Amboseli National Park animals

Amboseli National Park animals

Amboseli National Park animals

Amboseli national park animals are one of the best attractions in the park which is located in Kenya as one of the top parks. Amboseli national park is one of the best national park in Kenya that gives guests the best wildlife viewing experience. The park is well known for hosting the large herds of African Elephants hence getting its nickname “the home of African Elephants”. The park has a great concentration of wildlife especially the big game and this has attracted more travellers to the park. When talking of Amboseli national park animals most guests think that the popularity of the park is based on the over welling population of the Elephants yet the park has more other animals. 

Amboseli is the second most popular animal’s park in Kenya after Masai Mara national reserve. It is one of the closest national park to the capital city Nairobi. The park is just around 260 kilometres taking just 3 to 4 hours drive from the city making even one-day wildlife safari possible. The Amboseli national park animals are all permanent residents which makes the game viewing activity to be done all year round. Due to such great assurance to the travellers, the park has become one of the hot tourist destinations in Kenya. 

Amboseli national park is famous of the large herds of the free-ranging Elephants that can be easily seen rolling and spraying themselves with water. They like playing along the banks of Lake Amboseli during the dry season of the year. The park has a record of over 900 Elephants roaming freely at the park. 

Amboseli national park animals includes the African big five (lions, leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes and Rhinos).The African big five are the most dominant animals at Amboseli national park and they are found in large numbers. Amboseli national park animals are the key attractions that is found at the park where by 90% of the total travellers who come to the park come for game viewing. The size of the park not very small and not very big has made it very possible for the best game viewing experience in Amboseli national park. The short game drives at the park are rich with excellent game viewing experience where you will be in position to view more animals in short period of time.

The five different habitants that are found at the park has created a fertile grounds for the different species of Amboseli national park animals. The animal species ranges from the water animals that are found at the lake of Amboseli to the large open grassland grazers at the park. This has made Amboseli national park one of the most concentrated park with animals not only in Kenya but entire East African region. The five different habitants like Open savannah grassland, Acacia woodland, the dry lake pans, swamps, rocky and bush vegetation. Each of the different habitat hosts different animals at the park.

The long list of Amboseli national park animals includes the different species of Antelopes like topis, Gazelles, Wildebeest, Zebras and may more. These antelope species are also found in large numbers and they are permanent residents unlike Masai Mara national reserve where the wildebeests are known for their large wildebeest migration.  The favourable climatic conditions that are influenced by Mt Kilimanjaro the African highest mountain has made game viewing good any time of the year.

The park offers the highest opportunities of viewing animals at the park easily die to the short and open savannah grassland that allows you to explore the entire park easily. You can view an animal at any distance as far as your eye sight can be. The vegetation is very sparse especially during the dry months of the year/ Location of the park in the dry sides of Mt Kilimanjaro has made it receive little rainfall through out the year hence making the vegetation cover not very dense.

The management of Amboseli national park animals has drawn clear park rules that all travellers have to follow during their time of game viewing at the park. Such rules and regulations has improved the conservation of the park wildlife at ease. The tight penalties issued when found guilt of breaking any rule has advocated for good follow of the park rules. Some of the rules are : 

  • No overspending while at the park
  • No off tracking during the game drive
  • No litter at the park especially during game drives
  • No feeding of the wildlife
  • No shouting or hooting at the park during game drives

 And many more, please read more on our article of Rules and regulations of Amboseli national park

There are several activities that are done at the park that enables you to have good time of game viewing or animal viewing at Amboseli. Some of the highlighted activities are:

Game drives

The Amboseli national park animals can be viewed during any of our two game drives. The morning game drive which is always the most rewarding game drives. This finds when the park is more active and lively, you will catch more actions like hunting by the big cats. Amboseli game drives are never disappointing and they give you great opportunity to go close to the animals. Game drives are the only key ways of exploring the best of Amboseli national park. You can have a view of different animals like Lions, leopards, Cheetahs, Buffaloes, Elephants, and many more.

Amboseli National Park animals
Amboseli National Park animals

Walking safaris

Amboseli is one of the few national parks in Kenya which guests can explore by use of their feet. You can have guided walking safaris at the park with the lead of the game ranger. Walking safaris are done in the evening.

Balloon safaris

You can also be among the few who will explore the park using the Balloon safaris. These are operated by private operators that are paid differently from the park fees. The balloon safaris give you the chance to have an aerial view of the park you will have a close view of the game while floating on the top of the park. This does not limit the distance you over track indirectly and getting to the bush.

Boat cruise

You will have great opportunities to view Amboseli national park animals. Mostly during the dry season the animals go the lake to quench their thirst at the lake. Also, the big game is found at the shores of the lake cooling themselves. Taking the boat at the lake is an added experience at this national park.

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