Amboseli National Park Activities 2021

Amboseli National Park Activities 2021

Amboseli National Park Activities 2021

Amboseli National Park Activities 2021: Amboseli National Park famously known for its large herds of elephants is a National Park in southern Kenya with a bio-diverse nature of plains and swamps and some hilly landscapes that harbour several animal species. The park borders Tanzania and gives its visitors scenic views of the highest mountain in Africa Mt.Kilimanjaro. 

Amboseli National Park is habitat for unique flora and Fauna plus several bird species; the animals in Amboseli National Park include elephants, leopards, zebras, cheetahs, wildebeests, lions, buffaloes, antelopes, impalas and many more. The birds include falcons, African jacana, Kingfisher, Marabou stork African fish Eagle, Grey crowned crane, the Kori bustard, the vulnerable Lesser Kestrel, Flamingos and many more. 

Since the reopening of the Park in August 2020 after the long closure due to the COVID19 pandemic, the park has welcomed guests to take part in several activities that has reopened too. Some of these activities were already in the park even before closure but some are new, so in this article we detail the tourist activities that are in Amboseli National Park currently and will be available all through 2021. Amboseli National Park activities include:- 

Game Viewing

Because Amboseli National Park is a wildlife hub, the major activity done in the park is game viewing where guests to the park explore the park in tour vans, trucks, buses etc to view the numerous animals that live in the park especially the large Elephants. On the game viewing activities guests to the park also experience the park’s unique landscape, vegetation, birdlife, views on top of viewing the different animals in the park. 

Bird Watching 

Amboseli National Park is home to over a 1000 birds divided in about 100 species; for bird lovers and enthusiasts taking park drives and walks to observe and explore the different birds is an experience. On bird watching experiences you also get to appreciate the park’s unique natural beauty and vegetation. 

Top Sight viewpoints

Amboseli National Park has a number of top sight viewpoints that provide clear and unmatched views of the park’s flora and fauna. Most park visitors are delighted to take viewing escapades on these sight viewpoints to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the this aming park and its creatures. The Top sight viewpoints in Amboseli National Park are Noomotio observation point, Enameshera mountain peak and Kitirua camp site; each sight has its own pros and cons but they all offer amazing views. 

Community Encounters 

Community Encounters are activities where you interact with the local people that stay around the park to appreciate and explore their cultures, lifestyles, history and traditions. The people that stay around Amboseli National Park dominantly belong to the Maasai tribe and these people are spread across surrounding parts of Kenya and Tanzania. Community are normally done as top up on game viewing activities. 

Filming and photography Sites

Amboseli National Park is one of the top destinations for wildlife researchers doing different films and documentaries. The park being home to the big five animals of the wild and other animals its attracts most wildlife researchers from the globe, it also has beautiful sceneries for photography and filming that lots of filmmakers and commercial photographers flock the park for filming and Photography sites.

Mount Kilimanjaro sighting

Because Amboseli National Park borders Tanzania, you can see almost 3 quarters of the highest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. Visitors to this part get opportunities to view the beauty of the mountain and all its various features. Mount Kilimanjaro sighting can be done any time of the day and any time you take on the viewing experience you get to appreciate this high mountain in a new way.

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