Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park 

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park 

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park is called ‘’Home of the Dolphins’’ a sun kissed and beautiful national park. Furthermore, is one of the iconic protected area of the Marine that inhabits coral reefs and covered with other 4 small island that lies on the Southern coast of Mombasa. Kenya has a destination is much more blessed to host such aquatic features on its ground, you may think that it hosts only one unique Marine wilderness but just visit it on your  next safari and come to encounter in several beautiful Kenya marine national park .The national park  covers 11 square kilometres of the low land while Mpunguti Marine National Reserve covers 28 square kilometres .Kisite Mpunguti marine national park is famous for hosting great number of marine life mostly the dolphins ,turtles ,sea birds and whale sharks which are seasonal plus other species.

This national park was established in 1973 and managed by Kenya Wildlife Service, it lies on the southern coast of Kenya near shimoni and Wasidi Island on the south in Kwale district which is close the Tanzania border. Among Kenya’s Island, Kisite island is one of the small waterless coral island which measures 8 kilometres above the sea level offshore in the Marine park. These are the other three 3 small islands that make up Kisite Mpuguti marine national park which include Mpunguti ya Juu, Mpunguti ya Chini and Liwe la Jahazi.

Kisite Mpunguti Marine national park is best visited from the months of October to January for you to be able to experience the coastal life.

Major Attractions in Kisite Mpuguti Marine National Park

Kasite Mpuguti Marine national park is a home to endemic marine life not only that but also a breeding place for most of the migratory birds plus the 3 small coral rag forest. On your visit to this protected scenic beautiful Island which inhabits unique water species in the world, you will leave with unforgettable experience in life time.

On your visit to Kisite Island you will be able to sight see and get rewarded to Attractions within the park as follows. 

The Kenyan Barrier reef: The Kenya Barrier reef is one of the most amazing feature found in Kisite Mpuguti marine national park. The coral barrier reef adjusts to all the other 4 small island from Shimoni to Malindi in the North direction. More so, coral reefs can connect together with no breaks except along the mouth of the rivers. This has become attractive ecosystems on the earth basing on its uniqueness. It is also renown as the oldest ecosystem on sea dating ground for the past million years.

Shimon caves: These unique ancient coral caves lie in the small fishing village at the rim of Shimon. They have been existing for centuries and are considered as scared sites where even the local people go to worship their traditional gods. Mostly the site attracts the historical tourists who prefer to know much about the locals and the slave trade that occurred at the Kenya coast.

Marine life: The park has got unique large marine fish species which can be sighted on tourist visit to this beautiful place such species are Trigger, angel fish, buffer fly, groupers, parrot fish, wrasses, scorpion, puffer fish, moray eels, damsel fish, rays, green sea turtle, dolphins, Hump back whales, hawksbill turtles well as whale sharks are seasonal which can be seen between August and October.

Dolphins and whale spotting; Kisite Marine national park is a home to huge number of dolphins with other most common species which are Humpback, spinner and bottle-noised dolphins. It is amazing experience to watch dolphins in groups or even get a chance to see individuals as they break above the water waves. The best rewardable time of viewing dolphins is from July to December when more whales come with their newly born claves looking for warm water. It is also the right time for the migratory shark and largest whale in the world.

Enchanted underwater kingdom: This is a beautiful coral gardens that is considered as a living sculpted island that have clear waters and wheeling seabirds. It is one of the world’s unique underwater marine park that offers very strong vibration and magnificent colors. This coral gardens are term after discovering a high number of dependant local community on the coral reef which means survival. Hosts with variety of species such as the rainbow of small fish, Octopus, celestial blue parrotfish among others.

Turtle Territory: This national park is popular site for viewing high population of turtles. Some of the turtle species which can be viewed include Green turtles, Hawksbill turtles mentioned but few.

Bird life: Kisite mpuguti marine national park is one of the best birding destination in Africa not only African but also in the world. This is because of further help of Kisite Island birding association known as Important Bird Area ‘’IBA’’. The park is inhabiting both permanent and migratory birds that comes from Europe searching for a warm breeding area. The high number of birds can be seen on the flat, treeless rocks, sandy, water banks with in the park.

Activities to do in Kisite Mpuguti Marine national park

Below are amazing number of activities a traveller can enjoy while on your safari to this magnificent Island park as follow;

Snorkelling: Kisite Mpuguti marine national park is one of the best snorkelling destination in the world, before embarking for this activity you need to first put on right gear then you enter water, have fantastic swimming together with the whales and sharks which is automatic a gainful experience in life time.

Diving: The park has got different diving sites with well-trained park ranger who can guides you on diving experience. Guests who doesn’t known how diving activity is done. There is also a diving school where you can go for diving lessons before trying to do the actual activity.

Bird watching: The national park is a birding paradise where birders can enjoy to spot both permanent and migratory birds that cross Europe and North Africa. The best time for spotting birds is from July to December when the weather is warm.

Kisite Mpuguti Marine National Park is a gifted Kenya national park that sounds with more than 200 dolphins ,260 species of fish ,56 hard corals and 2seagrass species plus other variety of sponges. These are the most viewed fish species which include; butterflyfish, scorpionfish, rubber fish, sergeant fish and many others.

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park 
Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park

Accessibility of the park

In order to access the park, it takes 574 kilometres from Nairobi capital city through a simple tarmac road.

One from the coast of Mombasa can take 90 driving kilometres. Then after the road you can use the boat to access you to the park.

Accommodation facilities

Kisite Mpuguti marine park has got no accommodation inside the park but nice accommodation facilities can be got outside the park as close with comfortable amenities ranging from Luxury to budget accommodation and they include ;Shimon reef lodge ,hill park hotel Tiwi beach ,Sand at Island ,the villa luxury suites ,fish eagle point among others .To those who wish to do camping ,there is available tourist camping site such as Betty’s camp ,Shimon cottages ,Wasindi Island guest house and Mpunguti campsite.

Come experience a great rewardable marine life in the underwater adventure of Kisite Mpuguti Marine National Park and leave with great memories of unique features on planet earth. ”Kenya safaris”.

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