Benefits of Low Season Safaris in Kenya

Benefits of Low Season Safaris in Kenya : Kenya is renowned for its diverse wildlife and the unforgettable safari experiences that every tourist would be recommended not missing out, travelling to Kenya during the low season is such amazing to the most of the tourists who come to visit Kenya thus being the great option especially for the budget-conscious tourists and also for the tourists who prefer a more authentic experience, as well low season gives the tourists the awesome weather conditions and the super game viewing experiences on a Kenya safari.

In Kenya majorly the low season includes the months like from March to May and also from November to early December, that is its known that the on a high extent the period from March to June contains more rain and then also April and May, as these periods usually offers lower costs and fewer crowds along with beautiful weather that aids the tourists to carry out the lovely safaris in Kenya, the tourists are always rewarded with the incredible sunsets and there is a high chance of seeing them with their young ones on the safari.

Benefits of Low Season Safaris in Kenya
Benefits of Low Season Safaris in Kenya

Though most of the Kenya safari is always recommended to be done during the peak season in the dry months, not to be disrupted by the rain but still during the low season aids the tourists not being disturbed because the rain cannot be much, that is it can be shorter and after then the sunshine returns, and to add on that  at the bigger extent the rain  usually falls during the afternoon and the evening late hours therefore it does not have the higher impacts on your Kenya safari for example your morning game drive can be disrupted where the tourists get the chances of spotting the various animals species and that’s the best period where the animal species can be active and not in their hidden places therefore low season is also the interesting period to carry out a Kenya safari.

Benefits of carrying out a low safari season in Kenya.

Saving money.

Tourists who carry out a low season safari in Kenya will not be affected in terms of over spending that is during the low season the most of the safaris in Kenya can be affordable hence making it easier to cross off your bucket list. Here the tourists do save more money from the packages to the hotels which helps the tourists to save on some money and invest it in other investments, also the rates can be ranging from 20 to 40 percentage lower during off-peak months and also the flights are generally also cheaper during the low season compared to the high season.

Escaping crowded safaris.

Mostly Kenya do host various tourists especially in Maasai Mara National reserve from July to October due to the natural wonders the great migration that’s the period when there can be more crowd of the tourists in the reserve and in the entire country, but still its normal for the tourists to travel to Kenya during the low season as there can be less crowds of the tourists in the country though most of the tourists fear travelling during this season because of the rains. Tourists who travel during the low season experience the most unique travel experience, and tourists enjoy more private safari since there can be fewer tourists.

Tourists being fewer in different national parks and reserves of Kenya helps them to take the best photograph and more time to enjoy their safari especially in Maasai Mara National Reserve with the authentic safari experience.

Spotting the plenty of the wildlife.

During the low season that’s when there can be rain in the parks, which makes the food and water to accumulate easily hence making most of the many animal species to give birth during that period, therefore during the low season is the best time a tourist to visit Kenya as it’s the great period to see animals with their young ones.

The period can be again be perfect for the bird watching, being the breeding period also it’s the time when the migratory birds from Europe and the rest of the countries come to Kenya especially in April, low season helps the tourists to spot the more wildlife in Kenya due to the fact that most of the animals species migrate throughout the year and bird species can be more in the country as well making the tourists to be rewarded.

Avoiding heat.

Peak season can be having high heat compared to the low season, that is during the low season the tourists can be having warm and comfortable conditions  therefore if you are not cope well with heat travelling during low season brings you relief and allow you enjoy safari experience. Low season brings you the beautiful landscape to life compared to what you will not observe during the dry season, so traveling during the off-peak season gives you great weather and temperature with coast and wildlife potential, Benefits of Low Season Safaris in Kenya.


Taking best shots.

During the low season in many parks of Kenya it brings a lush and green landscape with animal gathering close to drinking water and raise their young ones remember the rain brings plenty of water to waterholes and rivers, and this makes the grasslands to be vibrant and green, rivers can be full of water and young ones to be able to come along with their parents during the low season adding on the imposing clouds and charming landscapes makes a safari the great one and best time to take photos, the images can be perfect which can be moody and dramatic with the intense sunsets and makes it the most impressive one as the animal species gather around waterholes and along the rivers.

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