Hiking Ngong Hills in Kenya

Hiking Ngong Hills in Kenya : Ngong Hills are located in the northern part of Kajiado County, it is about 29km from Nairobi with its peak standing at 8072 ft. above sea level, and the highest point is 2460 meters, and it is one of the best weekend gateway safari destinations, the Ngong hills is on the south west of Nairobi and one can see sublime and stupendous views of the Great Rift Valley to the right and on the left is the dazzling Nairobi views. The Ngong Hills is an extinct volcano, part of the Great Rift Valley that was formed from basalt lava between six and a half million years ago to thrill while on Kenya Safaris Tours.

Hiking the Ngong Hills.

The Ngong Hills have three recognizable hiking starting points as include,

The first hiking point is recommended that is the hiking at the main gate, where you will be able to cover the 7 hills as opposed to the second entry point.

The second option is start the hike at the Compass but here you will have cheated since you will be having only 6 hills to hike, you would have covered the first one already.

Hiking Ngong Hills in Kenya
Hiking Ngong Hills in Kenya

Then the third option is the corner Baridi hiking point to end your hiking at the Main Gate though this is rarely used by the most of the hikers but is equally good.

The most amazing activity done in the Ngong Hills is the hiking the 7 hills of Ngong, the stretch of about 12km from the Kenya Forest Service barrier to corner Baridi, here your required to come along with the Hiking gear to be able to make it to the peak easily, because at times it can be drizzling and temperatures become very low. The hike distance of the Ngong Hills is around 12 kilometers from the Kenya Forest Service barrier to corner Baridi.

The most favorite time to start the hiking safari in the Ngong Hills is 10:00am even before the scorching sun takes over its territory that is the earlier the better. To cover the 7 hills, you will take 4 to 5 hours depending on your fitness and strength to push yourself when you feel like giving up.

From the 4th Hill, you are likely to view droppings of buffaloes, vervet and colobus monkey, baboon, duiker, bush pig, leopard and if you lucky enough even you can spot them physically, and if it happens and you don’t spot them still its fine you can continue with your hiking safari without disturbance, as you proceed to corner baridi and the 7th Hill. And if you make it to this last peak this can be the most great and unforgettable memories you can get from the Ngong Hills, in Kenya.

From your hiking, or along hiking you can meet the Maasai kids and the Maasai women selling the most beautiful artefacts, you can as well support them by grabbing yourself a souvenir that will keep reminding you the hiking safari of the Ngong Hills.

What to carry to do hiking.

Cameras and Binoculars.

Plenty of drinking water at least 3 liters.

Sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses.

Comfortable hiking shoes with good grip, long pants/trousers and long-sleeved hiking t-shirt/light jacket recommended.

Hiking Ngong Hills in Kenya
Hiking Ngong Hills in Kenya

Spare sports trainers to complement boots, sandals, or light shoes for traveling back.

Small bag to carry your personal items.

Enough snacks, fruits, sandwiches, energy bars to last the hike.

Proper rain gear in case it rains/rain coat/rain trousers if available.

Mornings can be cold so have a warm jacket.

An identification card or passport.

Tip for the guides, rangers and crew.

Any personal medication/personal first aid items.



Full Package Ksh 2,370

Self-Drive      Ksh 1400

Package Includes

Citizens Forest Entry Fee

Hiking Charges

Guiding Fees.


Package Excludes

Residents/Non Resident Forest Entry Fees

Tips for Guides


Evacuation expenses

Note, the payments are only made through the MPESA Paybill 695595 Account (Your Name-Hike Title)

Ngong Hills makes an excellent hiking experience, as the highest hill has an elevation of 2,460 (8,072ft) and gives picturesque views of the Ngong area, the city and the Great Rift Valley. Also the hills inspired Baroness Karen Blixen’s highly acclaimed romantic epic.

How to get to Ngong Hills.

Ngong Hills can be accessed by Public transport, Private transport, and self-drive.

Private transport.

Taxi from Nairobi city centre to Ngong entry point is approximately Ksh 2000

Taxi from Nairobi city centre to Corner to Baridi entry is approximately Ksh 2500

Taxi from Ngong town to Ngong entry point is approximately Ksh 500

Taxi from Kiserian town to Corner Baridi entry point is approximately Ksh 500.

Public Transport.

Ngong hill side board matatu no, 111 from the railways matatu terminus and alight at Ngong town. You can either walk to the car park at the power station or take a boda boda motorbike.

Hiking Ngong Hills in Kenya
Hiking Ngong Hills in Kenya

For Kona Baridi entry point board matatu no.112 from the railways matatu terminus and alight at Kiserian town which is about two kilometers to Koa Baridi entry point. One can choose to walk or take aBoda Boda that costs Ksh 100.


Drive along Ngong Road, through Ngong town and follow signs for the power station. There are a series of car parks, you can drive right up to the start of the trial or if you don’t have a 4×4 then park at one of the lower car parks and walk away.

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