Facts About a Hyena

Facts About a Hyena : A hyena is the carnivorous animal and it is known as the one of the misunderstood species in the wild, hyenas are spread in various areas and parts of Kenya on a safari to Kenya you can have your chance to spot the variety of the hyena species in the country most especially in the national parks and national reserves in Kenya and the hyenas do inhabit in the forests, woodland, savannah, mountainous, grasslands regions this is where best can one view and spot the hyena on a Kenya wildlife safari. In Kenya the tourists usually spot the hyenas in Meru National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Shaba national Park and in the various private conservancies of Laikapia in northern Kenya, and mostly viewing becomes so magical during the morning game drive or a night game drive on a Kenya safari.

Kenya has got mainly two types of the hyenas as these can be seen on Kenya safari that is the spotted hyena and the striped hyena. Spotted hyena in the hyena where the female dominates over the male and weighs more too, the spotted hyena so inhabits in the savannah, grasslands, mountain regions. Spotted hyenas live in the clans on the high land that’s where they can see other clans that they may want to intrude, as they may pass through the homesteads as they pick the domestic animals for their survival. The spotted hyena is the largest species of hyena.

Facts About a Hyena
Facts About a Hyena

Striped Hyena, the striped hyena are rare and more elusive than the spotted species, these hyenas do hunt for their survival from the morning hours until midday and rests and it gain hunts during the next morning, the striped hyena likes hunting alone and the hyena do prefer tearing the carcasses of wildebeest, zebras and among others for their survival then for the case of the striped hyena this is known as almost the social animal species and it does not like fighting or disrupting the humans and their home steads. Among all the hyenas that is both the spotted and the striped, the female hyena possess similar looking reproductive organs to males therefore accurate sexing can be very difficult.

Interesting facts about a hyena.

Hyenas are social.

The hyena has lived with the villain-status since the Lion King, according to the research the hyena scientists do say that they are showing that fascinating facts that shows that the hyena are as clever as the primates, magnificent hunters, fierce protectors of their young, and the hyena is a highly social animal species that everyone can have a look at during the safari in Kenya. Hyenas live in the territorial groups called the clans, then the clans are dominated by the females and can reach up to 70 members.

Hyena has the most powerful jaws.

Hyena has got the most powerful jaw that a single bite of the hyena and kill as well crush the bones, the spotted hyena has got the colossal masseter muscles that produces the most powerful force in the section of dentition, the molars and premolars, according to research the spotted hyena can crack open bones nearly 2 and a half inches in diameters that allows a hyena to reach the nutrient-rich marrow inside the animal.


Unlike all other canine species that lives between 6 to 10 years in the wild or even the lion and tigers takes 10 to 15 years the spotted are unique species which takes it to live for 20 years in the wild that makes it being the longest terrestrial carnivores in the wild though being helped by the skull maturity which takes 35 months to reach 95% which is the most protracted skull growths of large carnivores after the sexual maturity.

Hyenas are adept hunters.

Hyenas are renowned as the purely not scavengers, and particularly they steal most of their food from the lions and its said that the hyenas kill 66 to 90% of what they eat and when it comes to the actual hunt they are extremely versatile and successful hunters, as known they are cursorial hunters the hyenas are adapted by the cruising at speeds of 37 mph (60 kph) for the several miles, though the hyena is known for its small body but still the hyena has been recorded to kill the cape buffalo and the giraffes.

Facts About a Hyena
Facts About a Hyena

Hyena is a great mother.

As it is known and taken how other animal species do nurse and care for the young ones, a hyena is the best mother in the animal kingdom that is a hyena invest more of its energy per cub than any other mother animal in the animal kingdom, the hyena can give birth to the 1 to 3 tiny jet black cubs also called the pups these can be born in the very advanced stage of development with their eyes while open, teeth intact and muscles already to move which is not common in among other cat species where they can be largely blind for the several weeks, the hyena is such gorgeous specie with unique born characters compared to others.

Compared to other animal species like the wolf pack, lion pride the hyena is rarely all together at once and instead are often found by themselves or in the small groups, they do only meet up from time to time, which is known as the ‘’fusion-fission’’ society.

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