535Ksh
  • Vehicles from 25 to 44 seats              4,050Ksh 
  • Vehicles from 44 seats and above     5000Ksh

Aircraft per single landing (KSHs)

  • Aircrafts less than 3 seats              300ksh
  • 3 to 6 seats                                        500ksh
  • 7 to 14 seats                                       1000ksh
  • 15 to 20 seats                                    2,155ksh
  • 21 and above seats                           3,015ksh


  • 1 to 3 Tonnes                                        515ksh
  • 4 to 7 tonnes                                        2,155ksh
  • Above 7 tonnes                                    3,015ksh


  • Adults                                                       43,100ksh
  • Child                                                         10,340ksh
  • Corporates                                               103,440ksh
  • Tour drivers                                             6,000ksh
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