Amboseli National Park activities

Amboseli National Park activities

Amboseli National Park activities

Amboseli national park activities are the key ways travellers explore the best of the Amboseli national park. Amboseli national park is one of the premium and most visited national park in Kenya. The park is endowed with a good number of attractions that makes it unique on its own and accelerating more activities that are done at the park. The Amboseli national park safaris are never disappointing especially when a rightful local tour operator is used with experienced driver guides. 

Are you planning for a dream life time safari in Kenya, Amboseli is one of those destinations which are recommended as a must visit if you want to get the richest wildlife experience. Below are the Amboseli national park activities:

Hot air Balloon safaris

One of the key Amboseli national park activities is the great hot air balloon safaris. Amboseli national park is among the few national parks in Kenya where Hot Air balloon rides are offered. The hot air balloon is one of the best ways to explore the best plains of the park. Encountering nature while floating on air is the unique options. You will have an eagle eye on this national park, encountering the action live when your close. The advantage of the hot air balloon is that you can go as close as possible to the bust with no restriction of off tracking. The Amboseli national park hot air balloon always start early in the morning at around 5am when the balloon driver guide comes and picks you up from your lodge. The briefing is done by the pilot on the starting point before you board the balloon. There are a maximum number of people who are always recommended hence making it a mandatory for early booking if you are interested. The ballon safaris always last for two hours depending on the weather of the day sometimes it can go beyond or be cut short if the weather is bad.  The hot air balloon safari is always concluded with the bush breakfast before you are driven back to the lodge or continue with your driver guide with the game drives. 

Amboseli National Park activities

Game viewing/game drives

Game drives is one of the greatest activity done not only in Amboseli national park but entire African national parks. Its one of the best ways of exploring the best of the wilderness of Africa. Game drives in Amboseli national park gives you great opportunity to experience the African big five. The park is a home of African big game especially the big five like lions, leopards, Buffalo, Elephants and Rhinos. Other game at the park include the wildebeests, Zebras, Eland, Giraffes, Gazelles, Oribi, Hyenas, Jackals, Dik-dik and others. The game drives are always divided in to three those are Morning Game drives, Afternoon game drives and full day game drives.

The morning game drives

This are the most rewarding game drives in any protected areas, the nature is much active during this time of the day. The early bird wakes up to catch the early worm, the predators are hunting while the grazers look for the morning dues especially during the dry season. The big game are always active when the weather is cool and when the sun heats they go to hide in the shades. More action is got during the morning game drives, the nocturnal animals will be going back to their hide outs. Its during the morning game drives which start from 5 or 6 am that gives you much wildlife actions.  

Evening game drives

The evening game drives are also fine especially to catch up with the grazers. At this point the grazers are relaxing and freely grazing as the predators are on a hide. In the afternoon game drives the animals are concentrated on the water catchment areas. Its easy to view more game since most of them come around the water catchment areas to quench their thirst. In the evening game drives you will also have an opportunity to extend it and view nocturnal animals. The evening game drives are sometime called the supplementary game drives for the missed animals that like hiding more during day but come out easily late in the evening like leopards. 

You can also do full day game drives with parked lunch you can explore the park for a full day. This is mostly done on the second day when you are going to spend a full day at the park. 

Amboseli is among the Kenyan good destinations with rewarding game drives in any time of the year. The game drives are best achieved during the dry season when the grass is short and all parts of the park are accessible. The size of the park being small makes the game drives to be much rewarding as travellers can view more animals within a short game drive.


Another key Amboseli national park activities is birding, the park has over 420 bird species. Birding is done in Amboseli rainy season unlike game viewing which is done during the dry season.  Birding is done from March to May and November. These are rainy months of the year not only in Amboseli but entire Kenya. During the rainy season the birds are breeding and easily viewed around the park, also the park receives more migratory birds across the world. Amboseli national park has different habitants that range from the swamp to the open savannah grasslands. These different habitants has given green light to the wide range of bird species at the park. Some of the long bird list include:  Hartlaub’s bustard, von der decken’s hornbill, Flamingo, Egrets, Pelicans, Herons, Crowned cranes, pamgani longclaw, steel-blue whydah Secretary birds, Love birds, Starlings, Ostriches, White-bellied go way bird and many more.

Aberdare Bird Watching

Boat cruise

The boat cruise is done in Lake Amboseli, its one of the few places in Kenya where boat rides are done. Amboseli offers guests with boat ride in the lake which is found in the middle of the park. The boat cruise is done in the afternoon times. However some times during dry season the level of water reduces and this sometimes affect the activity. This is one of the activity in the park that takes you close to the aquatic wildlife. 

Cultural tours

Cultural tours are also done as one of the Amboseli national park activities. The travellers can visit the Masaai villages and experience the only true African culture that has remained unchanged amidist the current modernization of the world. The Masaai traditions and cultures are rare and unique across the world which more travellers come and enjoy. 

Nature photography and nature walks.

Amboseli national park is nestled near the drops of the African highest mountain that is Mt Kilimanjaro. The location gives you great scenic views of the mountain at close range and take good pictures of the mountain. The park is a good photographic destination with good scenic views across the park.  

Get the best of Amboseli national park activities that gives you live action of nature during your safari. Plan well with experienced tour operator that gives you great details and prepare you well before your African safari.

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