Best Places to spot Kenya’s Elephants

Best Places to spot Kenya’s Elephants : Kenya is the most attractive safari destination in the entire Africa, with the amazing tourist attractions that ranges from the wildlife, beaches, culture, scenery and among others, with the beautiful Kenya national parks and reserves which makes the country to be most incredible and which ends up becoming everyone’s dream to explore Kenya. On the other side Kenya is the best safari destination where both the international and local tourists can spot the elephants, this article tells you and gives you the gorgeous destinations in Kenya where the tourists can spot the elephants, and these giant creatures can be best spotted during the game drives, nature walks, horseback riding and others on a Kenya safari.

Best places to spot Kenya’s elephants.

Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli national park is the leading destination in the entire country where the tourists can spot the free ranging elephants in Kenya. The park is the most amazing choice that one can ever do during a safari in Kenya, not only that Amboseli National Park gives the tourists the magical view of Mount Kilimanjaro that gives the tourists the true meaning of what nature means on your safari in Kenya.

Tourists watch the plenty of the elephants in open plains of Amboseli national park which gives them the wildlife safari experience in Kenya, as well the park is known for its big five mammals that are found in the park that is the lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinos and among other animals species without forgetting the bird species. On a safari in Amboseli national park you advised to stay in the Tortillis camp which gives you the clear view of the park and its sceneries.

Samburu National Reserve.

Samburu National Reserve offers the tourists with the blissful and various herds of the elephants these are best spotted during the game drives that gives you the impression of nature on a safari to Kenya. On a safari to the reserve the tourists who spend their nights at the elephant watch camp is the most recommended camp in Samburu this gives you a room to spot the elephants in the acacia trees mostly this becomes charming during when the season is best for the fruits, here there is no need of leaving your room in fact you keep in your room as you are watching the elephants as they are picking the fruits from the acacia trees.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Lewa wildlife conservancy is located in Kenya’s northern part, the conservancy is the most attractive destination where the tourists can spot the large numbers of the elephants in the conservancy, with the amazing accommodations which gives the tourists the best elephant views during their stay hence making the safari the most beneficial one.

Best Places to spot Kenya's Elephants
Elephants in Kenya

Not only the elephants Lewa Wildlife conservancy gives tourists with other special animal species like the rhinos that are much accumulative hence increasing the number of the tourists to explore Kenya, accompanied by the most brilliant lodges that offers the best accommodation with the best activities to the guests.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

David Sheldrick wildlife trust is located in Nairobi, which is the elephant orphanage with the aim of protecting the orphaned elephants and later to be released in the wild, the orphanage was established to prevent poaching thus increasing the number of the elephants in the country. David Sheldrick wildlife trust is the most tourist attraction in Kenya which gives the perfect of elephants in the country.

Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Maasai Mara National Reserve is the most visited national reserve to be adventured in the entire country, the reserve is well equipped with the wildlife richness starting from the great migration of the wildebeest, big five animal species and among many other, tourists who explore the reserve can be impressed with the large amounts of the elephants that are found in the reserve. Spending a night at Kichehche Mara camp gives the guests the wonderful wildlife experience in the reserve, where the camp has got the Mara Elephant Camp which shows the work to which it is doing on the conservation and protection of the country through minimizing poaching.

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