Elephant watch camp

Elephant watch camp is the eco-luxury camp in Samburu with the best wildlife experience, the guests who have had a dream about African adventure then the camp is the perfect place which makes your dreams to become true. Your Kenya safari at Elephant watch camp is rewarding that is spending your magical days with the presence of the wild animals together with the professional, and experienced guides who gives you the best.

Accommodation at Elephant Watch Camp Samburu.

It has got the well facilitated accommodations where the camp has got six en-suite tents that are all environmental friendly made from the natural materials like the trees felled by the elephants that comforts the staying of the guests. The accommodation have got the delightful thatched roofing as the main building. In form to very tent there is a perfect veranda where the guests do seat and admire the view and the landscape of the environment.

Inside the tents there are king-sized beds, bedside tables and lamps, flashlight, and there is special bush cupboard with the ample room for storing clothes for the guests and other items, the rooms do consist of the flush toilet with the showers producing both the cold and the hot water which makes the guests to feel more than home.

Dining and foods

Elephant Watch Camp caters and cares a lot about the guests who choose the camp to be their right accommodation in Samburu. The way Elephant Watch Camp cares for the guests it starts by serving them the most notorious and the food that the guests can be locally sourced from the foothills of Mount Kenya and also others grown on the organic farm in Naivasha. This makes the dining areas to have authentic vibe.

Elephant watch camp
Elephant watch camp

The dining area where the guests enjoy and are served their meals, is that the area is well set with the lounge that contains chunky wooden-framed seating with the colorful cushions which makes the guest to have the most comfortable moment as they are enjoying their meals in Elephant Watch Camp.

It serves the guests with the cuisine, a fusion of the African and Italian influences which makes the guests to love their stay at the camp, the meals ca be prepared by their professional chefs and served by the friendly and staff.

Activities done at Elephant Watch Camp Samburu.

Guests who stay at Elephant Watch Camp Samburu are given and offered the game drives, the guests experience the open safari vehicles with the help of the well knowledgeable expert guides that gives guests the information of the wildlife found in Samburu national reserve like the big cats, rare animal species, and big five mammal species.

Guests as well can be cherished with the experiencing and carrying out the cultural tours  this is where it gives the super and the best moments to the guests through visiting the nomadic neighbors in the Samburu communities those are the Samburu communities who are such very friendly, and these people to show how good they are they even reach the extent of welcoming you as their  longtime friends which makes the guests to feel contented, as well the guests enjoy visiting them in their home steads, enjoying and tasting on their foods, enjoying their music and dances and among others.

Guests are as well offered with the bird watching safaris where they can get the opportunity of watching over 350 bird species that reserve in Samburu National Reserve.

The guests who visit Elephant Watch Camp can never complete their stay minus exploring the Elephants visitor center where they learn the advantages of saving the elephants which are known as the giant creatures on the planet.

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