Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Reserve is small in size but unbeatable Kenya safari reserve with great choice for travelers who are interested in a real adventure and unfettered safari, found in Kenya’s bush country. This is one of the several hidden landscape with amazing serene setting where you escape into a vast scenic landscape of incredible flora and fauna. Feature highlights of the reserve include rolling grasslands, lava terraces, douma palms, forests, scrub brush, Ewaso Nyiro River and the unique springs from which the reserve got its name. Note, Buffalo Springs national reserve is part of a larger ecosystem which include Samburu National Reserve to the north and Shaba National Reserve in the north east. The reserve offers great wildlife viewing of abundant safari animals and renowned for its excellent leopard sightings. Furthermore, Buffalo springs is an open protected land where variety of animals can be spotted on clear savannah grassland such as the rare northern species of reticulated giraffes, vulturine guinea fowls, Gravy’s zebras Somali Ostriches, beisa Oryx and gerenus all these are unique species in the region. The reserve is among the best birding Kenya destinations with more than 450 species of birds recorded, that can be easily sighted by a tourist in rewardable spotting area that is the northern bush country and riverine forests with in the reserve .The lesser Kestrel and Taita falcons are internationally threatened species that thrive on the reserve’s land .Vulnerable species to be spotted by the birders include great egrets ,martial eagles ,African darters ,yellow billed ox-peckers .Common species are yellow-billed hornbills, lilac-breasted rollers, bee-eater ,grey-headed kingfishers among others , truly a birding haven safari destination.  

Buffalo Springs national reserve is positioned on the southern side of Ewaso Nyiro River. It is known of its bio diversity of animals and surprisingly few safari visitors, thus making a pleasant destination to go on a game drive in this remarkable reserve. Amazingly, it gives spectacular photo opportunities to the visitors thus making it off beaten track on Kenyan safari experience.

Buffalo springs entry gate include; Ngare Mara gate, Choka gate and Uaso gate.

Attractions in Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Below are the major tourist attractions to be sighted during a safari in Buffalo Springs as follows;

Wildlife: Buffalo spring is a home of big four of the BIG FIVE, elephants are in abundant here and leopards are very reliable. Note that rhinos are absent in the park and lion sightings are a bit hit but when it comes to rewardable game viewing it is the northern Kenya dry areas that attracts most of visitors. The park is a famous destination in Africa because of these special animal species to be explored on a traveler visit which include; beisa Oryx, lesser Kudu, reticulated giraffe, Gravy’s zebra and the gerenuk. Other animals to see on a traveler’s visit include giraffes, hyenas, buffalo, hippos, cheetahs and abundant of Nile crocodiles which can be seen in Ewiso Nyiro River among others. Thus having amazed bucket list check of animals in African wilderness.

Bird species: Buffalo spring is a haven for birders with more than 450 bird species, some of the species to be spotted on traveler’s visit include Abyssinian ground, Egyptian vulture, black-caped social weaver, vulturine guinea fowl, D’Anaurd’s, barbet, black-faced sand grouse, Somali Ostrich among other bird species.

Activities to engage in Buffalo Springs national reserve

Below are the tourist activities to engage in while at safari in Kenya Buffalo springs national reserve

Game viewing: This is one of the most done activities on African safari and here in Buffalo springs national reserve can be carried out in an open protected landscape which is habitant to wide variety of wildlife species. The best way to enjoy animal adventure on your game safari viewing is to use open roof safari vehicle 4x4wheel drive. Such wildlife species to be spotted on game drive include elephants, gazelles, leopards, baboons, cheetahs, buffalos, large herds of elephants, Nile crocodile among others.

Guided nature walk: Guided nature walk in buffalo springs is more rewardable along riverine forest, Ewosa Nyiro river where you can come up with great views of animals and variety of bird species. Tourists are advised to always go with a park ranger.

Culture Tours: This is awesome experience as tourists get interacted with locals living around the reserve, learn about their ways of life. These local people are the Samburu pastoralists who live a semi-nomadic lifestyle on the peripheries of the reserve, a visit you take to meet this Samburu people and their traditional homestead is absolutely awesome experience.    

Reserve’s Scenery: The reserve is semi-arid- savannah flanking the scenic Ewaso Nyiro Rive which is a water source that supports large number of wildlife species found in the reserve. The park’s ecology is defined by contrasting habitats of riverine forest along the water point and dry acacia scrub areas marked with termite mounds extending away from the springs, from which the reserve was named. This water springs is quite a scenic landmark and supports number of animals to quench their thirsty.

Weather and Climate

Buffalo springs contains temperature that tends to drop a bit at night, but it remains hot. And its environment gets parched during dry season from June to September. Another dry spell occurs in January to February, when the heat rises up to another level. The other two remaining seasons are of storms and showers that is October to December and March to May. 

Buffalo Springs National Reserves
Buffalo Springs National Reserves

What to carry with you?

They include; hat, sunscreen, camera, sunglasses, mineral water bottle as you get ready to be in awe.

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

Buffalo Springs National reserve is a semi-arid area with dry plains and so it doesn’t get a lot of rain and can be all year visited game destination. But the best wildlife viewing is in the dry seasons from June to October and December to March and this is best time number of tourists usually flock in the park because during this period, it’s vegetation cover can be minimal thus giving clear sighting of animals around predictable water source. May to April is wet season and wildlife can sometimes be more difficult to be sighted but best time for bird watching since food can be in plenty.

Accommodation in Buffalo springs national reserve

Buffalo springs offers suitable accommodations ranging from luxury to budget as follows;

  • Luxury accommodation include; Elephants bedroom camp, Ashnil Samburu lodge, Larsen tented camp.
  • Midrange accommodation are; Northern Galaxy, Josera guest house, Shamz hotel.
  • Budget accommodation; Isiola Bomen hotel, Grande hotel.

Accessibility to the Reserve

By road: From Nairobi through Nanyuki on a tarmac road to Isiola takes a distance of 285 kilometers murram road to access the main destination.

By Air: Buffalo springs Airstrip can be reached by daily scheduled flights from Nairobi Wilson Airport

Experience warm climate with beautiful landscape, diversity of wildlife and unique African culture ‘’the Samburu people’’ thus giving you an authentic setting for adventure tour on Kenyan national reserve. ’Buffalo Springs National Reserve’’

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