Facts about Mountain Gorillas

Facts about Mountain Gorillas

Facts about Mountain Gorillas

Facts about Mountain Gorillas: Mountain gorillas are very emotional and intelligent endangered species that’s why they are more sought after by both the tourist and poachers. Though their number is decreasing in the world which has created more worries.

Below are the facts about mountain gorillas that give the right information you need to know about gorillas.

There are two types of gorilla species that is eastern and western. Mountain gorilla is sub-species of the eastern gorillas.

There is a total of 1,063 endangered mountain gorillas that still exist in the wild basing on the latest census results which is done after 5 -10 years.

Mountain gorillas live in two isolated groups that is Virunga volcanoes ‘’a region that spans 3 national parks in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo ‘’DRC’’, one in Bwindi impenetrable national park Uganda that connects to Sarambwe Nature Reserve ‘’DRC.’’

Mountain gorillas live in high altitude montane and bamboo forest which attracts them with lots of fruits and surrounded by agriculture and settlements.

Mountain gorillas share around 98% of human DNA. 

 They are one of the biggest most powerful living primates, male gorilla can weigh 180kilograme and measure 170centemeter tall.

Mountain gorillas rarely drink water as they get much of their water from the plants they feed on.

Mountain gorillas can eat all day long mainly leaves and shoots still can feed on snails, ants and barks.

They cozy up at night in a way that they sleep together in nests on the ground or in trees they make from foliage.

Mountain gorillas have 16 different types of call such as male gorillas strut with stiff legs, beat their chests and use of vocalizations like roars or hoots among others.  

Mountain gorillas live in stable family groups of around 10 individuals with one dominant male and several females. Both males and females do care for their infants by hugging, carry and playing with them.

They can live to over 40 years’ old those in the wild.

Mountain gorillas eat about 50 pounds a day for males.

They are very intelligent and those that have been habituated have been taught sign language to communicate with humans.

Facts about Mountain Gorillas
Facts about Mountain Gorillas

Gorillas can live up to 53 years.

Female gorillas can breed after 10 years.

Female gorillas normally give birth every after 4-5 years with a gestation period of 8 -9months.

A baby gorilla weighs about 4.5 pounds.

Mountain gorillas stay in families just like humans. Their families make up 20 members.

Mountain gorilla are emotion like human can laugh when tickled and cry when hurt.

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