Amboseli National park lodges

Amboseli National park lodges

Amboseli National park lodges

Amboseli national park lodges are categorised into three categories each category is in the different levels of stars. The first category is the upmarket commonly known as the Luxury hotels or Lodges. These are always from 4 to 5 star hotels and most of them are located inside the national park. They have great unique features as later discussed on this article. The second category is the mid-range hotels or lodges. These are 3 star hotels or lodges. Then finally the budget or one-star hotels, they are mostly camps or tents some few are located inside the park but the majority are found at the neighbourhood of the park. The classification that is used is more reliable and it can even be greater than then city town system. They check more details, facilities, amenities and services that the lodge has. The tier main objective is to address the current needs of the traveller whose aim is to achieve his or her lifetime dreams of visiting and exploring Africa especially the Amboseli national park. The classification goes as far as checking the lodge staff members and their capabilities as well as qualifications.

The different categories of Amboseli national park lodges is a significant factor that has attracted more guests to the park since all budgets are catered. The lodge or hotel is one of the factor that determines the cost of your Amboseli safari. Its only the level of accommodation that differentiates budget safari from luxury safari yet the wildlife experience remains the same. Amboseli national park is one of the premium national parks in Kenya that receives more travellers daily. Due to high concentration of Elephants and other big game, this has attracted more hotel investors to build more hotels or lodges at the park to accommodate the number of guests that visit the park

We treasure much the kind of accommodation that guests will stay during their safari in Amboseli national park with us.  Through this, we ensure utmost safari satisfaction for the guests with the rightful Amboseli national park lodges. The selection of the park lodges directly affects the safari experience of the guests as it contributes psychologically. We have visited different park lodges and made signed contracts with them on behalf of the guests. This has made us serve our guests with the best safari experience at the most affordable prices. The routine checking on the contracted Amboseli national park lodges has made it easy to rate and monitor the service delivery of the lodge to our guests. It is rare or not even there for our guests to complain for our service in any of our contracted Amboseli national park lodges. 

Our contracts with some of the park lodges has made our budget guests to enjoy mid-rage services and lodges at fair costs. We bargain on behalf of our guests and we give them our negotiated costs since we do not want a commission on lodges but get only some little in our safari cars. Our Amboseli national park lodges start from mid-range lodges which have highly qualified staffs. They provide the best excellent services to the guests with good location at the park that gives guests opportunities to view wildlife while on the balcony of their tents or lodges. 

Choosing Amboseli national park lodges is a key factor when planning for Amboseli national park safari. Lodges that are found inside the park gives you more accesses to the park activities all the time. Even the park entry fees expire after every 24 hours compared to the lodges that are found outside where the guests has to pay entry fees every time you want to access the park.

The park has a good number of lodges that are found in all the three categories below are some of the most common and best Amboseli park lodges.

Budget Amboseli national park lodges

There are many budget lodges that are found in Amboseli national park, for example, AA lodge Amboseli, Amboseli Eco Camp, Endonyo –Amboseli and many more. The budget lodges costs between 100 USD to 150 USD. Most of them are tented camps, they have shared bathrooms while others are very organised their have self-contained rooms though the size is small compared to other classes of lodges.

Mid-range Amboseli national park lodges

These are 3 to 4-star lodges in Amboseli national park, these are the most recommended lodging options for the guests. They are mostly located inside the national park with great service delivery with qualified and skilled staffs that ensure your stay at the lodge is excellent. Some of the Mid-rage park lodges are Sentrim Amboseli lodge, Porini Amboseli Camp, Ol Tukai Lodge, Gamewatchers Adventure Camp, Tawi Lodge Amboseli, Satao Elerai Amboseli, Amboseli Tortils Camp which has over 18 tented rooms. They give you access to the private conservancies in the park. They have more amenities like 24 hours of services, laundry, swimming pools, free wifi access, restaurants, guiding, King size beds, campfire and many more.

Luxury Amboseli national park lodges

These are high-end safari accommodations that makes you comfortably enjoy the wildlife experience of Africa, for example, Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge, Amboseli Sopa Lodge, Amboseli National park lodge 

And many more. The luxury lodges are found inside the park and have great services of the Western world category. They are 4 to 5-star lodges with great amenities like swimming pool, large rooms, private bathrooms, sauna, well-stocked bars, restaurants, wifi, minibars inside the rooms, private balcony and others. This is the heart of comfort during your safari in Amboseli.

Amboseli National park lodges
Amboseli National park lodges

The lodges give you the true feel of your dream safari in Kenya, only let the local reputable tour operator help you choose the best. They seem to be all good online but on ground some of them are not especially for the guests looking for budget lodges. For all categories of Amboseli national park lodges, you have to book them in time. The prices depend on the season from green season also called low season to the peak season. During low season you can get the availability of accommodation even a week to your trip while in high season you have to reserve your room as early as 3 to 4 months early. The cancellation policy keeps differing from lodge to the lodge. You can consult the lodge directly for more information and the prices. We only give our guests the contract rates if you’re booking full package safari with us.

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