Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park: A birding safari destination –Lake Nakuru national park is uniquely a birding safari destination and good for relaxation where you can get attracted to thousands of flamingoes along the lake shores. The park lies at the rim of rift valley soda lakes at a vast elevation of 1,754meter above the sea level which was established in 1961 surrounded with body of Lake Nakuru and found closer to Nakuru Town. To note, the word Nakuru derives from Maasai language which means ‘’Dusty place’ ’lake Nakuru national park which was created in 1961 begun with small side but only encompassing the unique lake and the surrounding mountainous areas, but has been extended to a large part of open savannah grassland for wildlife habitat. Lake Nakuru is under the protection of Ramsar convention which is a home of abundance attractive flamingoes which are famously seen on the shores plus other beautiful bird species, it also inhabits large wildlife mammal’s species such as Eastern black rhinos, southern white rhinos, warthogs, baboons, wild dogs, zebras, waterbucks, eland among others. 

In fact, Lake Nakuru national park is famously known for its thousand flamingoes which can be viewed nesting along the shores with their colorful beauty, other bird species include African fish eagle, hamerkop, Goliath heron, pied kingfisher, verreaux’s eagle among other kinds of species to be spotted and due to huge number of flamingoes in the area ,this varies on water level and food condition in the place. And recently the park has been enlarged to provide the sanctuary for the black and white rhinos and due to enlarging its side it has built a fence to keep out poachers rather than to restrict the location or movements of wildlife species. Moreover,the park measures a kilometer of about 12.1 on its side of southeastern boundary with the conservancy which represents a possible future expansion of home for rhinos and other remaining species to the corridor of Lake Naivasha thus making it rewarding safari destination.

Interestingly, the park is a truly safari destination that hosts with more than 25 eastern black rhinoceros and over 70 southern white rhinos which is one of the largest concentrations within the country. In 1977 a number of Rothschild’s giraffes were relocated for safety all away from western Kenya to Northwestern direction. It is also a home for waterbucks, predictors like lions, cheetahs and leopards, sized pythons that inhabits dense woodlands which provide great viewing while dangling from trees.

In general Lake Nakuru national is world’s famous destination of the greatest bird spectacle on planet earth a myriads of unique pink flamingoes whose number is often more than a million which feed on the variety of algae that thrives in the warm waters. Unfortunately, the number of flamingos has been decreased in the area but due to too high tourism done in this park has awakened ‘’KWS’’ Kenya wildlife service governing body to take care of this park. And this was due to pollution coming from industrial waterworks located closer to dump waste into the water, because of water change level which makes the lake temporarily unstable. This usually occurs during the dry season and during wet season when the lake floods.

But lake Nakuru national park can be visited after exploring other bigger national parks such as Uganda’s famously known national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park a home to half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world where you carryout un beaten gorilla trekking experience famously known as ‘’great ape’’ our close relatives  which are said to have 98% human DNA then from there you connect to Kenya the neighboring country by air or road transport but air transport is the best option.

Area-Lake Nakuru national park: The park sits in Northwest of Nairobi in Nakuru district fully fenced to protect the wildlife species from being poached.

Features and attraction in Lake Nakuru national park include;

The park is home of more than millions of flamingoes and other birds over 450 species are recorded.

It harbors with over 56 different mammal species identified as black and white rhinos, Cape buffaloes, Rothschild’s giraffes, Deffassa waterbucks, impala, lions, warthogs, Olive baboon, dik dik, elands, black backed jacked, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles among others.

Vibrant hills around the park such as lion hill, Enasoit, Honeymoon hill which are good for honey mooner, hikers and photographers.

The park also features with over 56 different species of wildlife species which include; Cape buffaloes, Deffassa waterbucks, giraffes, Rothschild’s giraffes, black and white rhinos, waterbucks, lions, impalas, black backed jackal, reedbucks, dik dik, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles many more.

Attractive vegetation; Lake Nakuru has beautiful vegetation with about 550 different plant species which has been recorded.

Lake Nakuru national park is also inhibit to a large number of reptiles such as python and tortoise.

Activities done in lake Nakuru national park include; bird watching, game drive viewing, nature walk, Rhino sanctuary, birding, children play activities, good for honey moners, it provides panoramic view from baboon cliff around lake Nakuru and many others. Engaging in one of this activities you will end up with undoubtedly experience once in a lifetime.

Lake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru National Park

Getting there;

Getting to Lake Nakuru national park it estimates 2:30 hours to 3hours drive from Nairobi to Nakuru.

Alternatively, one can fly from Wilson to Lake Nakuru’s Naishi Airstrip.

Accommodations –Lake Nakuru national park 

Lake Nakuru national park has got comfortable accommodation lodges and camp site which are suitable for our guests like Lake Nakuru lodge ,Mailisaba camp ,Sarova lion Hill Game lodge and it offers camping site.

Book now and adventure into a true birding safari destination on African continent.

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