Malindi Marine National Park

Malindi Marine National Park

Malindi Marine National Park

Malindi Marine National Park: Malindi is a place of its own endowed with beautiful resources such as coral gardens in the lagoons, seagrass beds, fringing reefs, mudflats, mangroves, marine mammals, turtles and numerous unique shorebird species. This is a perfect place to cool over in a beautiful slice of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline that provides a perfect getaway experience in a lifetime. Travelers looking for a cool relaxing place to go Malindi is one them which is marked to be the oldest Marine park in Africa, come visit and get to enjoy the thrilling experience of glass-bottom boat rides, swimming with zebrafish to windsurfing, snorkeling, camping and beach walks along this veritable paradise.

Malindi marine national park sits on the East Coast of Kenya in Malindi town about 118kilometers away from north of Mombasa. Malindi is famously known as a tourist town with rewardable scenic beauty of its land scape, clean white beaches free from bilharzia and a lot more about its history. The park is protected by Kenya wildlife service.

The park’s landscape offers plain sites and its climate varies on hot and humid all year around. It’s daily minimum temperature measures around 22 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius maximum. The area receives short rains from October to November and long rains normally occur from April to July. Malindi a small town sits at the stunning center of a strip of idyllic tropical beaches which offers a number of world-class Resorts and excellent relaxing hideaways. There are relatively inexpensive fishing facilities that are used by the fishers and on international bill fish contest which usually happens during January. Also to the annual sea festival that sounds as fishing competitions which happens between October and November.

Malindi is a rewardable place to go to where even prominent people all away from Europe in names of Ernest Hemingway came in 1930s purposely in search of sarlin, Wahoo and sailfish sincerely Africa is a blessed continent. Other technicolor fish of all shapes and various size include Half Beaks, Puffers, Thorns Heads, Trigger Fishers, Zebras fish, Lizard fish, Flute Mouths, Hawk Fishers mentioned few. There are also coral reefs that allow for Diving and snorkeling opportunities.

The Malindi marine national park is also known of its fine white –sandy Beaches, Emerald water as well as Colorful fish, fishing done in here is forbidden. To the south part of the park there is protective coastal area and on the Northwest it’s close to Marafe Depression which exists to an Eroded Wasteland of Sandstone Cliffs and precipices commonly known as Nyari or Hell’s Kitchen, it also exists to a small Arabian Town named Mambrui and towards another small village called Ngomeni. The whole part of the coastline from Mambrui to Lamu is undeveloped in terms of tourism although boosts with excellent beaches, coves and Seascapes are in plenty. On your visit to Malindi never leave without reaching to Malindi Museum which has been existing since 1891, which is an exhibition center to see the early photographs of Mombasa, information about Vasco da Gama, Wooden grave posts of the Gohu people and many more other attractive information.

NB Marine water was opened in the year of 1968 and declared as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1979.

Attractions in Malindi Marine National park

They include; Variety of unique fishes, Dolphins, Coral reef, Sea turtles, Clean Oceanic beach and warm water, Magical island, Invertebrates among others.

Activities done in Malindi Marine national park

They include; Bird watching, Camping, Glass bottom boat rides, Diving, Snorkeling, Scenic, wind surfing, water skiing and sun bathing plus other amazing experiences.


This is an active experience in life time which involves one to dress up in the right gears and simply take a boat then later drive in water swimming go exploring the unique species of Malindi.

Water sports

One can be able to participate in water sports experience while on the visit to Malindi such as jet skiing, bana boat rides many more.

Ocean marine life

On your visit to Malindi marine national park, you will have a chance to view and experience beautiful sea creatures such as Octopus, dolphins, star fish, zebra fish. In this activity you will have to swim in water in order to see deep sea turtles.

Malindi Marine National Park
Dolphins in Malindi Marine National Park

Accommodations in Malindi 

Malindi Marine national park has got comfort camping site for traveler’s stay or else travelers can decide to book on nearby hotels or resorts to the park like Diamonds Dream of Africa, Ocean Beach Resort, and Spa. For tour packages, accommodation bookings please don’t hesitate to contact us Focus East Africa Tours a trustworthy tour company. 

How to get there

Malindi marine national park can be accessed by both air and road transport.

By Road

Most travelers fly directly to Malindi yet the Mombasa gateway to the North coast runs all way to Kenya’s northern frontiers. Driving to Malindi either in hire car or private car is very easy.

You can still board buses and matatus which are regular means of transport along the North coast. Private taxis from Mombasa can as well take you to the North coast Beaches on agreed taxi fare. Note, taxis can be got in any town or at most hotels or resort.

By Air

It is very possible to fly to Malindi Marine national park because the park is close to Malindi Airport which offers daily scheduled flights to Mombasa, Lamu and Nairobi. Private charter is also served.   

Come visit Kenya’s Malindi Marine national park awesome safari destination to spend in your weekend and get attracted with breath taking views of the oceans, clear blue waters combined with endless beach views as well as enjoying unique relaxing hide ways on African continent.

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