Malka Mari National Park

Malka Mari National Park

Malka Mari National Park

Malka Mari National Park lies along the Kenya-Ethiopia border along the Daua River, river which extreme north eastern side of the country on the Mandera plateau. It was established in 1989 to protect high concentration of wildlife on a land covering a total of 1,500 square kilometers in its size. Perhaps, to many tourists they wonder a lot to hear a national park called Malka Mari national park since it’s among the least visited in the nation, not knowing that is rich in flora and fauna which can be explored on their visit. Malka Mari National park is a vast park with the most beautiful landscape from the anthill to the dancing gazelles where the largest species can be spotted such as Somali giraffes, spotted hyenas, dik-dik, Cheetah, Nile Crocodile busking on the sand of the great dawa river among others ,it is very natural as compared to other national parks in Kenya.All in all this is an ideal place to visit.

Despite the human settlement, the park boosts with flora and fauna with spectacular scenic landscape with common vegetation comprised of semi-arid bushland and scrubby grassland, woodland along the river. However, the park is under the responsible of the international Union for Conservation of Nature ‘’IUCN’’ as category 11 park.

Fortunately, it’s a great pleasure to have a park where Mandera conceived in 1974 as per the available records at the county office something amazing.


The park’s area is both hot and dry dominated with semi-arid bushland and scrubby grassland with riparian forest and palms by Dawa riverbanks.

What to see in Malka Mari National park? 

These are the animals you can’t go missing during a safari trip in Malka such as reticulated giraffes, lions, spotted hyenas, wild dogs, Cheetahs, Ostriches, Cheetahs, Leopards, antelopes, Vultures, dik diks, Genet among others. Other animals to encounter in the park are primates like monkeys, baboons, foxes’, zebras, several species of antelopes, water species can be seen in dawa river like Hippopotamuses, Nile crocodiles.

You can get excited to rewarded view of the plateaus, hills and valleys. The park has clear nights making it a splendid place to watch the stars while camping.

Malka Mari National Park

Activities done in Malka Mari National Park

Below are some of tourist activities to be done at the park as follows;

Game viewing: Malka Mari national park is gifted with high concentration wildlife which can be explored on tourists visit to the park such as spotted hyenas, antelopes, zebras, Dik-Dik, genets, zebras, gazelles, giraffes, Gray Wolf, Mountain lions, Bobcats, Moose, Coyotes, Bighorn sheep and Nile crocodiles along Daua river.

Hot air ballooning: This is one of the best enjoyable experiences in here which is usually done early in the morning hours with rewardable aerial view as you go wondering about the spotted hyenas returning back to their dens after grazing, antelopes and it is great time to take photography.

Culture experience: You can as well visit the unique African culture and experience some handmade crafts to take back home for remembrance.  

Other activities to participate in are Hiking, Guided nature walks, View crocodiles at the Daua river and many more.


Malka Mari national park Kenya hosts with prestigious tourist accommodations that caters for their safe stay with a wide range of amenities that are attractive to visitors, amenities offered include shower bath room, wheelchair, air conditioning, handicap rooms, lounge, exercise facility, business services among other services. Hotels to stay in include De L Horloge, Al-Marwa Hotel, Galana Palace Hotel mentioned few. The park is also good for camping because there is available place safe for camping, you can carry your camping tent with you on your visit to the park. 

Getting there

Getting to Malka Mari National park can be extremely difficult to get there by road since it’s a long driving journey and it’s remote. But there are two routes to access you to the park that is the Northern Road to Isiolo passing via Moyale near Ethiopian border.

You can use the eastern side through the Sara hills which takes 160 kilometers before accessing Banissa a small village that hosts an airstrip to the park.

Alternatively, travelers who prefer flying to the park can access it through Banissa Airstrip or to a small airstrip that is situated within the park

Best time visit 

Malk Mari National park can be visited throughout the year since its semi-arid dry areas with bushes that are thick thus providing clear viewing of wildlife species.

Malka Mari National Park
Malka Mari National Park

Malka Maki National park is a safe place to visit that owe a beautiful attractive scenery attached with a wide range of species of wild animals making it a good reason for tourist to make a point of visit this vast park.

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