Border Crossing from Kenya to Tanzania

Border Crossing from Kenya to Tanzania

Border Crossing from Kenya to Tanzania

Border crossing from Kenya to Tanzania provides detailed information on how to access the two countries during a safari starting in either Kenya or in Tanzania which also involves crossing the border. 

Crossing from Kenya to Tanzania or from Tanzania to Kenya is popular among tourists especially those interested in the wildebeest migration and also experiencing the big five in both countries.

The popular destinations which tourists crossing from any of the two countries visit during their safaris include Masai Mara national reserve in south western part of Kenya and Serengeti national park in the northern part of Tanzania.

There are different ways to cross from Kenya to Tanzania and they include using road means and also air transport means depending on the choice of the tourist among other factors.

The borders which are used during crossing from Kenya to Tanzania include the following;

Isebania border

Isebania border is the border of Kenya and Tanzania and is found in the northern part of Tanzania and in the southern part of Migori county.

This border is commonly used when crossing from Serengeti national park which is in the northern part of Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve, located in the south western part of Kenya. These two destinations are known for the amazing wildlife viewing experiences they offer to the different visitors who go there annually.

Isebania border is found west of Masai Mara national reserve and is about a 6 hours’ drive to reach this crossing point.

Some of the customs formalities at the Isebania border include vehicles crossing from Kenya to Tanzania or Tanzania to Kenya are required to be registered in both countries to be allowed to cross the border.

For ease in crossing the Isebania border, some of the requirements which may be required include a valid visa, yellow fever vaccination card among others. presenting these requirements during the border crossing makes the process faster and less strenuous.

Namanga border

Other borders used when crossing from Kenya to Tanzania include the Namanga border which is located in Longido district on the Tanzania side and in Kajiado county in Kenya. This border is located close to attractions such as Amboseli National Park and the development of the surrounding areas around the border have been attributed to tourism.

Namanga border is favorable for tourists who wish to go to Africa’s tallest mountain which is mountain Kilimanjaro. The visa formalities when crossing from this border take up less of the tourist’s time compared to other borders and it is preferable to many.

Despite being very busy, Namanga border is relatively and involves a process of going through immigration and customs office that also involves filling out entry and exit cards of both countries, filling the visa form, checking the vehicles used during the crossing of the border, getting inline to see the immigration officer.

Lunga lunga border;

Lunga lunga is another border which is used to cross from Kenya to Tanzania especially Mombasa and Tanga or Dar es salaam. This border is located in the south eastern part of Kenya in the southern part of Mombasa.

This border is found in the coastal part of Kenya and some of the formalities at the Lunga lunga border include checking the yellow fever card, waiting in line to clear with immigration followed by crossing to Horohoro on the Tanzanian side.

The Lunga lunga border is about 6.5 km from the Tanzanian side and is open for 24 hours a day.

Loitokitok border;

Loitokitok is another border which can be crossed to access Tanzania from Kenya. This border favors travels from Amboseli national park to Marangu and Moshi in Tanzania.

 This border is also located at the foothills of Africa’s highest mountain which is Mt Kilimanjaro and beautiful views of this mountain can be seen from the Loitokitok border which is also referred to as Oloitokitok.

The northern trail of Mt Kilimanjaro can be accessed by hikers using the Loitokitok border during their hiking adventures. Different cultures can also be experienced when crossing this border such as the Maasai culture from the side of Kenya and the Chagga people from the Tanzanian side.

There is also an airstrip that can be used for travel in Loitokitok district since this border is another common crossing point between Kenya and Tanzania.

Taveta border;

Another point of crossing from Kenya to Tanzania is Taveta which involves crossing from Voi to Moshi in Tanzania. this border is also known as the Taveta/Holili border.

The taveta border is seen as a one stop border crossing point between Kenya and Tanzania which favors movement between the two countries especially during trade by simplifying entry and exit procedures at a single location.

Taveta border reduces the lengthy processes associated with crossing from one country to another during fulfilling the entry and exit formalities for both vehicles crossing as well as pedestrians.

Visit Kenya and Tanzania to experience many different attractions by getting to know the different borders which you can use during your travel or Kenya safari.

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