Getting To Amboseli National Park

Getting To Amboseli National Park

Getting To Amboseli National Park

Getting To Amboseli National Park: Amboseli park Kenya attracts number of visitors from all of over the world and it can be easily accessed by air or road. Though most visitors travel in organized group, some individually who can visit the park without any fear. Most of travelers who visit the park are international visitors who arrive in Kenya at either Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Kilimanjaro Airport or Wilson Airport where they can be picked up from by tour operator or private vehicles and driven to the park. You can still reach the park by driving from other parks if you’re doing a road trip around the Kenya country. The distance from Tsavo West or Tsavo East covers about 8hours. There are also daily scheduled flights from Nairobi –Kilimanjaro Airport, Wilson Airport to Amboseli airstrip which can be booked by help of tour operator.

The park is best known for its huge number of elephants and getting close to free wide range of wildlife species and bird species. It also gives a classic photography of elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, buffalos, cheetahs, hippos many more as well as having impressive viewing of Mount Kilimanjaro. Amboseli park is located in southeast of Nairobi city and it was established as a national park in 1974 to protect wide range of wild animals. The park covers about 392 square kilometers of its low land bordered by Kenya –Tanzania border.

However, Road transport is the best way of enjoying Kenya countryside and also having a spectacular viewing of snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro, great closer viewing of animals on your safari vehicle as compared to Air transport. Both types of transport means are determined on traveler’s budget, comfort and the time.

Requirement needed

Travelers are always advised to first send in their personnel document to verify their nationality and for easy reservation booking. You need to send in your scanned passport and Visas.

By Road transport

There are two ways of accessing to Amboseli national park by drive which can take about 3hours to reach there.

From Nairobi to get to Meshanani gate while using Namanga road can discover a distance of 240kilometers and in time 3hour drive.

Getting to Remito gate while using Mombasa Road takes 228 kilometers and in time about 2:30hour

Road transport is extremely beautiful and smooth if you go through a small town of Emali while using Mombasa road.

While using road transport, travelers are recommended to always use 4×4 WD vehicle for your smoother journey.

Using Domestic flight

Despite the fact that, all Kenya’s safari destinations can be accessed by domestic flight.

Travelers can choose to fly to Amboseli national park from Wilson Airport or Kilimanjaro Airport while using charter flights and scheduled flight which can be booked   by the help of recognized tour operator who can do all the arrangements for pick up from Jomo Kenyatta Airport where most of our clients lands up from to enter Kenya or Wilson Airport to fly you to Amboseli Airstrip. The Airports are located in different direction but few kilometers away from Nairobi capital city. Flying to Amboseli national park with domestic flight is quite possible.

Getting To Amboseli National Park
Getting To Amboseli National Park

There are several domestic carriers such as Air Kenya, Safari link, Mombasa Air Safari and many more. They offer comfortable sitting configuration with limited numbery of people and applicable for daily flights to all protected Kenya national park.

In general, Amboseli park Kenya can be reached either by Air or Road transport depending on visitor’s travelling decision. And please note that, you acquired to send in your scanned personnel documents like Visa and passports to verify your identity before your time of arrival in order a tour operator to organize your booking arrangement on time as well as accessing the park activities on time.

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